Thoughts While Pool Running

Pool Running tips and tricks |

Just like running on land, pool running leaves a lot of time for your mind to wonder.  Here’s a snippet of what goes through my head during a pool run.

1 ) Do we really need to add insult to injury by calling the belt an Aqua Jogger?  I am not a jogger even if it is in a pool.

2 ) Should I have jumped in the pool instead of climbing down the ladder?

3 ) Am I doing this right? This feels weird.

4 ) Why am I so hot but I’m not sweating?

5 ) Why does the nail polish chip off my toes while pool running?  Am I running that fast?

6 ) I wonder if people think I can’t swim? Should I take the belt off to prove that I can?

7 ) How long do you have to be submerged in water to get prune fingers?

8 ) I wonder if the life guard thinks I’m drowning.

9 ) This would be so much better if I was doing this in an outdoor pool. At least I’d get some fresh air and not be burning my precious brain cells from chlorine toxicity.

10 ) I really have to pee. The belt is digging into my bladder.

11 ) Am I doing this right? This still feels weird.

12 ) This isn’t so bad.  I kind of like it.  Is that weird that I do?

13 ) This would be so much better if I was running outside.  Without an Aqua Jogger.  On the ground.  Sorry. I’m not hanging up my running shoes for fins.

Pool running tips and tricks |

I’ve had a few questions about pool running since I’ve shared my workouts while dealing with my latest injury.

I’m by no means an expert.  I’m kind of learning as I go.

The biggest surprise that I’ve got from pool running is that I kind of like it.  I know that’s sick and twisted but I think it’s very similar to the treadmill in a mind numbing sort of way.  If you can run on the treadmill, you can tolerate the pool.

I’m thinking I might try to pool run at least once a week even when I’m back to running.  It’ll be even better during the summer when the outdoor pool is open!

There are two types of pool running. There’s the kind where your feet don’t touch the bottom of the pool at all and there’s the one where your feet touch.  I’m doing deep water (actually it’s the dive well at my local pool) right now because of my tendonitis/pre stress fracture requires no impact.

Pool running tips and tricks to stay fit while injured or to enhance your road running.

Here’s some tips I’ve found from friends who have been there, done that, in pool running and what I’ve picked up in my sessions.

*Watch some YouTube videos on correct form before your first run.  This is a good one.

*Find a Aqua Jogger that fits.  That’s a hard thing if you are on the smaller side.  The first few times I went I got so annoyed with the jogger riding up on me. I finally found one that I could tighten enough. Most pools have Aqua Joggers for you to use.  If you want to buy your own, Amazon has a wide assortment. Some articles I’ve read said you can ditch the belt if you want to make it even harder or as you progress in getting the hang of it.

*Try to stay as tall as you can, pump your arms at a 90 degree angle and think of driving your knee up and down.  It can look like a cycling motion or almost like you are doing high knees. Some people stay in place while running and others move.  Both are correct.  I tend to move…it makes it a little more interesting.

*Wear waterproof headphones to listen to music or podcasts.  I don’t have waterproof headphones but a friend suggested tucking my wireless headphones under a swim cap.  Works like a charm! I keep my phone on the bench next to the pool and tread along while catching up on my fav podcasts or music.

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Pool running – would you or would you rather not?

Do you have any tips to add?

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  1. I always feel so weird pool running. I have done it a few times but I feel like i am getting in the way of people who want to swim. Right now I dont have a gym or a pool, so thats not an option for me. Luckily I can still run a little, but I think it would be great to have pool running to replace some runs or add a additional workout since Im running so little.

    1. Thankfully we have a community pool that has open swim hours that work with my schedule. I run in the dive well and there’s never been anyone else in it while I’ve been there. If I had to share a lane that would be weird.

  2. Unfortunately I know exactly how you feel! And tucking your wireless headphones is genius!! Also, instead of that horrible belt and, to mix things up, you can use those giant water dumbbells if your pool has them. “Run” with them in your hands for an added upper body workout…just don’t grip them too tightly or your fingers may go numb 😳
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  3. UGH pool running. I bought a belt and then thought it was so weird and felt so ineffective when I was doing it (I was certain I was doing it wrong) that I think I used the belt onece, maybe twice and ultimately sold it on ebay…
    I wish I could do the whole pool running thing.

    1. I think I’m so stubborn that I’m not letting it get the best of me. It’s the closest thing I’ve got to running so I’m making it work!!

    1. I wish I was a better swimmer than I’d be more than happy to swim laps. Maybe I need to work on my swimming abilities in this running down time?

  4. I refused to call it “aqua jogging” even though Tina Muir uses that term. She can, right? I bought a waterproof ipod that was a life saver. I had power struggles with the old man in the green speedo and that very overweight woman who wanted to do laps across the dive well. Isn’t that what the lap pool is for? I felt that I had to explain what I was doing to every teenage lifeguard (as if they cared). I wanted to jump off the board and go down the slide (they were closed). Pool selfies aren’t the same as running selfies.

    In spite of all that, yes, I secretly loved it. Great backup plan.
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    1. Wendy. You get the struggle! Although I’ve been very lucky not to have to share the dive well with anyone else. And I think the teenage lifeguards are frightened of

  5. I’ve never tried pool running, but I think my mom would love it. She recently had back surgery, so she can’t do any high-impact exercises anymore. She loved to run, so she’s been bummed. This would be great for her.

  6. Pool running was suggested to me ages ago during some injury rehab or another. I never did it because I’m a total whimp and thought I’d like completely stupid doing it at the local pools. And being submerged in water isn’t my most favourite thing. Loved reading your list though, pretty funny!

  7. I have never tried this, but it has me intrigued! I’m all about trying new things. Although I’m not a swimmer, I’d be interested in trying this…not sure if there’s any place in my itty bitty town to do it, though. I have done pool “walking” (?), and was surprised how much of a workout that was!

  8. As funny as this may sound, this is actually the first time I’ve heard of the Aqua Jogger. I suffered from an ankle injury last year and was prescribed pool running for about 3 months. Surprisingly, I loved it enough that I still do it about once a week!

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