Where Were You 1 Year Ago?

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Last week, Laura posted the question – Where were you 5 years ago?

I thought it was a really great idea to look back. I’m guilty of looking forward more often at what the next goal is going to be rather than back at where I came from.

I started to look back at where I was 5 years ago and honestly, it kind of depressed me.

I was essentially at the beginning of my running life. I had begun running more consistently rather than an occasional 3 miles here and there. It’s when I really fell in love with running.

I had already run a couple half marathons but was looking to expand my running portfolio.

5 years ago I had never run a 5k.

5 years ago I had never run a 10k.

5 years ago I had never run a 10 miler.

5 years ago I had never run more than 13.1 miles.

5 years ago I had never run a marathon.

In the past 5 years, I’ve done all of the things listed above. And more than once.

Where were you one year ago

No doubt things have changed quite a bit in 5 years. I’ve had many highs and many lows. I’m a different runner. But looking back at PR’s and distances that I haven’t run in almost two years made me sad. I’m so race rusty. And training plan rusty. I’ve spent most of 2016 plan free and running whatever I wanted.

So rather than look back at where I was 5 years ago, I’d rather look back at where I was 1 year ago.

1 year ago, I was just beginning to run again after my injury from April 2015… I know that there are still a few more weeks left in 2016 but it should be noted that I have not gone to physical therapy for an injury AT ALL in 2016. That hasn’t happened in 4 years! WOOHOO!

1 year ago, I was happy to be running even if it was run/walk…Now I’m able to run for 2+ hours with no problems. And am very happy about that!

1 year ago, I had zero desire to ever enter the lottery for Mount Washington Road Race…Now I can’t wait to do it again!

WHere were you 1 year ago | happyfitmama.com

1 year ago, I was so angry with my body for “failing” me at Boston…Now I’ve forgiven myself and let it go. Well, not really completely let it go. I don’t think I can ever do that. It’s a part of my history. But it doesn’t hurt as much as it did a year ago.

1 year ago, I was averaging about 5-8 miles per week of running…Now I am back to my normal, non training, 30 or so miles per week.

1 year ago, I was hungry for marathon redemption…Now I’m looking at other race distances. 50k perhaps? I know I do want to do a marathon in 2017 but the thought of running on the roads that long kind of makes me want to vomit. We’ll see.


1 year ago, I ran mostly on the roads…Now I’m happiest on the trails. Running on dirt feels so much better than pavement.

Where were you 5 years or even 1 year ago in running?


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  1. I loved Laura’s post about that too and I equally love yours! I seriously don’t think I knew you were THIS new to running?! Wow, just wow. You have accomplished so much and I just know, whatever you set your sights on this year, will be amazing. You are primed and READY!

    Also a 30 mile non-training run regimen is pretty outstanding.
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    1. You didn’t know I’m that much of a newbie? I didn’t get serious about running till after my kids were born. 2011 was when the love kicked in!

  2. One year ago I was 40 pounds heavier, and wondering if I would ever be able to lose the weight. This year – 1200 miles later, hundreds of ponds lifted later, and 40 pounds lighter. What a year!!!!

  3. Awesome! I’m glad you found a year that worked as a good comparison… I totally get not wanting to compare to a time when every race was a pr and pre-injury.

    I love that you’ve become a trail girl. It’s definitely where I see myself headed too, if I can find enough trail running buddies.

  4. This is such a powerful exercise. Wow to how much you accomplished in five years and I totally understand and can sympathize that sadness it made you feel having not “raced” with intention since late 2014. The exciting thing is that we’ve all grown so much and can chart a path ahead we want. I may just have to do a similar 5/1-year look-back myself. For me, the past year looks entirely different at the end than it did at the beginning. I live in a new house, a new city, I’m about to have a baby, I haven’t run in weeks, whew! Life’s twists, turns, ups, downs, etc. are truly amazing and bring us exactly to the new place where we’re meant to be. Hugs to you. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post about your experiences and feelings.

  5. It is absolutely INSANE to think about how much can happen in one year and I always think about this type of thing!!! Holy crap! Last year at this time… I was thinking about breaking up with my husband (who at the time was my “man friend”)… Okay, I was just getting fed up and annoyed because I had no idea what the heck was going to happen with our relationship and then BAM, he proposed – LOL and NOW… WE ARE MARRIED – hahahahaa!

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