The Power of a 30 Minute Workout

The power of a 30 minute workout }

You’ve got 30 minutes to workout. What do you do?

Do you:

A) Bag the whole idea of a workout because what’s the point.

B) Get your butt moving because a great workout is about to go down.

C) None of the above.

If you picked B., then congratulations!  You are one smart cookie. There’s definitely some serious power in the 30 minute workout.

Thirty minutes is plenty of time to get a great, sweaty, endorphin-boosting workout. Let’s be honest, moving in general, for no matter how long of time, is a good idea.  And at this time of year when the holidays are in full effect with a jam packed schedule, you squeeze in a workout whenever you can.

I make time for a workout because sweat is my sanity saver. I may not always have 60 or 90 minutes to squeeze in a workout but I always have 30 minutes. And I’m sure you do too.

Here’s five 30 minute workouts to get your sweat-induced kick for the day.

Disclaimer: I am not your physician, physical therapist, coach or personal trainer.  Please see a specialist before attempting a new to you workout.

30 minute stepmill climb |

 jumpin' workout |

easy workout |

 race pace workout |

*You can easily modify this to the time you have available by only repeating 1x or shortening the cool down.

30 minute all in one workout |

Now you can enjoy the power of the 30 minute workout.

Let me know if you try any of the workouts.

What do you do if you’ve only got 30 minutes for a workout?

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  1. I thought the pacing in this was perfect. I was looking for a relaxing yet challenging workout–one that made me sweat while also diminishing my stress levels. This was perfect.

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