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What to Watch and Read Right Now | happyfitmama.com

With everything flipped upside down right now, I’m finding myself watching more TV and reading more books. I’m trying to stay away from the news. I’ll check in once a day on my phone but if I do anymore, I go down a rabbit hole of nerves and anxiety. So I’m trying to find other things to preoccupy my mind. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Way before there was any Global Pandemic talk, I vowed to read more books this year. So far I’ve read eight and I’m craving more. However, I don’t like buying books and I don’t like reading on a Kindle. If only the library was still open! Thankfully, I got some books from a friend and I’m back on the reading train. FYI – all books were sanitized upon entry into my house. 🙂

As far as TV watching, Ron and I are always looking for a good series or movie to keep us entertained. One night we watched Sixteen Candles when we wanted something brainless and funny with some nostalgia. It’s one of my favorite movies but holy cow…so not PC for this era!

Anyway, here’s what to watch and read right now if you are looking for ways to fill up your time.

What to Watch

Little Fires Everywhere

I’m a Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington fan so I was intrigued when I saw their new series, Little Fires Everywhere. I loved Big Little Lies so it was a no brainer to start this series. It’s a twist of drama and suspense that leaves you anxiously waiting for the next episode. If it was released on Netflix, I totally would have binged the whole season in two days.

Knives Out

A physician I work with recommended Knives Out to me in early March and we finally got around to watching it. Kind of quirky at times with the dysfunctional Thrombey family but a really interesting play on the classic whodunit. In all honesty, I fell asleep half way through the first time we watched it. In the morning I asked Ron to tell me how it ended but he said let’s watch it again so you can see the ending. It was a really good movie. When I finally saw it all, I agreed. Very unexpected!

The Society

We stumbled upon this show on Netflix one night and got sucked into it. The Society is about how busloads of high school seniors leave for a camping trip but a storm forces them to return home. When they get there, no else is in their town. No adults, no other kids, no one. They are all that’s left. It’s kind of like Lord of the Flies but with teens. The first two episodes were what you’d expect teens to do with no adults. And then it takes a turn and gets really interesting.

10 Must-Watch Running Documentaries

I’m technically still in training for upcoming races that haven’t been cancelled or postponed yet so when I’m looking for running inspiration, I turn to some of my favorite running documentaries. My faves are from Billy Yang. I can re-watch all of his films…and I have! Here’s 10 must-watch running documentaries to inspire and make you dream of what’s waiting for us after we are free to roam the world again.

What to Read

Daisy Jones and The Six

I LOVED this book! I think I finished it in two nights but easily could have finished it in one if I let myself stay up later. It’s a quick read that had me really thinking that Daisy Jones and The Six was a real band from the 70s. Dreams do come true because a mini series is being made about the book. Yay!

The Rumor

This book was another quick read. Part mystery and suspense and part drama, it’s all based on when a woman hears a rumor outside of her sons school. It soon spreads like wildfire and lives get turned upside down.

The Giver of Stars

To be honest, when I started this book, I was kind of bored. But then it started to get interesting when the main character, Alice, decides to do something that her overbearing father-in-law is against. I had no idea that Eleanor Roosevelt put together a traveling library in rural Kentucky back during the Depression. That was a big deal especially when it was women delivering the books on horseback. It really is hard to believe that time wasn’t that long ago.


I really liked this book! It had me staying up late many nights because I couldn’t put it down. Anna lives an ordinary life with a husband and two kids. She loves true crime podcasts. Then one day, her whole life gets flipped over and she is all alone. As she dives into a podcast to forget about her own troubles, she realizes that she knows the subject of one of the crimes and he’s from a life that she has been running away from for years. From there she becomes determined to find out what really happened and to find the true killer.

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What are you watching and reading right now?

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  1. The Society and Knives out, both are amazing suggestions. You should also watch Peaky Blinders, Money Heist and Sherlock if you haven’t already. All three of them are really great shows and are not very long so you can finish easily.

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