High Five Friday

High Five Friday January 12 2018 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

It’s time to celebrate good things from the week.

5 from Instagram

1 ) Inspired by Katrina and the Waves, I’m running on sunshine.  This week’s weather has been ahhhhhmazing!

2 ) It’s been forever and a day since I had a piping hot bowl of steel cut oats for breakfast.  Last week’s cold weather had me craving all things warm.  And now I’m hooked again.  YUM!

3 ) Monday morning I was all set to go to the gym early before work.  That is until I woke up 30 minutes after my alarm was SUPPOSED to go off.  I set my alarm for P.M. rather than A.M.  Gah!  At least I got a quick and sweaty workout in the basement.

4 ) Snowshoeing and snacking.  Whole Wheat Fig Bars from Nature Box are so good.  I may have hid the rest of them from my kids because I want them all.  See #5 below for details on how you can win your own snacks from Nature Box!

5 ) I got an Instant Pot in the early fall but just started using it more.  If you are looking for an easy and delicious recipe, try this Instant Pot Turkey Vegetable Lasagna Soup.  It got two big thumbs up from the fam!

5 good reads

1 ) Ways Women Can Support Each Other Through Running – I am woman, hear me roar.  Let’s hear more roaring ladies.  Btw – anyone else feel inspired and invigorated by Oprah’s Golden Globes speech?  THIS article was great in showing the real message from the speech.

2 ) Trail Sisters Discount for Loon Mountain Race – The race directors of Loon Mountain Race have teamed up with Trail Sisters to get more women involved in trail running.  Last year I ran this race and LOVED it so much I’m going back again.  You can join me with 50% off registration if you are female and it’s your first time running the race.  Take a chance and try something new.  Trust me, there’s no better feeling than finishing a hard race on top of a mountain!

3 ) Ireland’s Trailblazing Women – Everyday women doing epic stuff.   I love this line -> “their story, my story and your story are all one.”  Isn’t that the truth?

3 ) How to Win at Winter When You Hate Winter – This is for all the people who hate winter.  It’s not my favorite season but I’m not going to hibernate because it’s cold.  Find an activity that you enjoy outside.  Think it’s too cold?  Get the right gear and you’ll be comfortable and happy.  A few years ago I bought a down winter jacket that hits just above my knees and has a hood.  I never knew how much covering my butt and my head could change my perception of cold!  Lol!

4 ) Treadmill Workouts for Race Training from the 5k to the Marathon – I love this post from Laura with oodles of workouts plus a fun fact about treadmills.  Did you know that treadmills were first built as a form of torture?  No wonder there’s days that I want to poke my eyes out while running on it!

5 ) Nature Box GIVEAWAY!!! – Head on over to THIS picture on my Instagram feed to enter my giveaway for a $50 credit to buy anything your heart desires from Nature Box.  Have you ever tried their snacks?  SOOOOOO good!  There’s no funky ingredients and it’s all delivered right to your door.  Hurry…giveaway ends on Saturday!

What would you like to High 5 today?

7 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Thanks so much for including my article here!! I think I read almost every single one you posted and LOVED!! I’m going to try Laura’s half marathon treadmill workout too since I have a cold one coming up at the end of February.
    Yesterday I ran in a short sleeve shirt so YEAH this weather is fantastic…for running. Unfortunately we’re skiing (or we’re supposed to) over the long weekend but the conditions are going to be um…let me see…crap!
    Allie recently posted..Road Tested Reviews – No Good Deed Goes UnpunishedMy Profile

  2. I am one of the “winter haters” but I too have a long down coat that covers my bum and has a furry hood. It is a total game changer!

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