Go Red for Women + The Countdown Workout

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Today isn’t any old Friday. It’s Go Red for Women Day. Heart disease is the number one killer of women and more deadly than any form of cancer. In an effort to raise awareness, the American Heart Association started the Go Red campaign a few years ago.

Go Red for Women Red Dress - happyfitmama.com

Heart disease is near and dear to my heart (pun intended) since I work with cardiac patients daily. I don’t talk about my job that much on here due to patient confidentiality laws but it’s something that I feel strongly about. Don’t think heart disease is something that only happens as you get older. Over the years, the population that I see in rehab has changed dramatically. No longer is it only the 80 year old Grandpa or Grandma. I’ve seen patients in their 20s and 30s who are of normal weight, active and eat well. Know your risk factors and don’t deny your symptoms.

And for women, your symptoms may not be the typical movie chest clutching “I’m having a heart attack” signs. They can be:

  • Chest discomfort or pain
  • Pain in arm, neck, jaw or back
  • Stomach pain
  • Shortness of breath, nausea, or lightheadedness
  • Cold, clammy sweating
  • Fatigue with doing even little activity

I’m wearing red today for all women but also for a special blogger friend, Krysten. She’s having more surgery for her robot heart today…such a strong, inspiring woman. Best of luck to her and a speedy recovery!

The Countdown

These days I’m sticking with my plan of strength, yoga and cross training for optimizing my health and staying injury free. I do not want to be sidelined again even if it is 2 weeks! I’ve been in my workout “lab” (i.e. basement) cooking up some great workouts. Here’s one I did recently that left me sweating and feeling strong!

The Countdown Workout - happyfitmama.comThis workout is less than 15 minutes. Repeat countdown 2-3x times if you want more of a workout (or if your legs can handle it!).

Have a great weekend everyone! Apparently, I’m doing the Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler on Sunday. How did that sneak up on me???


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    1. You won’t believe the stories I hear from people (especially women) about how their heart attack happened. It really was the last thing that they thought was happening. I’m sure you can relate with your blood clot. Did you ever think that would happen? I know I wouldn’t!

    1. It really is something we all need to be aware of especially if you have a strong family history. You can’t change your genes but you can control other risk factors.

      Thanks for the luck! I don’t think it’s the cold…it may be snowing though!

  1. Great reminders! I was just reading yesterday about how to help prevent heart disease and luckily as fit women, we are on the right track to keeping it away. However it is so sad that so many women don’t know or care to take the steps to prevention. Eating healthy, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight are all so crucial in preventing this deadly disease. I wish more women would realize how serious and important it is to take care of themselves! Great workout too and good luck tomorrow! You are so awesome for running in the freezing cold like you do!
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