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Skirt Sports 10 on 10 Virtual Run

I’m a huge fan of the running skirt.

It’s odd but I only seem to wear them during a race. It’s like I’m “dressing up” for the big show. I can be girly yet kick some serious butt…or at least try to.

I didn’t know this till recently but the running skirt is turning 10 years old! It all started on September 12, 2004, when Nicole DeBoom won Ironman Wisconsin wearing her original running skirt prototype. Three days later using her winnings, she launched Skirt Sports, Incorporated.

In honor of this milestone, they are hosting a Skirt Sports 10 on 10 Virtual Run.

Participants can choose between a 10K or 10-mile option. There are three options for entry into the race–with each you will get:

  • Skirt Sports gift certificate ($50, $100 or $250)
  • Choice of special finisher’s award (including skirts or a performance tee). If you register before August 24, your tee-shirt will read “Finisher.”
  • Lucky #10 race bib
  • Awesome sponsor swag
  • Weekly training plan and exclusive newsletter with tips, advice and other fun stuff!

If you refer a friend to register for the race (they must enter your name and email in the registration form), you can earn an extra $10 gift certificate to Skirt Sports!

To top it all off, not only do you run the 10 on 10 Virtual race, but your entry pays it forward to other women who are starting down their paths toward a running life. Each entry benefits the Skirt Sports Kick Start program, where beginner runners are partnered up with running mentors, who have found strength and courage through running and want to pass it on.  Please read more about this amazing program here.

Ready to join? As a reader of Happy Fit Mama, you can sign up for the Skirt Sports 10 on 10 Virtual Run using the discount code 10on10ImIN for 10% off!

Do you love to rock the skirt on a run?

Disclaimer: I will receive an item of clothing from Skirt Sports in exchange for sharing this information. Any opinions are 100% my own. I love a good cause and a good skirt!

High Five Friday

Let’s slap some skin for High Five Friday!

5 from instagram 71814  happyfitmama.com1. You know it’s summer running when your shins are sweaty. Soupy runs were what I ate for breakfast all week.

2. Caprese Quinoa Bake – so gooooood! I used THIS recipe as a reference but mostly did my own thing.

3. Sunrise or as I like to call it RUNrise.

4. Pleasantly surprised when a Starbucks barista popped out of nowhere while I was shopping at Target. It’s like she knew I was craving an iced coffee. Of course, I got a larger size upon leaving the store. Well played Starbucks. Well played.

5. The light at the top of the hill. This is the view from a portion of the big ass hill I’ll be climbing at the end of next weekend’s 10k race. That’s just cruel to have the finish line at the top of a hill!

5 Things

1. VOTE – I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of vote for me pleas for people hoping to make the cover of Runner’s World. This is a plea for my friend Sarah. She deserves to be on the cover because she’s a real runner who has tremendous love of the sport and her family. She’s doing amazing things for CHaD (Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth) all in the name of her son. She’s an inspiration to me and so many others. Just click HERE and vote away!

2. This infographic is mind blowing! Would you want to climb the world’s tallest building 19 times or run a marathon?

How Long is a Marathon?

3. Nude Racing – Would you ever? Ummm…no thank you. It just sounds painful and would probably make my eyes bleed.

4. 22 Kick-Ass Kettlebell Exercises – I’ve been getting back into using my kettlebell more often. It’s such a versatile piece of equipment that you can use anywhere. Just make sure your kids or dog doesn’t get in the way. Ouch!

5. Romance for Athletes – This is just too fun. Read it, laugh and love it! She spotted him in line at the port-a-potties…

What would you like to high five today?