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I’ve got lots of random thoughts swirling in my head currently so I’m going with Amanda’s Thursday theme.

1. I’ve been meeting a lot of new people these past two weeks with my kids’ new school. One thing I’ve noticed? A lot of weak handshakes. What’s up with that? I’m not looking for a bone crushing grip but give me a little bit more than a limp noodle. A handshake says a lot about a person. Do you want to be remembered as the limp noodle?

2. My kids started Kindergarten yesterday. Five days a week. Seven hours a day. I thought for sure I’d be a crying mess at drop off. But there wasn’t any tears from anyone. They were so cool and nonchalant about it all. And then they were completely exhausted at the end of the day. Today, I’m enjoying my first day all alone. What to do first???

3. We had a substitute teacher in yoga class last Sunday. He talked about the correlation between your posture and your life. When you have good posture, your life follows. If you walk around with slumped shoulders, you usually feel pretty cruddy. He said it much better than me but when I started thinking about it, it’s so true.

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3. On Tuesday I had the polar opposites of customer service. Stitch Fix is doing it right. I shrunk one of my favorite shirts from them (that I got months ago, btw) and they offered to exchange it (they didn’t have my size) or give me a refund. How awesome is that?Β  But then Pottery Barn Kids ruined my high. I had ordered my kids’ school backpacks two weeks ago. The shipping date was supposed to be 8/24. They arrived 9/1. I was in a panic that my kids’ wouldn’t have a backpack for the first day of school! Then they didn’t do the monogramming that I paid extra for (and was still charged). And then my daughter’s pack is stained. All I got from customer service was a credit for the monogramming. Thanks PBKids. You lost a customer.

4.Β I’m so confused about what is going on with my foot/ankle injury. I’ve had so many coworkers/friends/physical therapists/random people comment on what the treatment plan for my new diagnosis (or even if that is the correct diagnosis) should be, that my head is spinning. I know the foot is a complicated mix of teeny tiny bones and tendons but why can’t I just have a for sure diagnosis and fix it already. Β I’m frustrated and my poor physical therapist got an ear full when I had my eval on Tuesday.

5. One thing I really dislike about September? That it is busy. Really busy. It seems like everyone tries to cram 3 months worth of activities in 30 days because we were “kicking back” during the summer. Can’t we just ease into things rather than jumping in over our heads?

6. Everyone is talking about Periscope. Are you on it? If so, leave your handle in the comments and I’ll follow you. I need another social media platform like I need a hole in my head BUT I’m intrigued by it. I signed up but have yet to broadcast anything. Maybe I’ll do my first one today? What should I talk about? You can search for meΒ  @HappyFitMama.

7. Is it Friday yet?

What are you thinking about right now?

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  1. I’m on Periscope, but haven’t gotten comfy with using it just yet… I’m @runmama2girls. I may already follow you. I’ll check.

    Thanking about right now….I get to run this morning. For one minute. Which is one minute longer than I’ve run in the past 7 weeks. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this. πŸ™‚
    Jamie @ Rise.Run.Mom.Repeat. recently posted..Skirt Sports Virtual Boobie RunMy Profile

  2. Ha – what is with people and their whimpy handshakes? I’ve studied and learned a lot about people’s handshakes – I used to be a massage therapist. Usually the weak handshakes have very tight muscles. πŸ˜‰ Also, I’m on periscope (@atravelinwife) but never broadcasted. I heard to wait until 100 followers. Not sure why but I’m waiting…
    Jenn – a traveling Wife recently posted..Gluten-free Puppy Chow RecipeMy Profile

  3. I signed up for Periscope a few weeks ago and had NO idea what it was or what it was about but I jumped in and I love it! I’m @LSFblog.

    Also…I am with you on the weak handshakes! I cannot stand them and they feel a little gross in my hand, if that makes sense!
    Kelly @ Laughter, Strength, and Food recently posted..This or ThatMy Profile

  4. I hate weak handshakes! Like, I’m sure that I get a weird/disgusted look on my face when it happens. Customer service reps totally have the ability to brighten or ruin my day (why do I let them??). It is amazing how interaction with people can do that. I’m glad that the first day got off without a hitch!
    Happy almost Friday!
    Heather@hungryforbalance recently posted..The Liebster Award: Who am I?My Profile

  5. Posture really is so important and affects your brain more than you realize! I figured this out competing on balance beam in gymnastics years ago, yet I forget it all the time. Just another reason to love yoga.

    Congrats on surviving the first day of school! I’ve actually become more nervous than I was when my first started kindergarten. It was such a relief back then to have a break I think, now that I’m past that I worry more.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted..First Day of School Nerves Plus Seeing Yourself in Your KidsMy Profile

  6. I’ll admit it – I’ve never heard of Periscope! It does look very intriguing though, so I’ll be checking it out very soon.
    My daughter just started Jr. High! School zipped by in a blink. I do enjoy September though, getting back in to a routine. However, every weekend is soccer and cross country, so I’m looking forward to resting in October!!
    Friday is almost here!!
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted..Awesome stuff Wednesday!My Profile

  7. I feel ya on the handshakes…and customer service. PB lost me 10+ years ago and I am sorry to hear they’ve not improved. One of my faves…Copco. I recommend them to everyone based on customer service. Good products, too! If/when I get my butt in gear to start blogging for real, I’m gonna hit them up. I’d love some free stuff, of course, but I just really want to support a good company πŸ™‚

  8. I always greet the parents of the kids I see in my clinic with a handshake. And wimpy handshakes make me cringe. Does wimpy handshake = wimpy parenting style? Seems so…

    I’m resisting Periscope. I don’t want to watch videos, nor do I want to film myself. Ugh.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted..Staying on trackMy Profile

    1. Well, it was my first day of free time and all I did was run around and didn’t accomplish nearly everything I wanted. So that hasn’t changed at all!

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  10. Yea, I was the same way when I dropped my son off at Kindergarten last year…I felt like a bad mom for about a minute πŸ˜‰ I’m on Periscope but I haven’t broadcasted yet either, I’m a LOT intimidated by it! I have no idea what to say! I’m @suzy399

  11. My daughter starts Kinder on Tuesday! My son starts 3rd grade and the baby starts preschool! I’m a mess already! πŸ™‚
    At the same time I am excited to have the morning to myself – run, start dinner, run errands, ect. ect.
    I am on Periscope!! @Natrunsfar
    It is kind of weird at first, but I think of it as having a conversation and then it’s not bad at all. Let us know when you broadcast so we can support!!
    Natalie recently posted..Siggi’s Yogurt Giveaway!!My Profile

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