Wring Out The Old

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I originally had another post scheduled for today but I just got home (I’m writing this Sunday night) from a 2 hour yoga intensive workshop and am riding a yoga high. The focus was on Wring Out The Old, Ring in the New. What a fantastic way to start the new year with yoga!

This cleansing class was full of twists (perfect for the digestive system after a little too much holiday fun), pranayama breath work, core work, heart opening back bends, and restorative poses to help wring out the old and make space for new. We were not there to punish our body for all it’s wrong doings over the holidays or in 2013. It was to connect with you heart, soul and body. To make space for the new. Allison, our teacher, spoke a lot of intentions for the year to help set the course. A word or phrase to direct toward the outcome, praises the effort rather than focusing on the wrong doing.

I focused on my words for the year – Fearless. Confident. Happy.

Many times during class, I could feel the yoga energy radiate through my body. My palms pulsated with it. I sweated out the negative thoughts. I twisted out the “I can’t”. I opened my heart to new opportunities. During Savasana, all of my emotions came to the surface. I started to tear up. I was a sweaty mess but I felt a sense of lightness. Calm. Peace. Hope. Confidence. Happy. There’s no better way to start the new year with those feelings. It felt simply marvelous (thanks Katie for hosting!)

Allison closed out the practice with a quote that stuck with me  –

“Don’t wait for the perfect time to begin. The perfect time is when you begin.”

How many times do we wait till January 1st? Tomorrow Next week. When I’m strong enough. When I’ve lost xx weight. There’s no better time than NOW, the present.

A big THANK YOU to my friend, Cheryl from Live Fit Daily, who posted about the intensive on Saturday. If not for her, I would have missed out on such a fantastic session. And I may have found my new yoga studio in the process!

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Have you ever felt like you need to be “wrung” out?

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  1. I love it when a class comes together like that! I was just saying to my husband that after all my stressful competitions are over for the spring, I’m going to make my summer the summer of YOGA!…and this is exactly why.
    So glad you had such a great wringing out!
    Allie recently posted..The RundownMy Profile

  2. Love this! I completely understand what you mean about feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after a yoga class. We work hard for 5 tracks (power yoga portion) and then move into the restore tracks. I have shed tears during restore track because it’s one of the few times during the week that I just breathe and not think. It’s hard not to think though, as my mind always wanders to memories of my mom at this time. It’s peaceful.
    Nikki @ grab your kicks recently posted..Runners Don’t Hibernate, Except for TodayMy Profile

  3. Sounds amazing!! You know I’m all about the yoga high these days and that does sound like one great class/workshop. I love how much yoga teaches us as well…letting go of the old, negative, hurtful things and bringing in the positive, good, beneficial. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love power yoga- and I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only one who feels weepy in yoga class sometimes! I took a yoga workshop to improve digestions after Thanksgiving and it was one of the best things I did for myself.

    1. It’s so funny but I never thought I would love yoga as much as I do. I’ve never been a dancer or consider graceful but it makes me feel like I am. I started off doing mostly power yoga. It was a faster, intense pace that made me feel like I was doing cardio. That was where the love all began.

  5. Angela, I am so glad you came to my class and had a good experience! You did a lot of hard work, to be sure, and I’m thrilled you’re feeling the benefits! Many thanks for your kind words and hope to see you at 3 Bridges Yoga soon! xoxo, Allison

    1. Allison, you are a fantastic teacher! I can not stress how much I enjoyed the class. Thank you so much! I look forward to spending more time on my mat at 3 Bridges.

    1. I would love to do a weekend intensive at Kripalu. From what I’ve heard from friends, it’s unbelievable. You come away with a whole different perspective. One day…

  6. I’m so happy that you have found (hopefully) a new yoga studio.
    Your session yesterday sounds great.
    And, yes, I can think of times when I have waited for a set date to start something instead of just going with it – good reminder that the present is the time!!
    Kim recently posted..I Have a Secret to ShareMy Profile

  7. Fearless, Confident, and Happy-Those sounds like perfect words to guide your year! I am hoping to get back into some more yoga this year as a part of my cross training. I always love seeing your yoga pics. I too love that awesome yoga energy! Happy 2014
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted..Goals for 2014My Profile

  8. Glad you have made your way to my favorite studio; my thought for this morning was, “If I run this morning, I can go to yoga at noon.” And then I saw your post. #karma.

  9. I love this, I took a very similiar yoga class on New Year’s Day. We did lots of twists to wring out the old and wrote down what we wanted to leave behind in 2013. Then we set our intention on 2014, where I chose “pursue”as my One Word for the New Year. I am so excited to start the new year with Yoga and focusing on myself and getting my body healthy again. thanks for sharing!
    Stephanie @FoodFit4Real recently posted..One Word for 2014My Profile

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