What’s for Dinner { Week of September 20 }

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Hey guys!

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weekend. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. This is what fall should be like all the time.

Last week I had grand plans to have dinner all set to go once we all got home one crazy busy night. I had my crockpot all ready to go with Crockpot Enchiladas. Since, Ron was going to be the last one to leave the house that morning, I left instructions for him to turn on the crockpot before he left.

Around mid morning, I texted him to ask if he did.

He didn’t.

Whomp, whomp, whomp.

So it was a wing it kind of dinner. I think I need to invest in a programmable crockpot or else this may be happening quite a lot.

What’s for dinner this week?

Sunday: Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon + Veggies

Monday:Green smoothies + almond butter toast

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken + Kale Superfood Salad (subbing pears for blueberries)

Wednesday: Crockpot Two Bean Veggie Chili

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Butternut Squash and Chicken Kale Salad

Saturday: Fish tacos

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What are you having for dinner this week?

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