We Can Work It Out

I don’t think The Beatles wrote that song with an actual physical workout in mind but they had a good idea.  February is all about the love.  Why not share your love of fitness with your partner? You know what they say, “A couple that works out together, stays together!”

Awww! Don't they look happy?

I’m not sure if people really say that. 😉 But for Ron and I, we have worked out together ever since we started dating.  We’ve been together for 13 years so I guess it might be true for us.  I personally enjoy working out with a partner.  It’s a nice motivator to have someone rely on you to make it to the gym or for a run.  If I didn’t go, I knew Ron wasn’t going to go.  It was our time to catch up on our day.  Bad day at work?  Why not talk it out and release your aggressions on the weights.  We no longer are members of a gym but we still try to find a way to workout together on the weekends with the kids.  Walking, running, and hiking are our new ways to catch up while sweating it out.

One of my favorite routines do to with a partner is with a Medicine Ball.  Medicine Balls are easy to handle, versatile, don’t take up much space and can be used at any fitness level.  I even routinely use them with my Cardiac Rehab patients!  All you need for this routine is a Medicine Ball (weight of your choice) and a partner.  You will also need some space so plan accordingly!

1. Squats with Ball Toss –  Works legs, glutes, shoulders, arms, and chest.  Stand about 4 feet away from each other.  One person starts with holding the ball and performs a squat.  While returning to standing, toss the ball from chest level to your partner.  Partner performs same move.  Repeat to fatigue.

2. Over Under – Works shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs. Stand back to back but with at least a foot between you.  One person holds the ball overhead while other raises hands to receive.  Pass ball.  Both bend forward.  Pass ball through legs and return to standing.  Repeat to fatigue.

3. Standing Russian Twist – Great exercise to target the obliques and abs.  Stand back to back, feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. While holding ball at waist height and rotate through the waist to pass the ball to your partner.  Hips stay forward and knees are soft.  12-15 reps each side, 3 sets.  For an added bonus, this can be performed while entirely in a squat position.

Yeah...We were NOT meant to be fitness models!

4. Ball Slams –  This exercise is the best for taking your aggression out after a bad day!  Total body exercise that works it all.  Face your partner, standing about 8 feet apart.  Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips, ball overhead.  Forcefully throw the ball in front of you(at the ground, not your partner).  As you release the ball, go into a squat.  Return to standing.  Take turns slamming the ball to the ground.  Repeat to fatigue.

5. Sit Up Pass – Targets the abs, back and chest.  Sit facing each other with your knees bent and feet touching.  Hold ball at chest level as you perform a sit up.  Toss the ball to your partner as you return to sitting. Partner catches ball and performs sit up.  Repeat this sequence for 15-20 reps.

Anyone know a good agent? I'm available for bookings. Ha!

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Heart Healthy Tip

Decrease Stress

Stress is a risk factor for heart disease.  There is good stress – surprise birthday party!  And bad stress – company layoffs, bad economy, etc.  Meditation is a great way to alleviate stress.  Sitting still in silence is critical to decreasing stress. Disconnecting from the TV, computer and smartphone gives the brain a much-needed rest.  Try to sit in silence beginning with a few minutes each day.  Gradually increase the time as much as you can.  Your brain and heart will thank you!

Do you enjoy working out with a partner?

3 comments on “We Can Work It Out

  1. Wish I had a partner to work out with! 🙂 My husband will sometimes go on short jogs with me, and we used to hike together but haven’t found many places since we moved this summer. He does swim over his lunch break, so I’m thankful he stays active. I’m hoping to find a local workout buddy, or at least a running buddy!

  2. Ron doesn’t really enjoy running so our runs together are few and very far between. I had a great running buddy for my last half marathon. If I do a full this year I’ll have to find another recruit. It makes training so much more fun and enjoyable!

  3. I wish I could work out with my husband! He has just too many permanent injuries to ever enjoy working out again, but that’s why I have running friends. 🙂

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