WOD at Home 2

I know I say this every week but WOO-HOO for Friday!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. Ours was very low key. Lots of heart shaped food, valentines and surprising Daddy at work with coffee. I even made a pretty heart with my running shoes. Romance was everywhere.

Running Shoes Heart - happyfitmama.com

When I work out in my lab (i.e. basement), I always listen to Pandora. Usually it’s the pop/hip hop workout mix. This week, they must have realized that I’m a 30 something year old chick who dug Salt-n-Pepa back in the early 90s. They’ve been bringing back the old school songs like ‘None of Your Business’ and ‘Whatta Man’ all week. Of course, they played ‘Push It’ too which got a big ol’ thumbs up from me.

That song loosely inspired this WOD (workout of the day). While the lyrics have an entirely different meaning (hehehe) it got me thinking. I’ve said before that I’m learning how to be uncomfortable with parts of my running to make me a stronger runner.

Pushing through speed work.

Pushing through when my legs feel drained,fatigue and unable to go anymore.

Pushing through negative thoughts.

Same with other intense workouts. I hate burpees just like everyone else but like Salt-n-Pepa says you gotta PUSH IT and you’ll get through. It can only make you stronger. You don’t make any gains with being comfortable.

Push It! Workout - happyfitmama.com

For the ball slams, I used a 10 pound Dynamax Ball but you can use whatever you have available even if it’s a regular soccer ball or basketball. Just make sure you are putting force behind each slam.

Do 10 rounds for time. Make sure your form is not getting sloppy as you get tired. And you will by the 10th round!


Anyone else love Salt-n-Pepa?

Do you get out of your comfort zone?

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  1. I recently bough Volumes 1-5 (25 disks total) of Power Music’s The 90’s , it ranges from 124-132 bmp depending on the cd. I have to rip them and put them on my phone so they’re handy for my workouts.
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