Who’s Your Mama? Tabata Workout

Happy Friday!

I hope you didn’t miss me too much yesterday. I’m having serious issues with time management right now. My ‘to do’ list grows and grows but I barely seem to make a dent in it. Does anyone else have that problem? What’s the solution? Please let me know!

So it’s finally Friday and I haven’t posted any workouts this week. My personal workouts have been pretty relaxed. I’m using this week as an easy rest week before I ramp up the running again with training for my marathon. Eeeek! I’m also fighting some kind of cold/sore throat thing. Yuck!

Yesterday I did a great Tabata workout. I love doing Tabata’s because it’s fast, effective and leaves you feeling like you did a lot longer workout than 4 minutes. If you aren’t familiar with Tabata workouts here’s the scoop:

20 seconds of work – high intensity!

10 seconds rest

Repeat for a total of 8 times = 4 minutes

You should perform each exercise at your peak capacity – as quickly as you can with good form. You’ll be breathless and sweating in no time. As always, before you begin any workout make sure you do a low intensity warm up so the muscles are ready for action.

This is a great workout for all the Mama’s out there who are trying to figure out the whole time management thing like me.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!ย 


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