The ‘No Boredeom’ Treadmill Workout

I had hoped to run outside but the kiddos had their 18 month checkup first thing this a.m.  I’m not an afternoon runner so it was just me and the treadmill at 5:30.  Before we had kids I had a workout room.  My treadmill and all my workout toys were in that room.  I also had space to do yoga in front of a big mirror.  Now it’s a spare bedroom/playroom soon to be all playroom once we get the bed out and everything painted.  So now my treadmill is in the basement.  It’s not a pretty setup but I can tolerate it if I pay attention to distance rather than time.  Here’s what I did today:

First 3 minutes were a warm up @ 3.5-4.0/0%

After 3 minutes I started running at 6.5/0%.

Increase speed 0.1 every tenth of a mile(0.1, 0.2, 0.3 etc) for the first mile.

Second mile –  decrease speed to 6.8 and incline raises to 1%.  This is the incline mile.  I increased the incline 0.5% every tenth of a mile to end at 5.5%.  Speed was constant at 6.8 mph.

Third mile  – Decrease incline to 1%, increase speed to 7.0.  Repeat increase of 0.1 every tenth of a mile to finish at 7.9 mph.

Fourth mile – Decrease speed to 7.5/1%.  Run at constant speed/incline for a half mile.  At 4.5 miles increase speed to 7.8/1%.  Finish last 0.20 miles at 8.2/1%.

Cool down at 3.0-2.5 mph.

Total mileage: 5 miles + warm up and cool down.

I just made this workout up as I went along.  My legs felt really good so I was able to push the speed a little more.  Happy running!

Here’s some pics of the kiddos post doctor’s appt.  They hate the first part of their checkups.  It must be something about getting stripped naked and having to sit on a scale and then having to lay down on crinkly paper to have your height measured.  There were lots of tears.  By the time the nurse practitioner came in, they were both smiling and showing off their skills.  Good checkup and we don’t have to go back till June for their 2 year visit.  Hopefully everyone will be healthy enough to make it that long!

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