The Fountain of Youth

Friends, I have found the secret to the Fountain of Youth. It’s in the hips!

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to get a start on my version of a brick workout. It started with an easy 5 mile run followed by a heated power yoga class at Rasamaya. The two complimented each other perfectly. It was just my luck that the focus of the class was on hip openers. Carol, the teacher, had us doing pigeon, lizard, and even your own expression of the splits. My version is very, very modified. No splits for this girl. Maybe one day. The entire class was built up for a finale of Bird of Paradise. If you aren’t familiar with the pose, click here. I’m not as flexible as that woman (my leg will not even come close to straightening up like that) but I can easily bind and stand with a bent leg. One of my absolute favorite backbend poses is wheel. I feel so empowered every single time I do it.

My hips were very happy after class. Carol had just returned from a conference. The instructors for the week focused deeply on hip openers since they believe hips are the fountain of youth. It makes sense. Our society is a nation of ‘sitters.’ Therefore, where do we hold tension? Hips! Tension in the hips leads to back pain, improper gait, and bad circulation. We also hold negative emotions such as fear, guilt and sadness in the pelvis. When are hips are out of alignment in makes us look at least 10 years older, too. Who wants that? So that’s just a reminder for us to make a conscious effort to get up off our butts and move. If you have an office job that requires you to be seated all day, make an effort to get up and walk, stand or stretch every 30 minutes. Even Shakira knows that “Hips Don’t Lie.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Carol also mentioned that they were told you are considered a beginner in yoga until you have practiced for at least 20 years. Whoa! I guess I have awhile before I move up.

It’s time for another move to add to our Headstand Pose Challenge! To be totally honest, I haven’t been doing many inversions this week. Every time I attempt to hang upside down I’m gagging on yucky stuff from my cold. (Sorry for the TMI!). So rather than attempting a video and subjecting everyone to that nastiness, here’s pictures from a previous post of what the new additions are this week:

Bound Headstand Against a Wall

Tripod Headstand Prep

Hopefully my cold/allergies will be gone soon so I can get back into practice. I hope all of you that have signed up for the challenge have been practicing! Next week is the big finale to see if all our hard work has paid off!

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This week it’s all about balance. Something we ALL need more of in our life not just our workouts!

Question of the Day

Can you do the splits?

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  1. I’m gonna have to work on that tripod handstand prep, and have my husband tell me if I’m doing it right. Both poses, probably! But I do feel like I’m getting closer! I was able to kick myself up into one and hold is briefly last night, but I want to get there the “right” way, using my core.
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  2. Are you kidding me!!! That birds of paradise looks more like birds of H-E-double hockey sticks!!! Lol
    Maybe in my dancer days I could have dreamt of attempting that pose but no such luck at this stage in the game! Lol
    I haven’t tried the splits in a while but I used to have my left splits with out thinking. Now I’m sorta curious but I’m sitting in the trauma room at work and don’t think it’s an appropriate time to try ’em!

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