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High Five Friday

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Happy High Five Friday!

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!

1 ) Fall running splendor. The sickness is getting better every day. I felt well enough to test the running waters Thursday morning. I’m glad I stuck to the trails because the woods are stunning right now. Especially with the early morning light. Maybe yellow leaves are my new favorite?

2 ) Or maybe red leaves are?

3 ) It’s always fun to be a guest on a podcast. But even more fun when it’s your friend who is the host and you are sitting yogi style on her floor sipping tea. I could have talked for hours with Annie from Core Nourishment about running, yoga, and life. I’ll let you know when the episode airs. Until then, you should really check out her podcast!

4 ) Have you missed my gritty basement photos? It’s so freakin’ dark out in the morning now. I’m yearning for my sunrise runs from the summer.

5 ) Have I told you lately that I’m really loving the fall foliage right now?

5 Things

1 ) How to Raise a Strong Woman – There’s been a lot of talk about being a woman in today’s society lately. How can it not, when we have a presidential candidate who has no respect for a woman?  And we are on the cusp of potentially having the first woman president in the United States? We need strong girls to grow up to be strong women.

2 ) 23 Thoughts from 23 Miles – I think we’ve all had these thoughts while out on a long run. Tina shows that even Elite’s feel the same way.

3 ) What Finally Made Me Think Differently About My Body – Love this post from Jes about how pregnancy has changed her appreciation for her body.

4 ) Distance Running: Love Where You Are Today – Running is hard work. It takes time. The great thing about it though? You find that you are capable of so much more than you thought.

5 ) The Secret to Going Farther – A change in perspective in life and running (it’s funny how the two seem to parallel each other) always gives a fresh look at what you need to do to get it done. “Instead of trying to get it, give it away. Instead of pushing so hard, try pulling from the other side.”

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What would you like to High Five today?






Fall leaves lately... | happyfitmama.com

Lately…I’m coming out of the “sickness”. I spent all day Thursday and Friday in bed or on the couch. Most of Saturday was spent the same way. I don’t think I have watched that much TV in years. I also got hooked on an old show on ABC called Betrayal. I didn’t even realize it was from 3 years ago until I saw something about it being a throwback show. Now I can’t stop watching.

Lately…Yesterday I had my sinuses “adjusted” at the chiropractor. I have a standing monthly appointment and I mentioned that I had been sick. He then broke up some junk in my sinuses, did this weird gun thing on my upper chest and something with my lymph nodes. Whatever it was, it worked!

Lately…I miss running. Or really just being active. I’m feeling creaky and achy not from being sick but from not moving. No wonder people who don’t exercise feel like crap. I’m hoping to try for some time on the bike trainer and weights Wednesday morning. Fingers crossed. Seven days of no exercise makes Angela one cranky woman.

Fall running | happyfitmama.com

Lately…I’m thinking about running another half marathon before winter sets in. There’s one on my mind in 6 weeks. Maybe I’ll actually train for this one! Lol.

Lately…I’ve been thinking about 2017 goals. What do I really want – a marathon? But which one? And should I do spring or fall? And a coach. Who should I go with? I really like the idea of a local, in person coach. But there are so many other great coaches out there. What do you think?

Lately…I’ve been marveling at what blogging and social media has brought to my life. Who would ever thought that writing about things I love and sharing sweaty workout pics would give me opportunities to do amazing things and meet phenomenal people?

Little House on the Prairie | happyfitmama.com

Lately…I saw this book at the library in the children’s room and initially was going to read it to my kids. But first I’m reading it. Again. Thirty years later? Ron had no idea there were actual Little House on the Prairie books written by Half Pint. Ummm…yes! I guess they weren’t as popular with boys. Did anyone else love the books and the TV show as much as I did?

Lately…I‘m amazed at the things my kids say. When did they become so thoughtful and deep? And then the next minute so NOT thoughtful and deep.

Lately…The fall colors have been outstanding. I thought things were going to be blah after the late start but they have been spectacular.

Hiking with the family | happyfitmama.com

Lately…I’ve been thinking of my grandma. She’s my last living grandparent but isn’t too well, as in, any day now she may pass. She’s been one awesome grandma. I’ll always remember her famous chocolate chip cookies, making me special jell-o with fruit for all the holiday dinners (I was the picky kid who wouldn’t eat anything except jell-o), and instilling the love of “bumming” in me. She has a heart of gold and could talk to anybody and everybody she met. And she did. It would take forever to get through the grocery store with her!

Thanks for letting me do some Thinking Out Loud.

What’s been going on with you lately?

Off to Runner’s World Half & Festival


Hey guys!

I leave for Pennsylvania tomorrow for the Runner’s World Half & Festival. I’m a combination of nerves and excitement. I’m going for the Grand Slam – 4 races in 3 days. No big deal. The closest I’ve ever come to running that many races so close together was Reach the Beach. And even then, I had hours in between. I think the 5k and 10k back to back are going to be the hardest – mentally and physically.

I can guarantee I will NOT be racing all 4. Maybe I’ll feel the push to actually race one or two. I’m not going to even plan anything because, remember, it’s my year of being plan-less. Winging it is what I’m doing. Famous last words as I crash and burn, right?


In addition to all the races we’ll be running, there will also be events. Friday morning we are being treated to a November Project Pop-Up Workout (so excited for that!) followed up with the Altralympics. We’ll be competing as teams in Olympic style events. Altra is a sponsor of the RW Half – Get it now – Altra + Olympics = Altralympics. Later in the afternoon, we are running the 3.8 trail race. Sounds like an active day!


Speaking of which, Altra, I recently was sent a pair of their shoes. I’ve only tried Altra’s once before. I wasn’t too comfortable going to a zero drop shoe because of all my foot drama so I didn’t really give them too much of a chance. The latest pair that I received is the Torin 2.5. I’ve been reassured by Golden Harper, the founder of Altra, that my feet would be fine with these if I just took it slow in transitioning. I’ve worn them on walks but have yet to run in them. I do appreciate the wide toe box though. It’s nice to let the piggies do their own thing! I admit that I’m not ready to switch shoes. My foot is finally feeling good and I’m afraid of making it angry again. Maybe after this weekend I’ll give it a try on a few short runs.

We’ll also be treated to meals straight out of Run Fast. Eat Slow. I’m loving that cookbook but it will even better to have dishes out of it prepared by someone else. Things taste 10x better when someone else makes it. Don’t you think?


Saturday will hold the 5k and 10k races followed by all the presentations. I’m excited about Yoga for Runners and Dr. Metzel of Running Strong.

Of course, Sunday is the grand finale – Half Marathon!

If you want to follow along with all the fun, be sure to check me out on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll be sharing all weekend long!

Have you ever run back to back races? Any tips?