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Marvelous is…Christmas Edition

Hello! Hello!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or whatever it is that you choose to celebrate or not. My family and I had a great one. Isn’t it funny how we spend months planning for the big day and then POOF! it’s done and over?

It was so nice to take some time away from work and social media (although I must admit I feel like I’m out of the loop with things!). I’m not ready for the relaxing to be over with yet, but it’s back to work for me today. Boo!

I haven’t done this in awhile so how ’bout a little Marvelous is…Christmas Edition to catch up?

Marvelous is…keeping it real. The struggle is real with self timer pics. At least it makes for a good conversation piece! Just another peak Behind My Instagram Feed.

Self timer fail | happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…Christmas Eve with family. My parents were here for the whole week. And no one got sick from Christmas Eve dinner like last year. #ChristmasMiracle


Marvelous is…PicMonkey fun. Merry Christmas from our family of elves. And one tiny reindeer.

Christms 2015 | happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…An unseasonably warm Christmas Day at the beach. 60 degrees on December 25th?!?! It felt so nice to get a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea after days and days of rain and gray skies.

Christmas Day at the beach  happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…A run after 4 days of the respiratory crud. It felt so good to move again! I think I felt more sore from not working out than from my cold. I’ve still got the leftover cough and stuffy nose. Let’s hope it leaves soon and doesn’t linger for 2 weeks or more like it has for Ron.

December run | happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…A beautiful day playing tourist with the family in Portland and at the Portland Head Light. #NoFilter needed but it sure did enhance the beauty.

Portland Headlight | happyfitmama.com

Portland Headlight

Marvelous is…Not being committed. It was a close one. Ron said he was tired of being an Instagram Husband.  :)

Asylum for the Insane  happyfitmama.com

Your turn! Tell me your own Marvelous is…

Marvelous is…

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a marvelous weekend. And if you are in the states, a LONG holiday weekend. Ron and I were off for 4 days, but it went by way too fast. I swear it was just Thursday!

To keep the good vibes of the weekend going into the week, I’m feeling the need for a little marvelous is..

Marvelous is…a full rainbow. I felt like I needed to look for a pot o’ gold at the end.

rainbow | happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…two glorious days at two different beaches. The weather was absolutely perfect each day with blue skies for miles, a nice ocean breeze and sand for my kids’ to get in every single crevice possible. I love the beach!

beach | happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…hiking. We wanted to do a short hike in the afternoon one day, so we headed to Blue Job Mountain. It’s not technical at all but has a great view from the top on a clear day.

Hiking  happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…fresh wild fruit. We were pleasantly surprised to find the Mother Lode of wild blueberries perfectly ripe at the summit. If you have never had fresh wild blueberries, you are missing out. I think we ate just as much as we picked. And our blackberry bushes are ripe, too. We are eating good!

wild blueberries  happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…campfires and s’mores. I’m not really a marshmallow fan, but if there’s chocolate and graham crackers involved, it’s all good.

campfires and s'mores | happyfitmama.com

What was marvelous in your weekend?

Marshmallow fan?

Marvelous is…

What’s up guys? Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was quite marvelous. The problem is that weekends are just too dang short. I’m still pushing for switching to a 5 day weekend, 2 day work week. Who’s with me?

Marvelous is…Injury progress. Last Tuesday my physical therapist suggested I try the elliptical since cycling has been agreeing with my injury. I tried it Wednesday and just barely made it to 10 minutes with some serious pain going on. My tendon was not happy with that position at all. I tried it again on Friday. Success! 15 minutes completely pain free. It’s just what I needed to make me feel like I’m making progress in the right direction.


Marvelous is…Friday Night Lights. Why am I finally watching this show after all these years??? Ron and I have been binge watching at least 2 episodes a night. So good!

Marvelous is…Yoga. I haven’t been to yoga too much in the past 4 weeks. Even with modifications, it still was a little too much stretching of the posterior tib tendon. Since things are feeling improved, I went to my usual Saturday class. There’s a new to me teacher who’s background is in Kundalini yoga. I’ve never been a huge fan of that style – too many breathing techniques. But it still was a great class and one that definitely left me feeling the yoga vibrations.

Manduka Yoga Mat | happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…Warm weather. It’s been so nice to see the sun and feel warmth again. I just can’t get over how much it brightens my mood. Now the pollen and everything else that is leaving my eyes itchy? Definitely NOT marvelous.

Marvelous is…Wandering. Since I can’t run right now, I’m so thankful for my bike. It allows me to get outside and just wander like I usually do on a run. On Sunday’s ride, I don’t know why I chose a route that has mega hills. I won’t even run on that road, so I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea on a bike. But you know what? I LOVED IT! It gave me that heart pumping, leg burning feeling that I’ve been missing.


Marvelous is…13 years. Happy Anniversary to my husband, my best friend and co-pilot on this journey of life together. I’m not sure how you put up with my crazy ways, but I’m glad you do. I love you!

Wedding pic  happyfitmama.com

What’s marvelous in your life?