My Kids’ Thoughts on Having a Mother Runner

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I saw this cute questionnaire for kids about their mother runner on Beth and Allie’s blogs. Even though I’m injured and currently not running, I still wanted to hear their thoughts on having a mother runner.

1. What does mom eat before a run?

Avery: Bananas

Lukas: Apple or crayons

Obviously they are usually asleep when I go for a run. And Lukas must think I like wax.

2. How far does mom run everyday?

Avery: 25 miles

Lukas: 60 miles

I think they got me confused with Scott Jurek or the Iron Cowboy.

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3. What was mom’s favorite race?

Avery: Boston!

Lukas: Boston!

Ouch. It should have been my favorite race. While they were having fun riding the T and hanging out at the Aquarium, I was having the worst day of my life.

4. Why do you think your mom runs?

Avery: Because she likes it.

Lukas: She has too much energy and needs to burn it off.

Yes! They know me well.

5. What injuries has mom had from running?

Avery: Foot

Lukas: Foot

They don’t remember the others. Just the latest and longest. Probably because I’ve been dragging them to PT with me twice a week for what seems like forever.

6. Do you like going to mom’s races?

Avery: Yes! I get to see her run.

Lukas: Yes! I like the food at the after party.

I’m not sure why Avery didn’t say the food too. Their #1 priority post race is eating my food.

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7. Have you learned anything from having a mom who runs?

Avery: Yes. Running.

Lukas: Yes. If you run you should bring vitamins and food.

Not sure what either response meant. And I’m quite positive I’ve never mentioned vitamins and running in the same sentence to Lukas.

8. Does having a mom who runs make you want to run?

Avery: Yes!

Lukas: Yes! I want to run with you because I miss you.

Good answers!

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9. What’s your least favorite thing about having a mom who runs?

Avery: Running

Lukas: Running


10. Do you think you’ll run when you are your mom’s age? And how old do you think your mom is? (37 btw)

Avery: Yes. She’s 30.

Lukas: Yes. She’s 60.

One brings my ego way up and the other brings it way down.

How would your kid(s) answer? Go find out!

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  1. I will definitely have to ask my kiddo these questions! Too cute! I know he thinks I’m 20 because it came up at my birthday last week. When I told him that I was actually 37, his response was “wow that’s a lot”. Gotta love the things kids say ๐Ÿ™‚
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  2. Priceless! BTW, my husband used to bring our kids to all the races when they were younger, they liked excitement and post-race goodies. At austin marathon one year, I”m coming out of the finisher’s chute and they are approaching me — all three kiddos, probably 5, 8 and 10 and the time were guzzling Red Bulls. My husband didn’t really know what they were . . . maybe just like a coke he said . . . and they were free. That was not a fun walk back to the car, they were crazy.
    Jennifer F recently posted..Summer Perfect Partner Watermelon WOD #LivingOnTheWedgeMy Profile

  3. Oh, I love this!! Your kiddos are so adorable!
    Yes, I am definitely going to do this! My kids get so excited about running, so I am curious to find out what they say ๐Ÿ™‚

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