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I recently saw a fun game of Would You Rather… in the latest issue of Level Renner. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, I’m sure you’ve played it at one time or another. Except back then it was Would You Rather…go out Jordon or Joey from New Kids on the Block? Team Joey – No question!

I love stuff like this so I had to play along with it. Feel free to play along too!

Would You Rather…be a trail runner or road burner?

Right now, the trails are calling me. I haven’t done much of it lately for fear of rolling my ankle again. But the ankle is feeling better so I expect to reconnect with the dirt ASAP.

Trail Running | happyfitmama.com

Would You Rather…be a mountain goat  or flatland gazelle?

The mountains are calling and I must answer. Mount Washington sparked a need for climbing in me. I missed out on a couple of big mountain races in July because of my foot but I’m on the look out for something coming up this summer or fall.

Would You Rather…be a short distance specialist or long distance grinder?

I have zero interest in running super long right now. Anything over 14 miles sounds horrible. I’m very happy running shorter distances and working on speed right now. So I guess I’m somewhere in the middle – not too short, not too long, but just right (for me!).

Would You Rather…be a solo runner or run in a group?

I’m looking for new running buddies to add a little variety into my solo runs.

Saucony shoe shot | happyfitmama.com

Would You Rather…PR in the 5k or marathon?

Can I have both? Although right now, I’d be happy with a 5k. Or 10k. Or 10 miler. Or half. Ok, I want it all!

Would You Rather…be an even pacer or a negative splitter?

I dream of becoming a negative splitter! It’s something I’m constantly striving for.

Would You Rather…run at dawn or dusk?

Is this really a question? Dawn, hands down.

sunrise runner | happyfitmama.com

Would You Rather…run on the track or the treadmill?

Track. It’s become a huge confidence booster in my running over the past few years. It scares the pants off me but the feeling after a hard workout? Total runners high.

Would You Rather…be a GPS junkie or run by feel?

Run by feel. Since returning to running after my injury last year, I have found I really don’t care about all the data by GPS provides me. I run with it, but I mostly use it for mileage.

Finish line Mt. Washington Road Race. | happyfitmama.com

Would You Rather…be a front runner or a late surger?

Late surger. I do much better chasing down the pack than leading it.

Would You Rather…run a Beer Mile or a Donut Mile?

My beer chugging days have long past. If I was in high school or college, I’d be a champ. I’d have a better chance with donuts right now. Four donuts – how bad could that be? Lol. I’m sure I’d puke and be disqualified.

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Your turn! What would you rather…



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  1. Oo this is fun! I would be a road running marathon PR’r. But I feel like that is in the past. So really, a PR in anything would be good. And my family (or at least my friend group) was a bit more weird with our would you rather: Think would you rather have 3 toes total or 3 fingers.

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever aspire to run a marathon so a 5k PR would be awesome (especially since it’s so slow right now). I think I’d like to become a trail runner because it’s so much prettier than a road/track/treadmill run.

  3. Fun! I’d rather be a road runner PRing in a marathon while having trained with a running group at dawn…..does that cover most of it 😉 These are fun! I need to do it more to start general conversation here at home with my quiet 13 year old boy! lol!

  4. What a fun game! I would definitely rather run in the morning, with people, on the trails, and with GPS only for mileage purposes. 🙂

  5. This was fun to read! I have a hard time choosing my answers, though, because for most of them I kind of want it both ways 😉 (Truth be told, I am more of distance junkie than a sprinter…and I pick the great outdoors ANY day over a treadmill or a track).

  6. How fun the game. It should be introduced to more and more people. This kind of activites will be not only good for our health but also connecting people. So great.

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