The Lesser of Two Evils and Workouts Galore!

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Last night before I went to bed, I had a big internal debate. Do I run on the treadmill in the morning or do I do a double stroller run?  Hmmm?  Which would be the lesser of two evils? Last weeks stroller run was not fun at all. I feel like my form is horrible and I’m drowning in quicksand with the stroller. Uncomfortable to say the least. No brainer, the treadmill won.

Since I’m planning on doing my 10 mile run on Saturday this week, I mixed up my training schedule. Today I did speed work. Wednesday and Thursday will be easy pace 3-4 mile runs. I usually do an easy run on Friday but I thought I’d give my legs a little rest before Saturday. Here’s what I did for speed this morning:

Looking for some workout ideas?

Here’s a few to inspire and get you to MOVE!

Bikini season is right around the corner! Are you bikini ready?  Head on over to Breathe Magazine for my Get Bikini Ready! Part II – Strength Training. Click here if you missed Get Bikini Ready! Part I – Cardio.

Check out Lindsay’s List for another edition of Tuesday Trainer. This week we are doing Tabata workouts. High intensity fun in a short amount of time! Perfect for those busy days when you are short on time but want a full body workout.

 Last week Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean posted a request for FitFluential Ambassadors to submit their All-Time Favorite Workouts. If you need some inspiration and ideas check out this impressive list including my favorite Tabata Treadmill Workout.

Questions of the Day

If you had to pick, what which would it be – treadmill run or 75+ pound double stroller run?

What’s your favorite all time workout? Post it in the comments for everyone to be inspired!

5 comments on “The Lesser of Two Evils and Workouts Galore!

  1. I would go with treadmill, simply because I feel like my form is out of control when I have to push that thing, and my risk of injury is through the roof – and with my two youngest it ends up being 100+ lbs! but, I would rather be outside than on the treadmill. Great speedwork! I’ve got mine tomorrow!
    Have a great day:)
    Katie @ msfitrunner recently posted..The Day I Climbed Kilimanjaro and SpeedWorkMy Profile

    1. I got the best of both worlds today – a great run on the treadmill and then later on we went for a walk to enjoy the beautiful day. Win in my book! Good luck on your speedwork tomorrow! Although I don’t think you’ll need it since you are super fast anyway!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Definitely the treadmill. Double stroller is over 100 pounds these days and I spend more time dealing with the little ones then concentrating on my run. If it is supposed to be an easy run then I will fight with the stroller but anything else is definitely the treadmill!!!

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