The Whole Me with Stonyfield and prAna

The whole me with stonyfield and prana. |

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Stonyfield and prAna.  All opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks for your support!

I’m so busy.

How many times do you catch yourself saying that throughout the day?  I’m raising both hands high because I am most certainly guilty of it.

Look at my blog tagline – One busy mama running the happy fit life.

When did being busy become the “in” thing?  And why should it?

Sure I like to be busy.  I’m not one who likes to sit around and twiddle my thumbs.

But when the busy that makes me stressed out comes around, that’s when I really dislike that word.  That’s when it’s time to say enough, something’s gotta give.

That’s why I’m looking forward to summer. For me, summer is all about relaxing. Yes, it’s a busier season of travels, the kids out of school, camps, and fun get togethers with friends and family. But the busy is worth it because we are enjoying the sunshine at the beach on a hot, summer day or hitting the trails, bagging peaks. Get me outside and I’m a happy, relaxed mama.

To me summer is about slowing down, savoring and enjoying.

The whole me with stonyfield and prana |

Warm weather, sunshine and green-ness everywhere, that’s what brings out the whole me.

Summer may just be around the corner on the calendar but it’s still feeling rather chilly and rainy here in New Hampshire. I’m super excited to be wearing nothing but dresses, shorts and flip flops every day. That is unless I’m running. Then I’ll be wearing running shoes.  And I will be running this summer!

You know what shorts I’ll be wearing all summer? These amazingly comfy Tess shorts from prAna.

The whole me with stonyfield and prana |

You guys know I’m a huge prAna fan.  They’ve become a staple in my closet for every single season in addition to whenever I hit my yoga mat. You can’t go wrong with anything from prAna.

BTW – their swimsuits are THE best. I’ve mentioned it a million times before but they really are the best. Cute yet functional. It passes the SUP, kayaking, tossing the football at the beach and running after the kids test with no wardrobe malfunctions at all. I just bought another one over the weekend in anticipation of all the warm weather heading our way.  It’s coming, right?!?!?

The whole me with stonyfield and prana |

The Tess shorts are perfect for running errands around town, grabbing coffee with friends or for hitting the trails. They are made with organic cotton that has just the right amount of stretch.  I’m not a fan of short shorts.  The Tess hits just the right spot on me – not too short, not too long.

In this crazy in between weather season, I love pairing the Tess with my prAna Goto Pullover.  Because you know what?  It really has become my GO TO sweatshirt for whenever I want something cozy and soft.  I also like the pop of color when paired with my minty green Liana Sweater (shown at the top and bottom of this post).

The whole me with stonyfield and prana |

You know what else pairs well with anything from prAna? Creamy whole milk Stonyfield yogurt.

I rarely go a day without having some form of Stonyfield yogurt. Hands down, the Whole Milk Greek is my favorite.  I love the plain as the base for my yogurt power bowl breakfasts.

The whole me with stonyfield and prana |

If I’m looking for a snack for on the go, the ones with the little side car flavors are just too yummy. Although I will admit that I don’t get to eat those too often.  My kids usually gobble them up before I have a chance.

The whole me with stonyfield and prana | StonyfieldWhole Milk Greek

I can rest easy knowing that my food and clothing are made from sustainable,organic sources when I buy Stonyfield and prAna. I recently saw a short film about Fair Trade practices and it made me even more conscious of where not only my food, but my clothing is coming from. It was an eye opener for sure!

I’ve got the cute shorts and I’ve got delicious yogurt, now how ’bout some warm weather?!?!?

FYI – You can save 15% off your order from from now until 5/31/16 with code WHOLES17HFM at checkout. (Not valid for Influencers, on Gift Certificates or valid with any other offers).

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Favorite way to enjoy yogurt?




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  1. Those shorts look so comfortable – I am in love with the mint sweater too – beautiful! I have so much respect for Prana’s and Stonyfield’s business practices. These companies that take the time to go above and beyond and support their mission definitely stand out.

  2. Striped pants are so cute, I like that blue color. Too busy to have a good trip this summer. I hope I can also arrange time to have a short week with my parents, I miss them

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