Wanted: A Running Buddy

I’ve been doing a lot of solo running lately. I usually don’t mind. It’s quiet time. A time to think and come up with brilliant ideas. But now that it feels and looks like the middle of the night on my morning runs, I miss having a running buddy. Of course, the number one reason is safety. I just feel more confident and less jumpy when I’m running in the dark with someone else. The mind can play some really strange tricks on you! Having a running buddy to chat with makes the miles go by a lot quicker, too. Is it me or do dark runs seem longer than daylight runs?

Wanted Running Buddy - happyfitmama.comThat’s not too much to ask for, is it?

Last week, I was doing my usual zero dark thirty run when I saw not one but two different groups of women running. I’ve never seen anyone before! I so wanted to turn around and catch up with each of them and ask if I could run with them. But I didn’t. It felt like it was too creeperish of me. I mean, wouldn’t you feel a little bit strange if some random person started following you in the dark? I’d probably get maced or beat up!

Later that day, I posted my situation on my Facebook page and wanted to know how everyone found their running buddy or group (if they had one). The majority said they found buddies through their local running group or in their neighborhood. Great places for sure but unfortunately, that doesn’t work for me. The group that I meet up with on some Saturday mornings is kind of a melting pot of runners. I have yet to meet one runner from the group who lives in my town and wants to run that early. If I wanted/could run in the evening, it would be no problem. Lots of group runs or buddy options there.

So I was left with no new ideas. Magically, I received a message from Mariette saying she lived in my town, was an early morning runner and would love to run together. Initially, my paranoid self was hesitant and thought STALKER. After replying back trying to be very vague about my running times and habits, it seemed like she was legit. Phew! We actually had our first running date yesterday. Yay!!!! We’ve got a similar pace, are both training for the Seacoast Half Marathon and have three year olds. The miles flew by as we talked about everything and got to know each other. This is going to be good for me in more ways than one. I have a tendency to make my easy runs really easy, like wayyyyy too easy. While it’s good to have an easy run, I think by making all of my them too easy is cheating myself. When I run with a buddy or group, I’ll pick up the pace that still feels easy even though I’m going at least 30 seconds faster per mile. Talking distracts me from looking at my watch and makes me run by feel more than anything.

I’m super excited to meet up again with Mariette. Hooray for running buddies!

What do you prefer – solo or buddy runs?

How did you find your running buddy?

  1. That’s great that you and Mariette are such a good match! I do about 50% of my runs w/ my friends (I like the mix of solo and group). I met them at our local club run years ago and we’ve been together ever since. It really is the best to have good friends to run with and share with. Best of luck with your new relationship.

    Oh–and my group would be totally fine with a woman we didn’t know stopping us and asking about joining in sometime!
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  2. So glad you found a running buddy! I’m in the same boat, but am a newbie runner, so I’d also need someone that was starting out or very patient as I’m just building my endurance and mileage. My local running club seems to consist of more experienced runners. I’ve tried the early morning runs, but find myself skipping them because I get anxious about running in the dark by myself (I have pepper spray, but still get the creepies!). As the days get shorter, I’ll be faced with the same thing in the evening, so I’ve got to figure something out!
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  3. Yay for running buddies! My #1 running buddy is my husband, but I have found other running buddies at work. It makes it easier when you have the exact same schedule! I don’t mind running alone, but prefer a buddy πŸ˜‰
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  4. That is so cool!! I’m happy for you b/c I rarely get to run with my buddies anymore (b/c of my kids schedules) and I truly miss it. The miles definitely fly by when you can chat with someone. Maybe I’ll do a search of my own and try to find another running buddy. You’ve inspired me!
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  5. How awesome is that!

    I am an early morning runner and have always been hesitant to solicit buddies on the run group closed FB page. The last two weeks, though, I’ve reached out for long runs and it has been really great. I’m not sure if I’m ready to have a buddy all the time but it helps so much when the miles get long.
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  6. So happy for you! I’ve been doing mostly solo runs lately, although my husband and I manage to sneak in ‘date’ runs every now and then. I miss running with buddies, but I typically cram my runs in when my schedule allows, making it hard to coordinate. I sure wish I had someone to run my 20-miler with this week. Would be nice to pass the miles away chatting!
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  7. I run by myself, by choice, but I’d sure love to have a running buddy…at least one or 2 days/week. I go to races alone, and that is hard….My last race, I met up with a blogger that I’ve been following and that was great! Except she lives really far from me. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of women runners where I live.

  8. I’m so glad you found a buddy!!! I have joined a running group when I moved here and they meet on the weekends too but I’ve never joined in. My running buddy from before I actually worked with…it was awesome! I like running alone but I also love the challenge and way the miles tick by with a buddy or group!!
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  9. Oh yay!!! So excited for you! I always like to have a running friend! We have a few moms in our development that run, and we usually try to get together on the weekends. My one friend is crazy like me and trains for marathons….she is the one person I can always count on to run no matter what the time or temperature! She’s also faster than me so it pushes me. During the week though, I run on the treadmill…don’t like to run by myself outside that early like you….and we have to watch out for bears!!!!!
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  10. I love running solo and with a buddy. I have a long run scheduled with a great friend on Saturday. We never really know how far we will go…we just know it’s going to be long since we have loads to catch up on since we saw eachother last πŸ™‚
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  11. I’m a solo runner but if I lived close to you I would love to be running buddies – we have the same requirements even!!!
    Glad you found someone to run with!
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  12. Oh I love this – so happy you found someone! Up until last year, if I didn’t run with my husband, I always ran solo. I was always afraid of running with someone else. Probably sounds silly. But I worried I’d have a bad run, I’d be too slow, couldn’t go far enough. Then I found my friend/running buddy. She’s way faster, but she’s helping me get fast. I love the conversations and just general companionship. And now that it’s completely dark, I definitely feel so much better having the company.
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  13. Congrats on finding a running buddy! So exciting! I would love to run with a buddy but don’t really know anyone else who runs at my pace and at the time I want to run. I will have to keep searching:)
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  14. So glad that you were able to connect. If I ran as early as you, I would definitely want/need a running buddy. I used to run with my husband but since kids, we haven’t been able to do that too often. Now, I prefer to run solo I think because it’s my time and I don’t have to worry about slowing down anyone else, etc. But I always run faster with company πŸ™‚
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  15. I prefer group runs. I don’t have to talk to the person, but like you it is comforting to have someone else out there in the wee hours of the morning. It also helps make the miles go by a little quicker than if you were out there alone. I lead a group of runners, so I personally don’t have a problem finding people. Thank goodness.
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  16. A few years ago I would have been a perfect running buddy for you. Aside from not living anywhere close. I still run early and love to chat, but I think I’m a wee bit slower these days πŸ™‚

    I am one of the lucky ones who is married to her running partner. We both used get up and out the door by 4 ish. I also used to run with a girl friend on the weekends. She was not an early bird and she didn’t live close enough anyway, but have even a weekend partner is nice too.
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  17. So glad you found someone to partner up with you!! My husband is my running buddy, but not every time. I still like those private times with my own thoughts. But it is nice when he is around, and he does a good job to push me. We’re lucky ladies, aren’t we? πŸ™‚
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  18. My running group meets on Saturday at 8am. Several of the women in the group gradually started to break away since we wanted to run earlier6 or 7am. We are now a group of 4 and meet up several times a week including Saturdays! I rarely run with tunes now since I never run alone anymore!! I love it and happy that you found a buddy!!!!

  19. Running buddies are great! I love running with similarly paced ladies πŸ™‚ As I get to longer runs in my marathon training, I’m finding I REALLY need a buddy to keep motivated. In consecutive weekends, I ran 12 miles than 13.1. The 12 miler was with a buddy and was GREAT! The 13.1 was just me and sucked! It makes a difference πŸ™‚
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  20. YEY for running buddies! I actually started a chapter of Moms Run this town a year ago and now have almost 400 members. Best thing I’ve ever done!!

  21. YA FOR YOU!!!! I much prefer running partners also, especially early morning. In fact, I didn’t run this morning because when I asked my hubs, “hey, it is fine if I run in the dark alone tomorrow right?” looking for a positive reaction, he said, “No, I would prefer you not run in the dark alone.” So, I am going after work, which I hate. But my running buddy is out of town, so I had no other options….well, unless I went to the gym on treadmill, ew! The unfortunate thing is I am about to have too many fast runs to even run with my running buddy, so it’ll be a lot of solo running, and I am also looking for some new people to join!
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  22. I am actually trying to pick up my pace so I can have more running buddy options! I recently offered to join a friend who is training for a half marathon on one of her long runs, and I had to joke that “I can run slower than my normal pace, but not faster!”

    I’m frustrated lately because while I run 20 miles a week, my pace is still 10:30 – 10:45 minute miles for my long runs, which means that the most enthusiastic runners out there, the type that would meet up with me in those crazy early hours, are too fast for me! I need to find someone with the heart of a champion and the legs of a beginner… it’s tough!

    Glad you found someone, so smart to look!
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