Why I Love Running

This week it’s all about the love. Valentine’s Day is on Thursday if you haven’t heard that by now. Rather than making you gag as I profess my undying love for my hubs (Love you Babuz!), I thought I’d share my love of running instead.

Can you tell I’m a big romantic?

Coincidentally, the #RunChat is hosting a giveaway this week wanting to know why you love running too. I decided to cap my list at 10 reasons. There are some reasons that I can’t even put into words. It’s indescribable.

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10 Reasons Why I Love Running

  1. Early morning runs seeing the sunrise and knowing I accomplished more before most people wake up.
  2. The endorphins and the sweat. Every physical activity has it’s own endorphin high but running is my favorite way to get it.
  3. The music my footfalls make with each step.
  4. The chance to sort out my thoughts with no interruptions.
  5. Solo time.
  6. The running community – there’s never a shortage of conversation amongst runners even if you have nothing in common other than running.
  7. It makes me thankful for the ability to move.
  8. The places it takes me mentally and physically.
  9. I can do it almost anywhere at any time. I can walk out my front door and just go.
  10. It makes me happy.

Why do you love running? Feel free to spread the love by doing your own top 10 in a blog post or leaving a comment below.

37 comments on “Why I Love Running

  1. 1. My motto – use it or lose it!
    2. Early morning runner: air is fresh, day is new and I can!!
    3. The “glow” that stays with you all day.
    4. Plan my weekly meals.
    5. It’s me time – only me!
    6. My kids don’t call me to babysit at 4:30 am!
    7. Keep up with my husband
    8. Keep me out of a nursing home!
    9. Live to meet my great-grandchildren
    10. Spend another 44 years with the man I fell in love with at 17!

  2. Great list of reasons why! I wish I was more motivated to run in the cold like you are. I so admire your passion for running! As the weather gets warmer, I’ll head out to run more often. I love the free feeling it gives me and how it makes me feel thankful for the world around us. I always try to stop and look at the simple beauties as I run. Even when on a busy neighborhood street 🙂
    Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome recently posted..Toddler Tuesday + Valentine’s CraftMy Profile

  3. I love your reasons! Especially number 1 and 4 and 8….and really all of them. I think I’d add that I love running because it has taught me that the impossible can become possible with hard work and determination. There’s nothing like setting a goal and meeting it (or exceeding it)!
    Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..There is No Pain WorseMy Profile

  4. Great list! I posted a top 10 list on my blog as well (http://www.therunivore.com). It was hard to limit it to just 10….there are so many reasons to love running! One I thought of after I wrote my post: I love that I can do it anywhere, anytime…no need for fancy equipment…I just walk out my front door!

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