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On Saturday I ran 16.5 miles.

It’s been over a year since I’ve run that many miles and spent that much time on my feet. When you haven’t done it in awhile, you forget about how much can happen during those 2 hours of running.

It’s a lot of time to have a lot of thoughts.

My thoughts on a long run are usually all over the place. Some are quite wacky. Thankfully, I had company for 11 of those miles which made a world of difference and was quite marvelous (thanks for the link up Katie)! But still, even with company, I find I have random thoughts that pop into my head. I try to keep the crazy thoughts from spewing out when running with friends. But sometimes, when it comes out, it makes for some really interesting conversations!

And apparently, I am really into numbers/countdowns/lists lately. Just another thing I think about on a long run…

Here are 16 random thoughts from a long run:

1. 16 miles…I can do this!

2. Oy! I feel achy and stiff. How am I going to get through 16 miles like this?

3. Remember – Never base a run on the first mile…or 2.

4. Why did I pick the route with all the mega hills?

5. I’m feeling good! I could run for miles.

6. It’s really hard to run, chew, breathe and carrying on a conversation all at the same time.

7. Cyclists! I wish I was on a bike right now. Lance Armstrong…I’m still mad at him.

8. There’s a chipmunk. There’s another. And another. Why are there so many chipmunks? Do chipmunks attack people?

9. The water is so pretty!

10.On an out and back route – Yay! Time to turn around. Boo. I have to go back the way I came.

11. I should run an ultra.

12. I will never run an ultra.

13. Ugh…hello driver! Pay attention to the road not your phone! You F*ck#&g Idiot!

14. What’s up with my IT band? Should I stop and stretch? I’m almost done.

15. Seriously, up hill with one mile to go? I want to walk. But I shouldn’t. Yes, I should. No! Keep running. Maybe I should stop? It’s only one mile?

16. Done! I’m off to sit in a cold kiddie pool. That wasn’t so bad. I could run at least another 10 miles right now.

What are your thoughts from a long run?


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  1. Your thoughts seem very cohesive compared to mine!! HA HA HA!!! No seriously, I think the same thing about drivers, any aches or pains, and of course get that “runner’s high” when I think I can run at least another 20 miles. Luckily, I never make distance decisions based on that!
    Congrats on 16. That is a BIG number my friend!!!
    Allie recently posted..If No One Shows Up, Do You Still Win?My Profile

  2. Love the randomness. I think lots of bizarre things on long runs. I also do a lot of math. Like, I’ll try to take license plate numbers and figure out how to get all the numbers to work together. It’s a weird habit that started during high school cross-country races. I never consciously decide to do it; it just happens!
    Alexis Teevens recently posted..Workout Recap 7.7-7.13My Profile

  3. Hehe love it! SO happy for you, 16.5 (that .5 makes a big difference πŸ˜‰ ) is a huggggee run, and you are well on your way back. I ran 16 yesterday, so I know how far that is….my legs were shot by the end……shows how much the body learns to adapt. The random thoughts…I am gonna show this to a friend who asked me the other day what I think about on runs…..and then when I told him, he said, “what about the other 50000 seconds?” haha. Now he can see….lots of randomness!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Adapting to Weather Changes: Running in the WindMy Profile

  4. Ha, love the running thoughts! I often get startled by squirrels and then they just watch me. I think that they are going to attack me ha! My running thoughts usually include ” Will this person hear me if I make more noise with my feet?” Yesterday I stated a man on the trail pretty bad, whoops! Awesome job on your super long run!!
    Heidi @ Idlehide recently posted..Spartan Race, a Long Run and a Baby ShowerMy Profile

  5. This made me smile πŸ™‚ I relate to all except #16 I don’t think I’ve ever thought after two hours, I could run more lol Great job on the run!
    Karen recently posted..Run NakedMy Profile

    1. I know of some people who dedicate each mile to a person, problem, etc. That would definitely keep me occupied especially since I’d be trying to remember what or whom I was supposed to think about!

  6. LOL love it. Saturday I had some grand thoughts of running 14 miles, this was around mile 2. Then around mile 5 I thought oh ok, I could probably do 12. By mile 8 I was thinking about calling Jason to come pick me up! I stopped my Garmin immediately at mile 10! Oh and 30 minutes into the run I started to panic about a full – how was I going to possibly run another 3 1/2 hours???!!! WTH was I thinking?

    1. I don’t even try to think about having to run xx more for a full marathon when out on a long run. It freaks me out way too much!

  7. Oh wow that is a long run!! 3.1 miles is still killer for me…but sure if I could do that! I would def. be having some random thoughts if I tried, lol!!

  8. Ha! I love this. At times I think I am going crazy with all my randomly weird running thoughts and then I read about other people having similar thoughts and feel so much better :)!!!!
    I love that how during the last bunch of miles you feel like you are never going to do this again and then as soon as you are done you are planning your next one…I am the same way with races. Mile 10 of my last half I was very seriously questioning my sanity…I am not a professional, never going to Olympic qualify….why am I doing this?!…as soon as I am done….when is the next race I can find close and that works with my schedule…every time :)!!!!
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  9. I’m dying. I have all of those same thoughts as well. Just add in some fussing about my shirt or a random hair that’s tickling my arm.

  10. Your thoughts most definitely remind me of what I used to think about when I could run! I can’t anymore and miss it tremendously, but I’m pretty sure my thoughts while on the stairmaster and/or during biking are pretty aligned with yours! lol! Your too funny!
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  11. I’m sort of a geek and spend lots of time playing with the numbers in my head during a run – I break everything up and then try to test my memory. It is a pretty big help for me:)
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