Workouts for Your Best Half Marathon

Workouts for your best half marathon |

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This month the topic is workouts for your best marathon whether it’s a half or a full. It’s fitting since we just kicked off fall racing season with the Berlin Marathon last weekend. It seems like there’s a half or full every weekend through the rest of the year.

Since I’ve run more half marathons than marathons, I’m going to focus on a half workout.

Here’s a fun workout that I’ve used in the past for half marathon training for myself and  my athletes.

Try this workout for your best half marathon

For any distance runner, there are 3 key ingredient workouts that should be done each week:

Long Run

A long run is the back bone of any distance runner’s training.  Long is relative – it could be 8 miles or 30 miles depending on the distance your are training for.  The purpose of a long run is to build endurance.  With each week, your long run increases (unless there’s a cut back week) and hopefully, the distance becomes more manageable. Most long runs are done at an easy pace but advance runners may throw in goal paces or a fast finish.


Tempo runs are meant to help the body flush out lactate that builds during hard exercise.  Again, super useful for any distance you are training for. In doing tempo runs in training, your body gets used to running at faster paces for a longer period of time without building too much lactate.  A tempo run is usually at a comfortably hard pace

Specific Workouts

To get better at running fast, you need to run fast.  That’s the basics of specificity in running.  For half or full marathon training, the last 4-8 weeks of training is the time to get your specific workouts in. Specific workouts are usually for the more advanced runner rather the beginner. In specific workouts you may be running at goal race pace for

Workouts for your best half marathon |

Here are even more workouts for your best half or full marathon from a few of my running friends. Click on the picture to take you to their post. And don’t forget to Pin awayso you have a stash of valuable running info to reference whenever you need it.


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What are you training for right now?

Half or full marathon – which is your favorite?


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