All the workouts posted on Happy Fit Mama in one place! You’ll find treadmill, bike, no equipment and more for everybody to enjoy.

Treadmill or Outdoor Runs

Race Pace Workout

3 Workouts to Rock Your Next Treadmill Run

3 Treadmill Workouts for Speed and Strength

My Five Favorite Treadmill Workouts

Track Attack: Ladder Workout

“After Burn” Treadmill Run

“Rise & Sweat” Progressive Hill Climb

Speedy in the Evening

30 Minute Tabata Run

5 Mile Tempo

4 Mile Speed

Treadmill Hill Climb

Run It! Monthly Series for Runners

Winter Running Gear Every Runner Needs

How to Stay Sane on the Treadmill

The Best and Worst Racing Advice for Runners

Essential Injury Recovery Exercises for Runners

Hydration Tips and Tricks for Runners

Summer Running Tips

Rave Runs

Mental Workouts for Runners

Workouts for Your Best Half or Full Marathon

What a Runner Eats

6 Equipment Based Workouts for Runners

Bike Trainer Workouts

40 minute Bike Trainer Workout

Workouts for Runners Monthly Series

Bodyweight Tabata + 6 Indoor Workouts for Runners

Two-a-Day Workouts for Runners

Upper Body Workouts for Runners

The Best Injury Prevention Exercises for Runners

Hill Workouts for Runners

Speed Workouts for Runners

Core Workouts for Runners

Dynamic Warm Up for Runners

Yoga & Stretching for Runners

Treadmill Workouts for Runners

Strength Training & No Equipment Needed Workouts

Balance Exercises for Runners

30 Minute No Equipment Needed ‘Jumpin’ Workout

10 Bodyweight Exercises to Do Anywhere

Abs and Buns

“Done in 60 Seconds” Workout

“Earn Your Feast” Workout – 16 minute workout when you are short on time

“Eight is Enough” HIIT Workout

“Butt Kicker” Workout

“More For Your Core” Workout and Vlog

Exercises to Strengthen Your VMO

“Don’t Stop” Total Body Workout

“Fast Friday” 30 Minutes or Less Total Body

Fit to the Core

Spring Hiking Shape Up

Total Body Supersets

Total Body Workout w/Resistance Bands

Sexy Shoulders

Who’s Your Mama? – Tabata

Plank Variations

Quick Upper Body Workout for Runners

The Countdown Workout

CrossFit WOD for Home

WOD #2

Sweaty in 30 Minutes or Less

Backyard Bootcamp

Sweet Summer Sweat

20 Minute AMRAP

18 No Equipment Needed Workouts

Core Strength for Runners

6 Hip Strengthening Exercises for Runners

Functional Fitness Workout

Yoga and Stretching

4 Quick Post Run Yoga Poses

6 Yoga Poses for Happy Runner Hips

Stretch and Strengthen the Feet

My Favorite Yoga Hip Openers

How to Prep For Headstand Pose

Dolphin Plank

My Secret to Running at 5 a.m. – Sun Salutations

5 Yoga Poses for Post Run Bliss

Essential Stretches for Runners











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  1. Hello!! So glad I found you!! I am a 52 year old middle school counselor by day, part time Personal Trainer by afternoon/evening, and a Mom to a high school freshman boy! I love reading your blog-so inspiring!! I struggle to juggle everything, and especially now(at my age), trying to keep Mother Nature in tow!
    Thank you being out there and sharing! I look forward to learning more and sharing some myself!


  2. Hey Angela! I saw your upper body workout for runners post, I couldn’t comment there and that’s why I am doing it here. So, please don’t mistake me.

    Yeah, I completely agree with you as most of the runners don’t concentrate on their upper body workouts. You had mentioned those points very clear and keen. Kudos! Keep cranking the great content.

  3. Thanks for the list. It makes it easier to find information on your site now. And I really love “Strength Training & No Equipment Needed Workouts” guides. It’ll help those beginners to start strength training right away without having to spend any $$.

  4. Hello i am 19 years old, i love this page because it make me raise my knowledge about health and the way to do exercises right, and i think i will subcribe and follow this page every day. i am just beginning with yoga and i also want to make friend who passionate like me

    1. Smile, even if itโ€™s a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile.

      ” Some people love to have a healthy body, and practicing yoga is a best choice. Getting healthy body with yoga for beginners at home is undeniable. “

  5. Thanks a lot for these useful programs. You brighten my day. I think treadmills are great for weight loss, so i will recommend body workouts for my friends.

  6. I am a working mom of 3 and don’t get much time to run or workout outdoors, The Treadmill workouts are something I liked in this post and I can’t wait to try the Treadmill workout for speed and strength. Thank you

  7. Hi there. That’s interesting post. I’m also a working mom and donโ€™t get much time to workout outdoors, I love dancing so Zumba dnace is my answer at home. Here is zumba dance By the way, Treadmill is a new thing that I’m thinking of. Thank you very much for your sharing a great thing.

  8. Great article & thanks for sharing these amazing workouts. I personally liked the article on “Treadmill Workouts For Runners”. For those runners who feel very lazy to wake up in the morning or when there is bad weather outside, a treadmill workout is the best option.

  9. Well, these fitness programs are quite helpful for newbies. I would love to see if your recommend some good fitness equipment at the end of each article as well.



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