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Life After 26.2 Miles

It’s hard to believe that it’s been just one week since I ran the Vermont City Marathon. The first two days afterwards I was so sore! The worst DOMS I ever experienced.  It was quite comical to see all the other marathoners hobbling around on Monday around our hotel and in Burlington. I tried walking quickly after my son and was almost brought to tears! By Wednesday I was much better but my hamstrings and quads were still super tight. Finally by Thursday I was feeling human again. I credit all the walking I did immediately after the race back to our car (all up hill – Oy!) and the following two days while we were in Burlington. I also hit up the hotel pool and did gentle yoga poses to ease the tension.

So now that the marathon is over, what does life after 26.2 miles look like? Friday was the first day that I felt my body start to crave running again. I know my body needs rest after all the training I’ve done for the past 4+ months. The last time I took an extended break from running was in mid January. I don’t want to lose any of my fitness/endurance that I’ve gained but I don’t want to be injured either. Research shows that even though you may be ready to run again, the marathon has left damage on the cellular level and skeletal muscles that need rest to fully recover.  If that’s not reason enough, even elite runners take time off post marathon.

My right foot is still sore and not 100% so I’m laying off running for maybe another week or so. I’ll be hitting my bike, walking, strength training and getting back to my yoga practice (I’m trying out a new studio too!). Saturday morning I had a great ride down to the bay.

Early morning Bay - happyfitmama.comDuring the ride I started thinking about all the time I spent on my bike last summer after my knee injury. I’ve come a long way from there and I don’t want to go back anytime soon. If taking a couple weeks off from running helps, I’m doing it.

Last week I mentioned that I am now an ambassador for kindrunner.com.  Over the weekend their site finally launched and is now fully operational.

 KindRunner.com is different than other online retailers. Here’s some of their unique offers:

  • Confident Runner Pricing – An option presented upon checkout which rewards those who know exactly what they are looking for. This option waives the Free Return Shipping but offers the shoe at a below retail price. Shipping of product to customer is still free, as is the return shipping of donated shoes for Kindness Cash Rewards Program.
  • Free 3 Way Shipping – Free shipping of your order to you, free shipping of any returns for any reason, free shipping of your donated shoes back to us for re-purposing with Soles 4 Souls or The More Foundation Group.
  •  Kindness Cash Rewards Program – KCR are available to the customer after any footwear purchase (the idea behind this is to replace your old shoes with new ones, and keep the old ones out of the garbage, landfills, or ones closet… thus why it is available after footwear purchase). Upon receipt of their footwear order, customers have the option to place their old shoes into the KindRunner shipping box and place the pre-paid return label on the box for shipment back to us.  Upon receipt of the label, we will scan the bar code and place the KCR onto the customers account for future use.  Each return label (whether it contain one pair or 4 pairs of shoes) is worth $10 KCR per new shoes purchased (5 pairs purchased on that order, you can earn up to $50 KCR) or credits towards future purchase. The KCR can be used to purchase ANYTHING that kindrunner sells and will never expire.
  •  Expert Product Reviews –  Each and every product comes with an expert product review video on the same page that the product is listed on.  These videos are done by individuals who have worked in the running industry for a number of years either as shoe reps, store owners, or expert shoe fitters at one of the oldest running stores in the nation. We bring the knowledge of your neighborhood specialty run shop to the comforts of your own home!
  •  Easy 365 returns – A customer has 365 days to return any product, so long as it is in its original packaging and in its original condition.  If you are injured and unable to use the shoe, if your doctor wants you in a different model because of orthotics, no worries… no questions asked!
  • You could win Free Socks for Life to the first 500 customers! Each time one of our first 500 customers returns and purchases a new shoe their order will ship with a free pair of socks of their choice from our sock inventory.  As long as this customer continues to run, they will continue to get socks from kindrunner.com!

Pretty cool perks for just ordering shoes that you would have bought anyway. I think I need to do some shopping asap!

Running Shoes Heart - happyfitmama.com

For all the latest on KindRunner:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/kindrunner
Twitter: https://twitter.com/beAkindrunner
Instagram: http://instagram.com/beakindrunner
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kindrunner

KindRunner did not compensate me for this post. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are completely my own.

Do you embrace rest periods?

May 2013 in Review

Happy Friday everyone! Even though it was a short holiday week it felt extremely long to me. I need the weekend to catch up on sleep and day to day things around the house. Plus, summer finally decided to show up in NH. Crazy that it was wicked cold just a few days ago with temps in the 40s. Bring on the warmth!

Last month I totally dropped the ball in reviewing the month of April. I’m back on track with May. While looking over posts from the month, I noticed that I didn’t do any recipes or workouts. I haven’t really been too inspired to experiment in the kitchen lately and with tapering for the marathon, I was laying low. Hopefully I be back at it in June.

Here’s some of my favorite posts from the month:

What’s Beautiful?

What's Beautiful - happyfitmama.comI joined this Under Armour campaign as part of being a FitFluential Ambassador. There are so many posts and teams out there that are a huge inspiration to me. My big goal was to finish VCM sub 4. Well that didn’t happen but I still have three more goals that I’d like to achieve. I’ll have more on that in the coming weeks.


TI SurfSet Fitness

TI Surfset Fitness - happyfitmama.comI had a blast trying out this new to me workout with fellow NH Blog & Tweet peeps. Such a great workout for your whole body. I can’t wait to go back and try it again!



Vermont City Marathon Recap

Vermont City Marathon - happyfitmama.comIt wasn’t pretty but I finished VCM. My head has been hanging low with disappointment in not reaching my intended goals but I’m beginning to see that just finishing is a big accomplishment in itself.


A few weeks ago I got my Another Mother Runner Boston remembrance shirt. I absolutely love it! I’m so glad I purchased one. AMR raised over $25,000 for the One Fund just from the sale of the shirts. Pretty awesome, huh?

Another Mother Runner Run shirt - happyfitmama.com

Have you tried Larabars new ALT bars? It’s their first bar with added protein in the form of PEAS! They recently sent me a pack of all the new flavors, Cinnamon Apple Crisp, Lemon Pound Cake, Peanut Butter Cookie and Pumpkin Pie.

Larabar ALT bars - happyfitmama.com

The little goodie packaged arrived just in time for our trip to Michigan. We all enjoyed a sample of each bar while flying high above in the sky. Of course my favorite was the peanut butter cookie (nut butter addict) but the lemon pound cake was a close second. All were excellent! My only complaint is that there is brown rice syrup in each one. Nonetheless, still delicious!

Overall, May was a good but busy month. June is looking to be a much calmer  that hopefully will be full of warm summer weather and days at the beach.

What was the highlight of May for you?

What a Weekend!

Hey friends!

Thanks for all the support on yesterday’s marathon recap! I sincerely appreciate every single comment. When I was writing the post I had much more to include about the whole weekend but I wanted that one to be entirely about the race. Now I can tell you the rest of the story…

What I didn’t include in yesterday’s post was that the whole weekend was one fiasco after another. Rather than tell the whole story I’ll do it with bullet points.

  • My little guy, L, was sick the whole weekend with a cold/cough/fever. I was the lucky one who got to sleep with him on Saturday night. He slept horribly and was up almost every hour which meant I was too. If you have ever slept with a toddler in your bed, you know that it’s full of kicks and squirms all night long. I felt horrible that he spent Sunday morning hanging out waiting for me to run the marathon. He was one cranky little guy the whole weekend.
  • Sunday morning on the way to the race our car’s suspension coil spring broke. Thankfully it didn’t puncture the tire and it didn’t happen the day before on the freeway. Of course it was a holiday weekend so that meant no garages would be open till Tuesday. We had planned on leaving Monday but extended it to Tuesday with hopes that our car could be fixed in one day. Nothing like an added $800 bonus to our trip!

suspension coil - happyfitmama.com

  • Our car got fixed on Tuesday and we were VERY ready to head home. We were about 10 miles outside of Burlington when I noticed that my daughter’s beloved stuffed cat, Chloe was missing. We had to turn around and retrace our steps from that morning. Thankfully we found her – on the side of the highway!!! All limbs were still intact. Just a little bit dirty. Phew…that was a very close call!

Pre Vermont City Marathon - happyfitmama.comThat’s Chloe on A’s lap at the race on Sunday.

  • Lastly, we were about 10 minutes away from home when L said he was achy. Next thing I knew he was throwing up all over himself. Poor little guy got car sick!

Soooo….as you can tell it was a rather eventful weekend. A marathon gone bad, car repairs, missing stuffed cats and vomit. Welcome to my crazy world! :)

With all of our travels and events lately, I haven’t been able to share with you all that I am now a KindRunner Ambassador! I love everything this program stands for.

In their own words here’s a little bit more about what KindRunner.com is all about:

“Kindrunner is the only place on the web where runners can trade in their old running shoes for new shoes.  Runners receive ‘Kindness Cash Rewards’ for every shoe they send to us. In turn, we give those old shoes to our shoe donation partners, including Soles 4 Souls and the More Foundation, to benefit people in need. What we are looking to do is to take shoes that would normally go into landfills or in someones closet and re-purpose them, give them to someone who would greatly value them.”

Check out this video to find out more.

Their website officially launches on Saturday, June 1st. Till then, find more info about kindrunner.com on any of their social media outlets.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/kindrunner
Twitter: https://twitter.com/beAkindrunner
Instagram: http://instagram.com/beakindrunner
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kindrunner