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Last year, the monthly collaboration between myself and 5 of my running blog friends, Workouts for Runners, was so popular that we decided to keep it going into 2017. This year we are expanding to including more workouts, running tips and tricks that we’ve picked up along the way in our running journey.

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This month, we are talking winter running. Love it or hate it, we are in the thick of it right now. Although I must admit, it’s been a pretty mild winter so far. Or more like wacky. The temps have been single digits one day and then 40 degrees the next. With the wide range in temperatures daily, I find myself wondering daily – What do I wear?!?!

Winter running is not my favorite. I’ll take a summer run any day. But when you live in a climate that gets cold and has snow for a large portion of the year, you have two options – hibernate or embrace the cold. I refuse to hibernate. Over the years, I’ve learned that if you dress right, you won’t feel so miserable. And you may find that you actually enjoy the cold.

Winter running may not be my favorite, but I enjoy the variety that it brings. Plus, you just look like a badass out there.

Winter Running essentials that every runner needs

Here are 5 of my favorite winter running pieces. Some are essential and some just make winter running just a tad more fun.


My hands are usually the first thing that get cold on me during a run. I don’t take my gloves or mittens off for a run until maybe 60 degrees. The Saucony Run Mitts have been a life saver. Mittens definitely work better than gloves to keep the whole hand together rather than fingers separate. So far, the lowest temp Iโ€™ve run with them is 3 degrees with no cold fingers. FYI – I think the Saucony site may have sold out of the Run Mitts. If you can’t find it on there, Google it and see if you can find elsewhere.

Saucony Run Mitts

Running Jacket

A good quality running jacket makes a world of difference when the temps drop. I once thought layering long sleeve shirts and a half zip was enough until I added a jacket. I have different levels of jackets that I rotate through depending on the temperature. A thinner jacket can protect from wind and rain/snow. A heavier jacket adds an extra layer when the temps dip in the teens and single digits. My three favorites are from Saucony (shocking, I know). My go to jacket for when it’s bone chilling single digit temps is no longer available. The other two are the Sonic Reflex for it’s awesome reflectivity and wind/water resistance and the Razor.


Neck Gaiter

I can not stand running in the cold with my neck exposed. I don’t know if there’s any science to it but I can feel a million times warmer if I have something around my neck. Half zips and jackets are great but sometimes you need a little bit more to cover up any exposed skin. That’s when I reach for my neck gaiter. It’s perfect for pulling over your mouth and nose when it’s really cold. It warms the air, making the it easier to breathe on those chilly mornings. I have a fleece gaiter that’s a million years old that I wear when it’s really cold but also recently got a Buff for those in between temps.

neck gaiter


This is my first year running with microspikes. I haven’t needed them on the roads but they have been great on the trails when there’s been a mix of mud/ice/snow. Those suckers hold onto anything. Even running across sheer ice, down a hill, I felt confident that I wasn’t going to bite it. I have Kahtoola and love them.

Last week's workouts

Running Snowshoes

Looking for a change of pace? Snowshoe running is for you. When I say change of pace, I mean really your pace. You may be running at a 5k effort but your pace will be in the 9’s or 10’s. Even an easy effort is hard work. But you know what? It’s so much fun! This is my first year with running snowshoes so I’ve still got a lot to learn. And a lot of conditioning to do! What’s the difference between running snowshoes and regular snowshoes? Size and weight. Running snowshoes are shorter and lighter.ย  You can try to run in regular snowshoes but you’ll end up feeling like you’re dying that much sooner! I have the Crescent Moon Gold Series 12 and love them.

Last week's workouts |


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32 comments on “Winter Running Gear Every Runner Needs

  1. Im soooo intrigued by the spikes and JUST crazy enough to think they look fun (types the texan).
    I need to take a trip and try em out.

  2. I’m very sensitive when it comes to cold weather, so winter gear is essential when I exercise. I’m training for a half marathon, using SportMe running app, which calculates distance, pace, time and calories and adjusts running plans to my progress.

  3. Wait what? I’m not a bear??? SINCE WHEN.
    Gloves and mittens are the chupacabra of the winter running world, in my opinion. It is so hard (but so necessary) to find a good pair!

    1. We’ve been lacking in snow too. I just saw a meteorologist predict that we will start to rev up the snow making period in February and March which is similar to what happened 2 years ago for us. It never stopped once it started!

  4. The neck gaiter has been my new best friend this winter! I also recently purchased a pair of running gloves that convert to mittens and I’m loving them!

  5. I haven’t had to deal with winter running in a very long time. The most Socal gets is a little rain, but I when we lived in Northern VA. I loved running in the white stuff. Somedays I wish we had more weather than we do, but I can’t complain.

  6. Totally nodding my head in agreement with all of these; I don’t have a really good reflective jacket but that one looks AMAZING! And I’ve used Yak Trax a lot for running on ice, and they are such a blessing for those really icy days.

    I totally agree that you do feel tougher when you get out on those snowy days.

  7. This is my first winter in Texas (coming from NYC), and winter is a whole different ball game down here. I haven’t needed my winter running gear once. It’s nice now, but we’ll see how I feel in the summer!

  8. I just got a neck gaiter for Christmas! I’ve never run with it before, and haven’t needed it yet, but I’m excited to have the option.

  9. Perfect running guide. Yes to the fleece neck gaiter. It is legit my favorite piece of running apparel. Besides my jacket, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. How awesome are the spikes?? I got a pair of Kahtoola spikes last year and they meant I could run on the snow shoe trails that would have been way too icy otherwise. It hasn’t been cold and icy enough this winter for me to break them out, but they’ll always be a winter running staple for me now.

  11. Our Iowa winter has been strange…we’ve had the bone-chilling cold, but there has been a lack of snow and instead (recently at least) plentiful ice. I’m entertaining an “off-season mentality,” so I have not needed to worry much about my mileage, but UGH. Take me back (or fast-forward) to summer…

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