Two Workouts, One Day + 6 Two-a-Day Workouts for Runners

Balancing life and running with Two-a-Day Workouts.

Today it’s another round up of Workouts for Runners by Runners. If you missed our first round up last month, you can find it HERE.

The topic this month is Two-a-Day Workouts.

I know what you are thinking.

“WTF, who has time to workout twice in one day? And why would I do that if I’m not an elite runner?”

But hear me out. When you think of two workouts in one day, you most likely are thinking of Marky Mark screaming “I wanna see sweat coming out yo’ pores!” That doesn’t have to be the case with both workouts. Typically with two-a-day workouts you will have one workout that is a higher intensity and the second workout is usually an easier intensity.

Everyone is busy. We’ve got families, jobs and essentially, a life outside of running. It’s hard to find 60 minutes to dedicate to running yet alone 2 hours at one time to commit to any additional exercise. I’ve used two-a-day running workouts to get my daily miles in while marathon training. For instance, say I have 12 miles to run on my schedule. A mid week 12 miler is tough to squeeze in. But if I run 8 miles in the morning as a tempo workout and then 4 easy paced miles in the evening, it’s a lot more manageable. Training should fit around you, not you fitting around training.

Another issue with runners is we love to run. And that’s all we want to do. It’s hard to fit in the miles during the week but now we have to do other things besides run? But as most runners know, a runner can’t survive on running alone. To stay strong and injury free, strength training is where it’s at.

Here’s a Two-a-Day Workout for Runners that has a speed workout in the morning for the running endorphins we love and a body weight routine in the evening for the strength building we need in the evening.

You can workout twice in one day! Get a run in the morning and strength session in the evening.

What I have found that works well for me is to get a run (or cross training on the bike, etc) in the morning. Then in the evening, I’ll find time after the kid’s have gone to bed to squeeze out some strength moves. Rather than being sprawled out on the couch, I’ll do lunges, planks, balance work, etc. Multitasking at it’s best!

Two-a-Day workouts don’t have to be a daily occurrence. But sometimes, life is tricky and you need to be inventive.

And here are even more Two-a-Day Workouts from 5 of my running friends. Pin away so you have a stash of workouts on hand whenever you need it.

Check out 6 Two a Day Workouts for Runners for when you actually have time to do more than one workout in a day!

Laura brings a tempo run in the a.m. with a full body strength session in the evening.

Two a Day workout TRR copy

Run, bike, or swim in the morning and do a quick full body fix from Allie.


Carly has got your covered with the why’s and what you need to do for optimal performance.

two-a-day workout pin

You can run twice in one day! Follow Sarah’s plan of an easy run in the morning followed with a speed workout in the evening.


If you want to stick to straight strength for the day but can’t fit in a whole session at one time, split it up like Nellie.


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Do you do Two-a-Day Workouts?

25 comments on “Two Workouts, One Day + 6 Two-a-Day Workouts for Runners

  1. These are great Angela! I probably should have done a few two-a-days this time around for marathon training, but after that morning workout I would seriously struggle to do another one in the evening!

  2. I used to struggle with fitting strength training into my routine until I started two a day workouts. Now at least three times a week I strength train in the morning and run in the afternoon. I love it, I have more energy and I’m getting way more done!

  3. Whenever I tell myself I’m going to do Two-A-Day workouts, I always end up psyching myself out of one of them. I think your tips (to do one high intensity and one easier) make it seem much more doable! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I totally agree that one high intensity and one low intensity is the way to go with two a day. I often break it up the way you do- a run or spin in the morning, followed by strength sometime later in the day or a long walk as the weather is finally getting nicer.

  5. This is such a helpful guide! I definitely need to increase my strength training…sometimes I’m consistent for a while and then I completely fall off the wagon! I like the idea of splitting up those long runs during the week. Once I start marathon training, I’m sure that trick will come in handy!

    1. Splitting up a long run is ok to do every once in a while. Just don’t make it a habit of doing that with every single one. You do need to work on building up all the LONG time on your feet.

  6. Nice post with lots of good ideas! I like to do some double days because it helps make recovery easier actually. Doing speed and strength on the same day mean a big workload but only one day you are recovering from instead of doing 2 separate. Sometimes I will mix it up and do a strength workout and an easy run with the run second because it teaches you to run on tired legs!
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  7. Yes for making it easier to fit into a schedule! Two a days were sometimes what got me to work out regularly in college/grad school. I loved this month’s topic and can’t wait to try the workouts – your strength workout looks especially fun!

  8. okay! These posts that include strength training have motivated me to incorporate more strength training into my weekly routines. I do love to run, but need to be better about incorporating strength training exercises! Love the ideas!

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