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Remember me?  I took a mini blog vaca while my family was vacationing in Michigan for my cousin’s wedding.  It’s a good thing I decided ahead of time to unplug from the blog before we went because our rental house did not have wifi. Who doesn’t have wifi these days?

We had a great trip hanging with family and being tourists. Although Ron and I both grew up in Michigan, neither one of us had been to Traverse City. It’s gorgeous!

So let’s catch up!


Last week I got the ok from my physical therapist to try running outside.  I was to keep the workouts short with run/walk intervals that last no longer than 5 mins. Despite feeling pretty gazelle like on my previous treadmill runs in PT, I felt like the biggest sloth on my first 5 minute interval.

Our rental house was surrounded by dirt back roads that were shaded with big pine and maple trees.  It was so beautiful.  As soon as I saw the roads, I had visions of running on them. During that first run I decided that I am not running Mount Washington this year.  It’s 2 weeks from Saturday and I feel so not ready to be doing a race that long. My PT said it was still a possibility if I let go of all time expectations and followed a run/walk (which I would most likely do even if I wasn’t coming off an injury). But I don’t want to run it just to run it. Risking additional injury that could wipe out my whole summer of running for one race isn’t worth it.  Plus, I have a feeling the weather is going to absolutely suck this year compared to last.

Workouts, vacationa and a wedding |
Since that first run, I have done two more additional 3 x 5 min runs with 3 min walking intervals.  I feel good during, a little soreness afterwards in my fibula, but it disappears within 12 hours.

I go back to PT on Thursday to report my progress and to discuss the plan from here on out.


We stayed at a lake house 20 minutes from Traverse City.  I’m so glad we decided to rent a house instead of getting a hotel even though it was a bit of a drive to all of the wedding activities and downtown TC.  We had our own pontoon boat, kayaks and a dock that my kids could not get enough of.  My dad brought fishing poles for each of the kids and they spent hours on the water. They got so many fish that we did a fish fry one night that fed 10 people.

Workouts vacation and a wedding |
We trekked over to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park on Lake Michigan.  I had no idea the dunes were that big.  It felt like we were in the middle of the Sahara (except not as hot) as we climbed and climbed. When you reached the top of one dune, you would think you were at the lakeshore.  We repeated the up/down/up/down for four dunes and still had not made it to the lake.

Workous, vacation and a wedding |
I really think we need to buy our own lake house now.  Kicking off the day with a sunrise paddle with no one around except loons as your guide?  Perfection.

Workouts, vacation and a wedding |

Although I would prefer a lake that did not have snakes.  On a warm day, we saw 4 snakes, including one that was swimming!!!
Both of my kids were in Amanda’s wedding.  I was fully expecting someone refusing to walk down the aisle or doing something utterly embarrassing.  They did awesome, hamming it up and loving it all.

Workouts, vacation and a wedding |

My feet still hurt from all the dancing that was done.  While my kids are still talking about their photo booth antics. There’s proablay 4000 pics of just them playing dress up.

Workouts, vacation and a wedding |
Sunday Ron and I boarded a party bus with members of the bride and groom’s families for a wine tasting tour.  Apparently, the TC area is perfect for growing grapes.

Workouts, vacation and a wedding |
We hit up 5 wineries that were stunning.  Beautiful vineyards, views and architecture. And delicious. I know nothing about wine other than it tastes good.  Can someone explain why you spit out wine?  I did not spit any of mine thank you very much.

Workouts, vacation and a wedding |
The rest of the trip involved exploring downtown TC and family time.

And then we were stuck at the airport for over 3 hours. But at least that gave me time to type up this post.

What’s new with you?

Wine tasting – do you spit or swallow?



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  1. My dad works for a wine company but isn’t really a drinker. He says on some of his business trips they have to taste so much wine and are required to spit it out (since they are at work but also it would just be too much to drink at once). I always fully enjoy my wine and have offered to help him out anytime he needs a taster:)
    I’m so glad to see you back to running! Looks like a beautiful place to do your runs.

  2. I was loving your pictures all weekend while I was on my own getaway! I actually have been to Traverse City years ago and it’s gorgeous and the lake is stunning!! That was the best idea to rent a house on the water and no, there is nothing better than a peaceful morning kayak alone with the loons!
    As for the wine spitting? It’s so disgusting and I would never waste wine like that 😉
    You all look so fabulous and I hope you made it home safely by now!
    Lastly, I think you’re making the right call about Mt. Washington. Good for you!
    Allie recently posted..A Weekend Away and Getting Race Ready!My Profile

  3. I love love love this straight down to your feet hurting hurting from all the dancing 🙂
    I swear these days I just plan in my head to get stuck at the airport it has vastly medicated my frustration 🙂

    1. It’s the best way to go about it. We also assume that our luggage will be lost too. I don’t know how business travelers do it.

  4. That looks gorgeous! And it’s so good to vacation and totally unplug… I did the same unintentionally over the weekend, but with family and cousins I never had a chance to pull out the laptop.

  5. I always swallow. HEYOOOOOOOOOH sorry, I’m tired.
    That area is gorgeous, and I’ve heard great things–we will have to add it to the list! I have been unplugging more and more and it has been glorious.

    1. You should take the ferry across! It’s a beautiful area for sure. I was surprised Mother Nature behaved. On the days that it rained, it was only for a short time before the sun came out.

  6. So happy you and family were a part of our celebration . I loved spending time with you all. Thank you and sorry about that airport ordeal but back to the rea world for us all now . Or maybe having that much fun IS he real world !

    1. I’m so glad we went! It was a blast. No you need to come visit us. I’m sure Lukas would love that. 😉 And the airport thing is to be expected these days, right? We made it home safe and sound and just a little bit more tired than expected.

  7. Traverse City is such a beautiful area! We will be heading up to northern Michigan for a camping trip soon. Love it up there! Funny story about the dunes – we made my husband go up and down those the day after he ran his first 50 mile race. He said it was not enjoyable, but we sure had fun 🙂
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted..Trail running in the OaksMy Profile

  8. Traverse City looks so beautiful! We had sand dunes in Northwest Indiana, but none as beautiful or tall as Sleeping Bear. Although the snake swimming in the water is less than ideal! So glad you are back at running!
    I swallow at wine tastings – I understand why people spit, but it sort of grosses me out to spit.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Running with DysmenorrheaMy Profile

    1. The snake swimming thing definitely freaked me out. Thankfully it was only a one time spotting. I understand the wine spitting out thing but it’s just gross to have a bucket with everyone’s spit on it. 🙂

  9. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us so we can live vicariously! Yay for outdoor running! I hope that your reports to your PT bring about a good/satisfying plan of action! Can’t wait to hear about it.

  10. OK, first off, your kids are so stinking cute!! They look all grown up in their fancy clothes. And Traverse City! We’re headed there this summer for a little bit. Good friends of ours from Brooklyn moved there recently (my friend’s dad lives there) and I cannot wait to visit. She’s been sending me all these gorgeous photos of the lake and the wineries and everything around them. Hoping to also make it to Sleeping Bear too. Glad you guys had a good time!

  11. A complete vacation that you passed with some pleasant moments. The pictures say it all. I really like the fishing idea and the amount of fish your children caught. Generally riding pontoon in a vacation is very soothing. Besides you did not have to rent it you have your own that is pretty much interesting I guess. Truly loving moments of your life.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. We really want to take a trip to TC!! We have a lot of friends that spend the whole summer there and it sounds like such a quaint little town! I loved your post and your kids are SO cute! Really happy about your running and you are smart not to do Mt. Washington. Happy running friend!! Xo

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