The Boot: Part III

The Boot: Part III |

“So what were you doing this time – Running Mount Washington?  Training for a 100 miler?”

“Ummm…I was walking to the bathroom”

That’s how the conversation I had with my orthopedic began yesterday. After getting the, “you’re all healed!” blessing just 3 short months ago, I was back in his office with an injury to that same foot.

And that’s how we got to The Boot: Part III.

I’m not a fan of sequels.

You can read all about Part I and Part II if you are interested in how I’ve been so lucky to have worn a boot three times.

Let’s back up a bit.  Since I started to feel a niggle in my left foot after Beach to Beacon, I had been in contact with the PT that I had worked with on my fibula stress fracture in the spring. I was freaking out that it was a stress fracture but he talked me down and reassured me that it sounded more like a tendon and gave me some nerve guide exercises to try.

Things were improving until two weeks ago when I rolled my ankle while walking to the bathroom while we were camping.  Since I’m special, I didn’t do an inversion roll.  I did an eversion.  What’s an eversion? Rolling your ankle inward rather than on the outside of your pinky toe. It’s very uncommon and usually involves some bones breaking in the process. Or so I’ve learned in the past week.

After the roll, my ankle swelled up but not too bruised.  It didn’t prevent me from hiking for two days after it.  About a week after I rolled it, I felt it was ok enough to try a run.  I could jump on it with no problems.  The run was ok, not great, but ok in that I didn’t have any pain during it.  Later in the day, my ankle began to swell up and ache.

Enter panic.

I got in touch with my PT again and he suggested I come in for an eval.  He wasn’t available but another PT was.

After checking my ankle out, the PT told me I needed to get an x-ray to be sure I didn’t have a fracture since the only place I was having pain was directly on the bone.

That was Thursday evening and I weighed my options.  If I went through my PCP, I’d have to pay a large amount for the x-ray to be done at the hospital. If I went to a walk in clinic, they would refer me to a specialist. I decided to go with my orthopedic since he could do an x-ray right away and I’d probably end up back with him anyway.

I lucked out getting an appointment with him for the following Tuesday. That left the whole holiday weekend to think about what was wrong with my foot and if I was going to end up with a cast, a boot or nothing at all. I could have laid low all weekend long, but I couldn’t do it.  So I walked and hiked and played on the beach.

I was a bundle of nerves all morning before my appointment.  Deep down I knew I wasn’t walking out of the office without something on my foot.

The Boot: Part III |

The good news is that I don’t have a fracture.

The bad news is that I have a low grade deltoid ligament sprain and I’m in the boot for 3 weeks (at least).

The deltoid ligament is a pain in the ass (my ortho’s exact words) to heal.  It is such a strong ligament, that typically the forces required to sprain it are much higher, sometimes it means more trauma to the foot occurred.  From what I’ve read, most physicians don’t hand out the boot for a Grade I sprain. But because my ortho knows me so well, he knew I’d need the boot to slow me down from doing too much, too soon. Like I said, I’m very special.

SO that’s where I’m at. In a boot for three weeks and back at PT. I had some big running and travel plans all set up for the next two months no it’s all a big question mark.

I’m having a severe case of deja vu.

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Anyone have any great post ankle sprain stories to share?



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  1. I don’t even know what to say- Im just so sorry! I guess a sprain is better that a fracture, right? I do feel like its way more common to have issues on the outside one the ankle, but mine always gives me trouble in the inside too. I wonder if its because of our post-tib injuries and maybe that area just isn’ as strong as it needs to be. Ugh, I hope this 3 weeks goes by quickly for you!

    1. I tried getting an answer from my ortho about if there’s a post tib connection and he said while they in proximity to each other, no, he doesn’t think it had anything to do with it.

  2. Oh Nooooooooo.
    And seriously that’s all I have because I don’t know in your shoes errr shoes and boot I would want someone to point out the Silverlining’s for me.

    When I was a kid, I had seriously weak (and quite pronated) ankles, and i would twist my ankle pretty regularly. The worst twist that I can remember was simply walking on our tile floor in our sunroom.
    Alex had the worst ankle roll, though–he landed on someone’s foot while playing basketball (recreationally) and popped off the majority of his ankle ligaments. It swole to a MASSIVE grapefruit with so much edema that you rest an eg in the indention you created with your thumb.
    Oh, and he didn’t have it properly checked out until nearly a year later and then had to have surgeries to repair it.

  4. Oh no! I’ve had two fibula stress fractures, peroneal tendonitis and several ankle sprains. The ankle sprain where I stepped on a lacrosse ball in 2014 while running full speed was by far the worse (there are pictures on my blog somewhere but I wouldn’t recommend looking them up because they’re pretty gross). After 6 weeks of rest, then gradual return with strengthening, range of motion and proprioception exercises I was good to go. Big hugs! The mental aspect of being injured is far worse than the injury itself.

    1. Yikes! You definitely have a record! I completely agree about the mental aspect. I was ready to bite off every person’s head yesterday who told me that I needed to stop running. Ummm…this injury isn’t from running!!!

  5. So sorry to hear you’re back in the boot! 🙁 At least 3 weeks isn’t too long and it’s not a fracture, just a sprain! I bet it’s still super frustrating!
    Fingers crossed this is the last time in the boot for you!!

    1. I’m all for a drinking retreat. Although I would probably hurt myself doing that too. In fact, that’s the reason why my ankles were constantly sprained in college.

  6. I am so, so sorry about this injury! Sprains suck. I have had two sprains – one ankle one that I didn’t treat right away and kept me out of running for months years ago, and then my foot sprain that triggered my PF (um, I probably should have listened to my doctor about my arch collapsing on that one). Sending you lots of hugs. Hopefully getting it in the boot will help with the healing. Heal quickly!

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