Three years ago today I woke up looking like this:

38wks - happyfitmama.comFeet and ankles incredibly swollen. Anxious and excited to finally be meeting my little beans for the first time. After a super easy labor, you officially made your entrance into the world at 2:20 p.m. and 2:25 p.m.

The Summer Solstice Twins were here.


L –  Big Guy

You have the greatest smile that can make anyone’s heart melt.

You also have the most devilish smile that lets me know when you are up to no good.

Your giggle is infectious when Daddy tickles you.

You love to snuggle and freely share kisses and hugs.

You love the movie “Cars” and all types of vehicles.

You crack me up when say, “Let’s talk about race cars.”

If you could, you would spend the whole day outside. Running, digging in the dirt and playing soccer.

Your imagination is limitless when it comes to building blocks.

You like to sing your ABC’s, count to 20 and read books especially “Busy Town” and anything “Berenstain Bears.”

You like to play rough with your sister even though she does not.

Your sister is your best friend.

L -

 A – Miss Independent

You give the biggest and tightest hugs.

You love Hello Kitty and your baby cat “Chloe” more than anything.

You are becoming more independent every day although you love to wiggle into a lap any chance you get.

You are a daddy’s girl, no doubt about it.

Your new favorite thing to say is “Let me do it all by myself.”

You have replaced me as Queen of the family.

You like to mother your brother.

You aren’t afraid of letting us know when you are upset. Loud and clear.

You like to sing, count, read books, color, ride your bike and build race cars with blocks.

You make me cringe and laugh at the same time when I hear you use my little sayings like “Oh my gosh!” or “Actually…”

Your brother is your best friend.

A -

I’m still amazed that I’m your mother. (I’m even more amazed that I’m a mother to twins). You have definitely made me a better person. More loving. More open. More protective. More forgiving. More joyous.

Happy Birthday L and A!

Bring on the terrific 3s!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. I love those two! They make me laugh,. They make me cry (because I can’t be with them every day!) Thank you for bringing them into our lives! HAPPY BIRTHDAY A AND L!

  2. Oh my gosh they are darling! Three is exciting! I’ve got one…not sure I could handle TWO:) hehe. Love the list of things you love about them. So, so sweet.
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