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High Five Friday

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Look what’s back! It’s been quite some time but High Five Friday is here again. I share more pictures on Instagram. Are you following me?

1. The Arctic freeze has me trying to remember what warmth feels like. It’s hard to believe this was less than a month ago in Hawaii!

2. I’ve been sick all week with a lovely virus that zapped my voice. Thankfully it’s not strep throat, just a nasty virus. What better way to cure a cold than with a warm bowl of Two Bean Veggie Chili?

3. So I’m trying to find my yoga practice. And apparently my kids are too. I love that they want to join me. Just not at 5:45 a.m.!

4. First time getting the kids on skates and my first time in 20 years? I needed the little walker just as much as Miss A!

5. My physical therapist convinced me I needed a Bosu for home. I always used it at the gym when I had a membership. Should have bought one years ago. Best thing ever for working on balance and all my other weaknesses.

5 Things

1. 3 Ways to Keep Your Bum Warm on Cold Runs – This is timely info for the majority of the country right now. No one wants to be a cold ass.

2. Strength Training Workouts for Every Runner – Now is not the time to slack off. Listen to Allie. She knows her stuff!

3. Tough Mudder to Use Tear Gas – This definitely does not deserve a high 5. I’ve never done a Tough Mudder and will never do one. Why would you pay to get gassed?

4. In Their Own Words: Girls on Self-Esteem – This is a must read for every woman and every mother. The drawings are amazing. The girls (ages 12-22) put their thoughts into words so well. What better way to get to the root of how to increase the self-esteem of young girls than from their own mouths?

5. 87-year old Grandmother breaks Marathon Record in Honolulu – After running that same race, I bow down to you Betty Jean McHugh. You are one inspiring lady!

What would you like to high 5 this week?

4 Reasons to Find Running Friends

Running Group  happyfitmama.com

Over the weekend, I met up with a few new running friends.

Before Saturday morning, I had not met any of these people in person. If you would have seen us running, you would have never known. The conversation flowed the entire 13 miles. In turn, the miles flew by. That’s always a good thing especially when it’s a 15 degree, frigid winter morning (which the pic above is NOT from).

I enjoy running by myself. I get to think and just do my own thing. But that can lead to boredom and a plateau. I’ve found myself running the same routes, at the same pace far too many times over the years. I’ve also become hesitant about running by myself at zero dark thirty after my creeper scare back in November.

Once I made the decision to run with a local running group one Saturday morning, 3 years ago, it made a huge difference in my running. While I still love my solo runs, the group runs have pushed me to get out of my comfort zone.

Mak­e New Friends
Runners share one thing in com­mon: a love of run­ning. Beyond that, you’ll find a  range of age, pro­fes­sions, back­grounds, and other inter­ests. You’ll get the chance to meet peo­ple that you oth­er­wise might never have got­ten to know. And don’t worry about not having anything to say. You will be surrounded by runners – talk running!

There’s some­thing about sched­ul­ing a run with a group of friends at a cer­tain time on a cer­tain day that just makes it eas­ier to com­mit to. It’s like stick­ing to any other kind of appoint­ment. With the daylight hours less and the temperatures freezing cold, it’s easy to blow off a run. But not if you have someone waiting for you.

Become a Better Runner
Do you do the same route, at the same speed, at the same time, for every single run? Joining a new group will take you out of your comfort zone. Maybe you have more speed in your legs than you thought. Maybe you’re bet­ter equipped for hills than you ever gave your­self credit. By try­ing dif­fer­ent things you might not have ever con­sid­ered try­ing on your own, you can learn more about your­self and what you can do.

Get the Scoop
Getting to know new runners is the per­fect place to get the scoop on race reviews, infor­ma­tion about shoe and gear likes/dislikes, great long run routes, etc. Plus, you may get the run down on the local gossip too.

If you have ever considered finding some new running friends – do it! Don’t worry about not knowing anyone. Don’t worry about not having the same pace. Don’t worry about slowing anyone down. It will all work out and you will have FUN!

Do you prefer solo runs or running with others?

Race Week Thoughts

Last 20 miler | happyfitmama.comKailey’s last 20 miler of this training cycle.

Race week is here!

In two days, we’ll be flying the friendly skies for a (very) long time before landing in Hawaii, where it will be sunny (hopefully) and warm (but hopefully not too warm).

My mind is kind of all over the place. Right now, I’m mostly focused on what needs to get done before we leave. So many things especially since it’s the first time Ron and I are vacationing sans kids. My absolutely wonderful parents, are flying in tonight and will be hanging out with the kids while we are gone for the next week.

Since I’ve been preoccupied with all the logistics with that, I really haven’t thought too much about the marathon.

The big question that everyone asks and that is hanging over my head:

Am I ready?

I’m really not sure.

I am not completely in marathon shape. This I know is true. After having to take all of October off from running because of my Achilles and back injuries, I just started to slowly build up my mileage again in November. My Achilles is absolutely fine when I am running. It does feel “pinched” afterwards and other random times. My back is also good. No problems at all. The farthest distance I’ve covered since returning is 16 miles. I felt great during it and felt like I could do more. I’m hoping my body will remember the two 20 milers and one 21.5 miler I did prior to October.

Even though it’s not what I pictured, it’s still going to be an amazing race.

My goal is to enjoy. Enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the movement of running. Enjoy helping a friend reach her goal.

My number one priority is to make sure my cadet, Kailey, crosses the finish line of her first marathon. This isn’t my race. It’s hers. She’s put in the miles, done exactly as I prescribed for her. She worked really hard while training and I am so very, very proud of her!

If you are interested in tracking us, it’s available through the Honolulu Marathon website. My bib # is 14604.

It’s going to be a crazy, good time. I’m ready to be on the plane already. I’m ready to meet the other teams from Saucony 26 Strong that are running Honolulu.

I’m ready to run.