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I’m Done with Rest

Last week was one strange week.

Sunset November - happyfitmama.comInstagram pic – Fire in the sky.

I had planned on it being a rest week post race. Rest  – as in cross training but no running. Well it turned into a complete and total rest week. No running. No cross training. No nothing.

I mentioned already that I had a nasty migraine that hung around till Tuesday afternoon. Then I started to get a sore throat/nasal congestion cold from my little germ factory kiddos on Wednesday. My plan of cross training, yoga, strength workouts got placed on the back burner. Obviously, my body was trying to tell me something. My immune system was being attacked and wanted rest. So for once, I listened. It’s amazing what you learn as you get older!

I can’t remember the last time when I did not have one sweaty workout in 7 days. I think it’s been years. I fully support a rest day or two each week but rest weeks – not my thing.

So now that I’m well rested,  do I feel completely rejuvenated after my break? As with everything, I noticed benefits and not so good results.

Benefits  -

  • Sleeping in till 6 a.m.! Although my body was still naturally waking up at zero dark thirty, I was able to fall back to sleep for a little bit more shut eye.
  • Less laundry. No extra sweaty workout clothes to add to the ever present laundry pile.
  • Lazy Saturday morning making waffles followed by a family walk.

Cons -

  • Sleep – I wasn’t sleeping as soundly as usual. I would wake 2-3 times a night and not be able to fall back to sleep. Very unusual for me. I’ve never had a problem falling or staying asleep.
  • Aches and pains in new places. I felt like I was 90 years old. My knees, shoulders, elbows all were stiff. I’m blaming the lack of synovial fluid being warmed up with exercise to keep things lubricated. Now I know how some of my patients feel!
  • Crabbiness. I was one cranky chick last week. My usual way of dealing with it is to sweat it out. I apologize to anyone I snapped at last week. It wasn’t me. It was the sweat trying to get out!
  • Digestive. Sorry for the TMI but things weren’t flowing as usual in the digestive system.

On Sunday, I was feeling better from my cold and ready to get sweaty again. I busted out a 45 minute hill climb workout on the treadmill followed by weights and PT exercises.

It. felt. so. good.

I felt like my old self again.

Happy, smiling, sweaty!

Hopefully this week will be more like I had originally planned. Cross training, yoga, strength training. Fingers crossed no more bad luck is following me!

And that is truly marvelous!

What’s the longest break you’ve taken from sweaty exercise?

How was your weekend?

Marvelous is…

The luster of Fall is starting to get dull. The leaves are fading, falling to the ground. The temperatures are dropping and it’s not just chilly but cold. That means, I’m almost always cold. So to combat the dark and dreary, I thought it would be time to break out the Marvelous is…list. Because there really is marvelous all around. You just need to look a little deeper sometimes.

Marvelous is…blue skies and sunshine on a cold, 28 degree run. It was like a little slice of heaven any time I was running in direct sunlight. My whole body woke up and felt energized. It was also marvelous to see that the Canadian Geese are still around.

Please don’t fly South just yet!

Sunshine and geese - happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…orange and black striped tights. I bought them last year during the after Halloween clearance from Target thinking I’d wear them sometime. Little did I realize that they were so cute that I want to wear them year round! BTW – I just started reading Orange is the New Black. Loving it so far! And yay me for getting back into reading for fun!

Halloween tights - happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…seeing the joy and excitement my kids had just by putting on their Halloween costumes. Our local Children’s Museum held a Non Spooky Halloween event on Saturday. The kids had a blast trick-or-treating for pencils, erasers, stickers and other little trinkets.

Halloween 2013 - happyfitmama.comWhat’s not marvelous are the pics we have of the We’ve been awake since 5:30 and it’s now past naptime. No joy is evident in those pictures. None.At.All.

Marvelous is…Stonyfield yogurt. I was just named a Stonyfield Yo-Getter Blogger! My family is a big fan of all their products. YoBaby was the first yogurt my kids ate. Their products are made without the use of toxic pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, sewage sludge or irradiation. A bonus for me is that they are located right in my backyard so they’re local. Well, almost. We’re in the same state so I consider that my backyard. I’m very happy to help spread the word about the good of Stonyfield.

Yo-Getter blogger badge

Marvelous is…cutting back on social media. Recently I decided that I didn’t need to take a selfie after every workout, post it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If a selfie is not taken after a workout, did it really happen? No worries, I’m still working out but I’m just keeping it to myself. And really, how many pics of my feet do you want to see in a week?

Mizuno Wave Sayonara - happyfitmama.com

Marvelous is…race season. When I did check into my social media sites over the weekend, I was floored. So many people racing, so many big PRs (WAY TO GO HEATHER!!), so much inspiration! That is one thing I love about social media and blogging – inspiration to dream big and go after it. Thanks to everyone for getting me fired up!

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What’s marvelous in your life right now?