Thank You Running {Giveaway}

Thank you, running, for making me feel strong, healthy, euphoric and alive. |

It’s zero dark thirty when my alarm goes off. I quickly tap my phone’s screen to shut off the alarm as I swing my feet over the side of the bed. I reach my hands up over my head and stretch out the sleepiness. It’s time to run.

I quietly tip toe downstairs, avoiding the steps that creak so as not to wake anyone else. All of my running gear is waiting for me in the bathroom – Saucony Bullet Capri’s, Daybreak Long Sleeve, Freedom Jacket and my beloved Triumph’s. I quickly dress and begin my dynamic warm up. I laugh silently to myself – I’m doing a dynamic warm up in the bathroom. Since becoming a mother, I seem to do a lot of things in the bathroom that I never would have thought to do before!

Once I’m warmed up, it’s go time.

It’s still dark but not pitch black. The sky is clear. I know it’s the perfect morning for a beautiful run-rise. I know the exact route to take.

The first mile, I feel like my legs weigh a ton. With every step, it feels like my brain is bouncing around in my skull. Even after all these years, I still need to remind myself – never trust the first (or sometimes three) mile of a run.

At mile two, things perk up. I see two women running. We smile and do the courteous runner wave/good morning thing as we pass in opposite directions. I see that the sky is beginning to glow up ahead. My legs feel a little lighter. My feet pick up the pace. My mindset shifts to “It’s all good” mode. I feel good. Actually, I feel really good.

At mile three, I attack a hill knowing what is on the other side. A sweet downhill AND the sunrise money shot I had been hoping for. As I crest the hill, I’m greeted with the warmth of the rising sun on my face and all of it’s wonderful glory. I take a deep breath and let it all out in a sigh. This is one of the many, many reasons why I run.

Sunrise Run |

Thank you, running, for allowing me to see the dawning of a new day, doing something that makes me feel so strong, healthy and alive.

I pause my watch, set up my phone to capture a run-rise pic. Of course, I need a few different shots so I look like the crazy person running back in forth in front of my phone. Luckily, no one calls the cops on me.

I take one last glance at the sunrise before hitting the start button on my watch and continuing on towards home.

After almost 6 miles, the pep in my step is still there. As I come around the last corner before my house, I pick up the pace and do a fast finish. And then I run past my house because my watch hasn’t beeped yet for the mile marker. I can’t stop until it’s right at the mile mark! Just one of my little runner quirks.

The mile beeps and I slow to a walk as I turn around towards home. I feel strong, euphoric, accomplished and ready to run the rest of the day.

Post run jump for joy! |

Thank you running.

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As you guys know, I am a huge fan of Saucony. Their tag line is – Find Your Strong. We all have a strong inside of us. It’s what makes us who we are. It’s up to you to find it and to let it out.

Saucony wants to help you find your strong.

Here’s your chance to win ANY one piece of Saucony gear – YOUR CHOICE!

FYI – Their spring clothing line is AWESOME. Super cute and full of bright cheery colors to usher in longer days, warmer weather and more sunshine.

To enter, follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget.

Good luck!
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  1. YES! That sunrise is just amazing and I can so relate to pretty much everything you wrote – from getting dressed and warm-ups in the bathroom to not stopping until you reach that mile mark. Yep, we’re all crazy but in the best way!
    I love my Saucony bullet shorts and they have a great line of runner gear so thanks for the giveaway!!
    Allie recently posted..Questioning EverythingMy Profile

  2. I LOVE Saucony everything! Currently needing new shorts, so that’s what I’d pick ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. I bought the Siberius tights for this past winter and LOVE them! I would buy either capris or shorts. I need both!

  4. I run in Sauconys and would absolutely love another pair…or anything really, I just love Saucony and this post! Thanks for linking up ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wow that sunrise was beautiful! I need new clothes for upcoming races because I just feel like I gotta look cute to run fast ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I’m in love with my Saucony Triumphs and all things bullet related (capris and shorts!)- you can never have too many!

  7. I keep hearing the praises of the bullet capris, so I feel I must give them a try! but, I nice new bright spring shirt sure would be wonderful!

  8. This is a gorgeous letter and one that hit home for me. It’s best to start your day/run from a place of gratitude!

    I love Saucony, would be happy with anything!

  9. This is a lovely post! I adore Saucony gear. I would love love love a pair of the Saucony Scoot shorts – I have so much trouble finding longer shorts and these look perfect. Not to mention the amazing patterns!

  10. Your pictures are stunning – what a beautiful run! I love those runs that just overflow with gratitude and natural beauty. You know I’ve fallen quickly in love with Saucony! I’d want a pair of A6 to try for shorter workouts or another pair of bullet capris/shorts. Actually, I could just shop away on their whole spring line right now!

  11. I would love the scoot capri. Such fun colors and love that they feature a back zip pocket so I have room to carry race essentials.

  12. I’ll probably go for a pair of sneakers, but I can’t tell if they have removable insoles. Worst case scenario, I’ll get apparel.

  13. I love the Saucony theme of “Find your strong”. It’s a better message than what many social media outlets use.

  14. I have been drooling over the Bullet Capri’s for some time now–although it will be hard to choose!!

  15. Such an absolutely awesome post! Amen to all of that! It’s like no other feeling once you get to moving- it takes all of my stress away and bad vibes, too. It has helped me so much! I would definitely choose the Speed of Lite Jacket.. it sounds awesome!

  16. I would pick a new pair of sneakers. I’ve been wearing Saucony for over 10 years, and can always use a new pair

  17. I need some new running shorts now that it’s getting warmer, and their Bullet Tight Shorts look perfect!

  18. i could definitely use some running capri tights! love all the fun colors and patterns!

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