Where’s Your Dream Race?

If you have been following HFM, you know that I wanted 2012 to be the year of my first marathon. While my knee is feeling great, I don’t think it’s going to happen. With 2 months left in the year, my options are pretty limited for marathons in New England. I know there are lots of options around the country but my travel budget is depleted right now. So I’m looking ahead to 2013.

The 116th Annual Boston Marathon took place on April 16, 2012


I’m toying with the idea of running the Boston Marathon with a charity. One of my coworkers is too. Fundraising is steep with a minimum of $4000-5000 for most charities. Question for any of you who have raced with a charity – How difficult is it to raise money? I’m assuming it’s very hard. Our economy is horrendous and people aren’t in the giving mood. I really don’t want to fork over $1000 or more of my own money to make up the difference. I know it goes to a good charity but that’s A LOT of money! Any tips or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Last week, someone posted on my local running group’s Facebook page this question:

Is anyone interested in running a Spring/Summer/Fall marathon in 2013? If so, which one? I’m open to any ideas!

Hmmmm…that got me thinking. If money were no object, where’s my dream marathon race location?

U.S. Races

1. Boston – just because it’s THE race!

2. Chicago – I’ve heard nothing but good about that race. Plus, it’s another THE race.

3. Big Sur – Any race that has views of the ocean is on my list.

4. Humboldt Redwoods – Running on the Avenue of the Giants? Now that would be breathtaking!

5. Nike Women’s Marathon – This just happened over the weekend and I’m bummed I missed it. Tiffany necklace and chocolate? No brainer, right?

6. Grandma’s Marathon, Duluth MN – I went to school in Duluth. The town just buzzes with excitement around the marathon. I’d love to go back to get in on the buzz. It’s not the most glamorous race but it would have special meaning to me.

International Races – Places I’ve never been so maybe I should just do a Race-cation and then take in the sites?

1. Reykjavik, Iceland – There’s something about Iceland that I find really interesting. It’s not the weather, that’s for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Paris, France – Run by the Eiffel Tower? Sure!

3. Athens, Greece –ย Run like a true Olympian.

4. Venice, Italy –ย ย A chance to visit a part of my heritage.

5. Easter Island –ย  From the race description:ย Wild horses, wayward cows and tourist-loving dogs will also keep you company along the course. Running with wayward cows sounds exciting!

Where would your dream race be? Have you done it yet?

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  1. Do Grandmas! I am going to sign up soon….my sister goes to school there. I would love to run one of the Rock and Roll races or the Nike Women’s marathon. I was really jealous when I saw all the pics

  2. So funny, I just don’t have any desire to do boston yet – I feel like there are so many other great ones. I would love to do Grandmas, and I would love to do one internationally – maybe London (in my dreams;-)) I would also love to do CIM, basically as an excuse to get to CA! There is the Key Bank Vermont City marathon in May in Burlington, VT, supposed to be beautiful – great crowd, great support. I think that is going to be my spring marathon. Good luck figuring one out:)
    Katie @ msfitrunner recently posted..More Than Running โ€“ Hartford Half RecapMy Profile

  3. Pretty cool list! I’ve done Boston twice and must say, it’s the best. You just can’t beat the whole experience. Big Sur, for the beauty, not the time, is on my list. A Napa marathon, too, for the scenery (and wine after)! I’m pretty excited for my fall marathon, which is CIM in Sacramento–first west coast marathon!
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  4. Wow! That’s an awesome list! I haven’t done a marathon yet and am just now beginning to toy with the idea… I think if I ever did one I would want to travel somewhere fun to make it more of an event. Boston or Chicago would be great or anything in Hawaii! I just saw in my area that our local Solemates/Girls on the run is doing a charity fundraiser for the Chicago marathon and you only have to raise $700. I just finished raising money with them for a 10k and wish I would have done this instead. Might have pushed me to do a full marathon. Next year maybe ๐Ÿ™‚
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  5. Great list! The marathon will happen for you, no need to rush. Plus, now you are doing more Yoga ๐Ÿ˜‰ which will just add to your running! I would love to do the Big Sur half, but first I think I’m going to try one here in San Diego for my first one!
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  6. I run for American Cancer Society and as it is difficult to raise funds just by soliciting emails and social media posts, I plan fundraising events such as happy hours, date auctions, bake sales and more. Who doesn’t like go out for drinks? Its easy money to make and all for a good cause. If you need any assistance, please let me know.

    Also, great list of to do Marathons. Most of them are on my to do list as well. I just ran Chicago and it was the race of my life. Loved every minute of it. Now its on to NYM for me.

    Good Luck!!

  7. I like this list, but really? I don’t get it. First, Boston. If one more person asks me “If I’ve run Boston…” No I haven’t. “Oh you haven’t qualified?” Um, only by 50 minutes. I have ridden the press truck, and yes this is a great and fun and exciting race, but I don’t understand why this is Meccah. And it makes SO MUCH $$$$$. Meccah is green. Chicago- I ran it and it was 17 degrees and windy, really windy. They ran out of water for 40,000 runners at mile 17 and I am not exactly slow- I ended up in a med tent with an IV in my arm. Just saying. Big Sur. Haven’t run it, but it is beautiful. Very. Probably fun. I have camped, driven, and hiked there. Yes, Avenue of the Giants. Had a friend run that. I’ve been there- it’s gorgeous. But again these are great places to just visit! If you want to run a marathon, not sure why you want to do it there. Doesn’t just a 12 mile run and a good bottle of wine sound fun? Duluth. Oh Grandmas! I ran that one. 20 mile per hour head wind for 26.2 miles! I finished in 2:53 in that gust and yes- it was a great great race, but really wind coming off the Great Lakes….for the whole way…what are the chances? Um, pretty good. Ha ha ha. Nike half? Yes. Sounds fun and there is nothing not to like about SF. Fun stuff.
    My US list would be:
    NYC over Boston….NYC is just so incredible.
    Houston over Chicago…big city with small town crowd, it’s an amazing race and flat and best supported race I have ever seen. Weather is always great.
    Santa Barbara over Big Sur…more places to party after! Beautiful and festive!
    Austin TX over Duluth….again….PARTY!
    And internationally, BERLIN! LONDON!!!! After that….I just want to eat.
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    1. Great points! Boston really was never on my radar till I moved to NH. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in it when the whole area shuts down to watch the race! Totally forgot about the wind in Duluth. It’s ALWAYS windy no matter what. It’s always nice to have the perspective of people who have actually done the race too.

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