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Boston Marathon Training {Week 11 & 12}

Boston Marathon Training Week 11 & 12  happyfitmama.comTaper time has begun! I’m really taking this taper easy. I don’t want my knee to even be an issue in 20 days. Fingers crossed that it just needs a little down time.

SO here’s the rundown on the last two weeks of Boston Marathon training!

Week of March 16 – March 22 (48 miles)

Monday: 50 minute bike trainer, PT/core exercises, weights

Tuesday: 10 miler for my birthday (3+7=10) + 6 strides

Wednesday: Easy 5 miles, PT/Core exercises, full body weights

Thursday: 10 miles – 2 mile warm up, 3 at 1/2 marathon pace, 3 a little faster, 2 miles cool down. p.m. yoga

Friday: REST

Saturday: 18 miles – Boston Marathon preview run

Sunday: Easy 5 recovery miles, yoga

Week of March 23 – March 29 (43 miles)

Monday: 50 minutes bike trainer, PT/core exercises, weights

Tuesday: 10 miles – 2 mile w/u, 5 x 1 mile w/ 2:30 recovery in btw (7:40, 7:35, 7:35, 7:35, 7:30), 1. 8 mile c/d. p.m. yoga

Wednesday: Easy 5 miles, PT/Core, weights

Thursday: 10 8 miles – cut short because of knee pain at mile 6., p.m. yoga

Friday: REST

Saturday: a.m. yoga

Sunday: Eastern States 20 Miler

My peak week was definitely not as high mileage as I was hoping for. I really wanted a 22 miler but the logistics of the race (and my knee) just didn’t allow it. Oh well, the hay is in the barn, right? It’s time to rest up for the big show.

How’s your life in running/fitness right now?

Timex Ironman One GPS+


After what seems like an endless winter of miles upon miles of treadmill running, I am absolutely loving being out on the road again. I’m still forced to do some miles on the treadmill because of scheduling and child care issues, but for the most part it’s just me and the pavement.

What better way to welcome back spring and connecting with the road, than with a new GPS watch?

I’ve had my current GPS watch for a little over 3 years. I mostly use it for one thing – tracking distance. I love to just be able to step out my door and run. There’s no need to plan out my route to get xx miles. I can just wander wherever my feet may go. Most people assume if you wear a GPS watch, you are obsessed with the pace. I do pay attention to it when I’m doing specific pace based workouts or if I’m aiming for a certain goal race time. Otherwise, I just run by feel.

I never thought I would want more from a GPS. Needless to say, the new Timex Ironman One GPS+ has me wanting to do more with my watch.

Check out the specs:

  • Phone-free connectivity
  • Ability to track speed, distance and pace in real-time and instantaneously share performance metrics through an online platform.
  • Powered by a Qualcomm processor with embedded modem to provide wireless connectivity.
  • Always-on, sunlight readable Qualcomm® Mirasol™ display for easy reading.
  • Built-in MP3 component that stores and plays music.
  • Live Tracking via 3G (no phone required)
  • SOS Mode (safety alerts, no phone required)
  • 4GB of Music storage space.
  • Instant messaging application (no phone required).
  • Bluetooth Smart sensor support.
  • Touch screen.

Timex Ironman One GPS+  happyfitmama.com

As you can see, there’s a huge emphasis on the connected side.  But more than just connectivity – connectivity straight to the internet, without the need for carrying a phone. What? I don’t mind carrying my phone with me, but it’s nice to know that I don’t have to now to stay connected for personal and safety reasons. As you can see on the screen above, I could have sent a message to Ron (or any other contact) that I was done running and stopping for coffee on the way home. All WITHOUT my phone!

Obviously, the main thing the watch does, is track your time, pace and distance. It’s all controlled with a touchscreen. The first time I wore the watch on a run was the Boston preview run on Saturday. If you’ve seen the pictures, you saw that it was snowing and rather heavily at times. I was a little worried about how the touchscreen would function while being wet. No need to worry. It worked just as if the screen was dry AND it worked with wet gloves on.

Boston Preview Run | happyfitmama.com

There is so much that this watch can do that I haven’t even begin to scratch the surface of it’s possibilities.

Here’s what I like so far:

  • Time, distance, pace are in large font and bright. All it takes is a quick look at the watch face to see all the stats.
  • Beep and vibrates. I love that the watch beeps and vibrates when the run starts/pauses/stops in addition to at every mile.
  • Touchscreen. The touchscreen is so easy to use. With my previous GPS, I needed to push buttons and use a bezel which at times either passed what I wanted or just wouldn’t work.

I don’t wear music while I run outside so I haven’t been able to test out the music capabilities. However, you can use the Timex Ironman One GPS+ for inside workouts too. I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time I’m on the treadmill (which hopefully won’t be for a long time!).

I’m really excited to see what I can do with the Timex Ironman One GPS+. It will most definitely be on my wrist as I continue on with marathon training for the next month (and beyond!).

What feature do you look for in a GPS watch?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential.

3 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday Running

37 Years | happyfitmama.com

So this is 37.

Yesterday began my 37th year. I don’t mind birthdays. I don’t go ga-ga over them but I don’t make it a big secret that I’m a year older. As with most things in life, birthdays, as you age, just aren’t as fun as they used to be. And in fun I mean I don’t get to party all night, enjoy lots of drinks and get crazy. Which is really unfortunate, since my birthday does fall on St. Patrick’s Day.

Now fun is going out to lunch, hanging with the family and doing what I want.

Is it sad that included a nap in the afternoon?

One thing I had to do yesterday was run. Let me rephrase that. I didn’t HAVE to run but I WANTED to run more than anything. I wanted to celebrate my birthday running. Running makes me feel alive more than anything. What better way to celebrate being alive one more year than with a sweat inducing, soul singing, heart pounding “It feels good to be alive!” run?

If you are looking for a way to ring in another year of life and running, try one of these ways to celebrate your day:

Run Your Age

You could run a mile for every year old you are turning. For me that would totally be doable if I was 20 or younger. Now that I’m getting up there, I need to be a little bit more inventive. This year I decided to break it down – 3 + 7 = 10 miles to run. I briefly thought about going for a 37k (which is 22.9 miles) over the weekend but squashed that idea once my watch beeped 20 miles. I was done! Maybe I’ll do 40k for my 40th birthday? Oh and for the record, I blame Ron for the confused look on my face as I flash E 7. He told me to hold my hand like that. Umm…dear, it’s supposed to be a 3 not an E. Thanks.

Have a Running Party

Get together your best running friends (BRF’s), to meet up for a group run. Run your favorite route and then head out for cel­e­bra­tory coffee or drinks afterwards. Extra bonus points if your friends supply a Happy Birthday balloon that you have to run with.

Run a Race

It’s not too hard to find a race at any time during the year. Pick one that’s the closest to your birthday and make it known that it’s your day. Write “It’s my birthday!” on your bib. You are sure to get LOTS of attention!

Whatever you do, just have fun. It’s your day so run with it!

Do you run on your birthday?