What I’m Loving Lately

With yesterday being Valentine’s Day and love being in the air, I thought it was time to share what I’m loving lately.


I know I just mentioned this on Monday, but I am loving snowshoeing right now. Whether it’s walking at a snail’s pace with the kids (but secretly fuming because it’s taking FOREVER) or running and sucking wind at a what feels like at least a 6:50 effort but really is a 16:00 pace in knee deep snow, I love it all. I actually may even be able to sneak in a snowshoe race or two within the next few weeks. It will be a whole new version of sucking wind for sure.

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Race day fueling and hydration is one of my weakest points. I always end up with severe cramping in my calves.  After listening to Jamie speak at Rise.Run.Retreat back in the fall, I reached out to her for some help. I’ve been putting her suggestions to the test on my runs lately and have been pleased. She suggested I try Tailwind (affiliate link) and I’m glad she did. So far, it’s worked great. As the miles crank upwards and so does the prescribed paces, I’ll be interested to see if it still serves me well. Fingers crossed!

Ultimate Direction 

I recently received some sweet gear from Ultimate Direction. After numerous friends raved about the Jenny Collection hydration packs, I wanted to give it a try since I’m hoping to be out on the trails more this summer and fall. I got the Adventure Vesta which so far, has been awesome. I haven’t needed to use all of it’s features yet. Which to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever need the ice axe loops. This girl does not do vertical ice climbing! The best feature so far has been the Body Bottles. I thought it might be annoying to have two bottles filled and sloshing around while running. I thought it would feel like running without a bra.  Girls, you know what I mean. Amazingly, the bottles don’t move at all. Of course, you hear sloshing but there’s no bouncing. I’ve worn it on the trails and on the road.

What I'm loving lately | happyfitmama.com

I also received the Ultimate Direction Ultra Jacket. I was loving the hood on our snowshoe run last week. It was the perfect protection from the wind and snow. The built in FlipMitts came in handy on a run where I forgot my gloves. If you thought thumb holes were awesome, FlipMitts will blow your mind!

what I'm loving lately | happyfitmama.com

This is Us

Why do I love a show that makes me cry so much? Please tell me I’m not alone in questioning this.


Hitting my yoga mat at least twice a week in yoga class has been much needed as the miles start to crank up in training. Every muscle from my toes to my head need it. I love that almost every class involves tons of Runner’s Lunge variations. Nothing feels better on my feet all the way up to my hips. As if I needed more confirmation that I made the right move to switch to Bending Bodhi in November.

what I'm loving lately | happyfitmama.com

Greek Yogurt Power Bowls

For years my breakfast staple was a bowl of oatmeal. I still will have one every so often but my new usual is Greek Yogurt Power Bowls filled with Stonyfield (of course!), granola, chia/flax seeds and fresh fruit. It’s filling and sticks with me for hours.

what I'm loving lately | happyfitmama.com

Pre Long Run Sweet Potatoes

A few weeks ago, the topic of pre long run fuel came up on a group run. One girl mentioned eating a baked sweet potato. That was one of my favorite snacks a couple of years ago but I grew sick of it.  I thought I’d try it out as a pre run fuel with cinnamon and a spoonful of almond or peanut butter. It’s been perfect and Jamie agrees that I should stick with it since it’s got the right ratio for fueling.


I’ve never stopped loving Cooper but I’m loving that he’s feeling so much better lately. He had us really worried back in December that the end was near. But his new medication has worked wonders. He’s gaining weight and has so much energy. He went snowshoeing with us on Monday and acted like a puppy.

What I'm loving lately | happyfitmama.com

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What have you been loving lately?


26 comments on “What I’m Loving Lately

  1. So much greatness in one post!! I’m sad I haven’t been able to enjoy the snow as much since I’m training for my upcoming race but I had a few days out there that were magical!
    Wendy (wendy is taking the long way home) got me to try Tailwind and I love it too!
    I may have to try the sweet potato thing before my brick sessions…hmmm. Could you post some recipes? LOL!! I’m serious.
    Allie recently posted..Racing in Cuba – What to ExpectMy Profile

  2. That’s awesome that you’ve been getting back into yoga again! I’m actually doing a few 15 minutes sessions at home per week… just enough to loosen my up a little. Hoping I can stick with it! And the snow shoeing race would be awesome! We don’t have enough snow to really ‘play’ in it- I miss that about Ithaca when we used to do a lot of cross country skiing.

  3. I wish my toddler didn’t freak out when I try to run in the snow with her in the stroller!! Hopefully soon we’ll be back out there for walks and runs :)

    OMG- This is Us. Seriously, cry. Every single week…but yet, it is hands down, the BEST show on TV right now!
    Jen recently posted..Sick Toddler and Bad HabitsMy Profile

  4. Ok, so I absolutely hate the snow….sure I love how pretty it is but I hate the cold and I hate the mess it makes, but I’m super envious of the snowshoeing you and Sarah are doing. If I could try snowshoeing I may be willing to venture out in the snow. But we don’t have snow here, so there’s that. Womp womp. Talk to me about tailwind. I’ve been thinking about trying this for marathon training as well and think I really need to talk to Jamie about a nutrition/fueling plan for my upcoming marathon training because I’m convinced that is what has failed me with every marathon. I’m assuming you carry your own hydration during the race if you are training with it? I really really don’t want to have to carry anything, but I guess I may have to. I absolutely love my Jenny Ulta Vesta!! That yogurt bowl looks amazing. I’ve been making one similar with the Blissful Eats granola, my favorite!! Hope you are doing well and surviving the Snowmageddon up there!! XOXO

    1. My theory on living in a climate that has cold/snow is that you need to do activities outside to survive. When we’ve had super mild winters with no snow, I would be clawing at the walls. It’s going to be cold so at least with snow, there’s activities to do in it. It’s not really fun to be outside in the cold and playing in dirt. :) So Tailwind…you need to try it! I’m still playing around with run fuel but so far it’s worked really well. I’ve never carried hydration with me in a race before but Jamie suggested I’m not getting enough from aid stations. I’m not wearing a pack for the marathon. I’ll carry a handheld. I highly recommend talking to Jamie. She’s given me some great feedback!

      1. That is definitely a great point! It’s not fun to be in the cold playing in dirt, lol. I reached out to Jamie yesterday and will hopefully be setting up a consult with her if I can figure out a way to fit it in the budget! I will definitely have to try Tailwind. I’ve heard great things about UCAN as well…..

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