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High Five Friday

high five friday with good links from the week link up and share your own! happyfitmama-com

Happy High Five Friday!

I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to an awesome weekend. I’m quite bummed that the trail race I had planned on running on Sunday was cancelled. I don’t know the reason. It’s the second race locally this past week that has pulled the plug the week of the race. What’s up with that? Not cool. Not cool at all.

5 Good Things to Read

Those We Run With, To and For – If Kristin Armstrong wrote it, you know it’s gotta be good. Read and shake your head YES! throughout.

Glittering Giants of the Canadian Rockies – This post on the KUHL blog from Nicole made me think of the trip of a lifetime my family took back when I was 8. We spent the summer traveling across the northern US, Canada and up to Alaska. We actually went inside glaciers during portions of the trip and saw amazing sights that I will never forget. Those sights are still ingrained in my brain 30 years later.

Do Something That Scares You – I always think of lululemon bags when I hear that phrase but it really is true. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something that scares the pants off of you. What do you have to lose?

A Poetic Tribute to Those Early Risers – Love Sarah’s latest post (a poem!) for Women’s Running. I haven’t been running in the early morning for the past couple of weeks but I’ve found some potential new running buddies. Hallelujah for the Sisterhood of the Early Risers!

Dear Men…Take the Photo – I take a lot of pictures for the blog and of life in general. But in reality, I’m not in a ton with my kids. I’m usually behind the camera/phone. After reading this post, I realized I need to be in more pics. So Ron, take the photo please.

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!


  1. Fall is in the air. And on the trees. And on the ground. It seems so early and I’m kind of afraid of what it means for the winter. The acorn situation and the squirrelly-ness of the squirrels in my backyard has me thinking it’s going to be a hard winter. Fingers crossed Old Wives Tales are wrong!
  2. I had a blast running 7 miles of trails with my friend Jess (and she’s also my massage therapist!). I was a little afraid of where she was going to take me after hearing her tales of basically making her own trails most of the time. Thankfully, no bushwacking was needed and I got to see an area I’ve never been before.
  3. Last weekend we went to The Caterpillar Lab to see some amazing creatures. It was so cool to see all the varieties. There were even some that looked just like sticks. The kids loved it. Although one kiddo had nightmares that night. He thought his bed was infested with caterpillars! Lol.
  4. Hills. Hills. Hills. I can’t believe I used to run away from hills. This stretch is a crazy long lung burner but is so awesome for building strength. You see a hill. I see an opportunity!
  5. Mid day sunshine filled runs have been my thing this week. With how dark it’s been in the morning, my mind has paralyzed me with fear. Fingers crossed I can meet up with some new sunrise chasers next week!

4 Quick Post Run Yoga Poses

Stretch it out and keep injuries at bay with these 4 super quick post run yoga poses. happyfitmama-com

I love running. That’s a fact.

I love yoga. That’s a fact.

But 9 times out of 10, if I’m going to skimp on something when it comes to training or exercise in general, it’s going to be yoga.

That’s what happened during the month of August. Life got busy. My daily schedule got changed around every day and hitting my mat in a yoga class got pushed down on the priority list. Does that happen with a run? Never. #priorities. I’m not saying it’s right. That’s just what happens with me.

Near the end of the month, I could definitely tell that I had let my practice slip. My calves were balls of knots (even more than usual), I felt like I had shrunk 5 inches and my back was making creaking and cracking noises every time I twisted. Not good. Not good at all.

Especially for someone who is known to get injured more than the average runner.

So it’s September, the kids are back at school. The lazy days are gone. It’s time to get back on my mat habit.

After my first class back on my mat, I felt the marvelous difference. It was like I could breath again. My calves eased up. My back felt more supple. I could move my neck without any stiffness.

I can’t get to yoga class every single day but I can make the time time to do some yoga #everydamnday. It makes a difference. Trust me! So whether you choose to go to a yoga class or pop out some poses after your run, just do it.

Here’s 4 quick post run yoga poses that increase flexibility, speed up recovery time, and can get us to the finish line feeling strong and hopefully, happy.

downward facing dog | happyfitmama.com

Downward Facing Dog

This is my favorite pose to hit most of the major running players – feet, calves, hamstrings and back.

  • Start in a tabletop position, with hands below the shoulders and knees in line with the hips.
  • Tuck the toes, and send hips to the sky in an inverted V position.
  • Push heels toward the earth and pull chest into thighs. Don’t worry about touching your heels to the ground. That’s not the point!
  • Pedal feet out for five breaths, then still for another five breaths.

Standing Forward Fold | happyfitmama.com

Standing Forward Fold

This pose is great for relieving tension in the shoulders and lower back. It stretches the hamstrings too.

  • Standing tall, fold forward with a straight back.
  • Tuck your chin in toward your chest, relax your shoulders, and extend the crown of the head toward the floor to create a long spine, straightening your legs as much as possible.
  • Place your hands on the ground or grasp opposite elbows for a Rag Doll position.

Low Lunge happyfitmama.com

Low Lunge/Crescent Lunge

Stretch out the running power house muscles – quads, psoas and hips – with this lunge. It also stretches the difficult to reach tensor fasciae latae at the top of the IT band.

  • Start on your hands and knees.
  • Step your right foot between your hands into a lunge, keeping your right knee directly above your heel.
  • Keep your back knee on the floor or slowly lift your back knee off the floor. Press your back heel toward the wall behind you as you begin to straighten the back leg. Keep your spine long as you hold and breathe.

Legs up a wall | happyfitmama.com

Legs Up the Wall

You may want to take a seat after your run but try it from a different perspective. Stay in this pose for 3-5 minutes to allow the blood to rush back to the heart rather than pool in your lower extremities.

  • Sit close to a wall, lie back onto the ground, then scoot your buttocks as close to the wall as possible and send your legs up.
  • Rest with your arms by your sides.

What’s your favorite post run yoga pose?





High Five Friday

high-five-friday-september-9-2016-happyfitmama-comHappy High Five Friday!

What is it with holiday weeks? I swear this work week was way longer than 4 days. Friday couldn’t come fast enough.

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!

  1. Catch me if you can! This is by far one of my favorite places to snap a pic while out on a run.
  2. Trail pondering. Kailey and I did 8.6 miles of a new to us trail Monday morning. Things stayed interesting when a fellow runner spooked us when it looked like he had a black face mask on as he came running towards us. Dude. It wasn’t that cold! FYI – It was just a black hat. At the end of the trail we came up behind a man walking with a shot gun. He was a hunter but still. We turned around rather quickly and high tailed it out of there.
  3. “Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” – Oprah Winfrey -> YES!!
  4. Tighten up that ponytail! It’s go time!
  5. Running long seems so short with friends. 14 miles of chatting and random paces with Nicole on a Saturday morning.

5 Things

  1. Do You Know What to Do if Your Life is in Danger While on a Run – With the recent murders of 3 runners last month, safety while running is on everyone’s mind. This is a must listen!
  2. What I Really Wish I Would Have Said to the Teacher Who Called About My Child’s Behavior – Everyone’s thoughts are on back to school right now. This is totally awesome. Let’s acknowledge more good please!
  3. Things Fictional Runners Do That We Just Laugh At – Seriously. I always laugh at #1, #2, #6 and #7 – Can we get a runner on set please?
  4. 10 Ways to Raise Brave Girls – The thing with having boy/girl twins is that I see how differently boys and girls are at the same age. I try to encourage both of my kids to be brave and let them do their own thing. This -> “Bravery is learned. Build it into our girls’ hearts, brains and bodies now and we’ll raise a new generation of badass female forces”. YES!
  5. Runner’s World Half & Festival – Remember when I said had more race coming up in October. I’m headed to Pennsylvania for the Runner’s World Half & Festival October 14-16 as an influencer. I’ve been wanting to do this race for years so I’m quite excited. I’m registered for all 4 (!!!!) races – 3.8 trail on Friday, 5k and 10k on Saturday and Half on Sunday. I can guarantee I won’t be racing all 4. I was questioning if my body could handle all the mileage but hey – when in Rome Bethlehem – you gotta run ALL the races, right?!?! If you want to join me, you can get 10% off your registration with code HappyFitMamaBlog at checkout. It’s going to be crazy fun!


I want to keep the High 5 Friday love going so this week I’m starting High 5 Friday LINK LOVE! It’s a way for you to share a favorite post from the week so more eyes can see it. Please only share one post and make sure it’s related to running, fitness, health or a healthy recipe.

I hope you’ll link up and maybe find some new blogs to read. I know I’m always looking for more!