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Do I Really Want to Do That Again?

What day is it? HUMP DAY! Sorry…just love that commercial so much.

So friends, I’ve got a wee bit of a dilemma. Back in the Spring when I was training for VCM, Jen, the registration director for the race, had contacted me about writing my “Why I Run” story for their blog, The Run Down. I did but it never was published. Fast forward to last week. I got another email asking if it was OK to publish my story now that the blog is back up and running after the summer break. I updated my post a little with how awful my race day was and sent it back to Jen. HERE’s the post if you are interested in it.

Vermont City Marathon - happyfitmama.comOnce she read about my horrible day (or rather whole weekend), she said I HAD to do VCM in 2014 to “get the bad taste out of my mouth” from 2013.


Do I really want to do that again?

When I mentioned it to Ron, he laughed and said, “Do you really want to do that again?

Truthfully, I had not even considered doing VCM ever again. It’s not because of Burlington (awesome town), the spectators (I was astounded by how many there were for the whole course on such a crappy weather day) or the race course (fabulous). It’s because of the WHOLE experience. A sick toddler, miserable weather conditions, GI issues like you wouldn’t believe, leg cramps that stopped me in my tracks and then the dang car repair issue on a Holiday weekend.

Let me tell you, that’s a whole lot of bad ju-ju in one weekend! You just don’t forget about that.

But when I read Jen’s email I started to think about it.

I know I can do better on that course than what I did on May 26th. A part of me wants to kick VCM in the face. In the nicest way possible, of course.

My #1 priority in picking my second marathon was location. I wanted one close to home, something I could drive to the morning of the race. I was leaning heavily towards the Maine Coast Marathon which is making a reappearance after a 28 year absence. But now I’m not so sure.

I’ve got some serious thinking to do. Do I really want to do VCM again?

What would you do?

Have you ever run the same race twice just to get the “bad taste” out of your mouth? Did it work?

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Random Friday

Hey friends!

Can I just say that I’m extra excited for it to be Friday? I woke up yesterday morning absolutely positive it was Saturday. What a let down to realize it was only Thursday. Talk about a buzz killer!

I had some sad news yesterday. My 98 year old grandmother passed away in the morning. She had not been doing well for quite awhile so it’s a blessing that she is no longer suffering but it’s still hard. She was a strong Italian woman that absolutely despised cheese. :) When we were in Michigan a few weeks ago, I visited her in the nursing home and basically got to say goodbye. I’m hoping to maybe make it to the funeral but plane fare is just ridiculous.

My mind is kind of all over the place right now so I thought I’d share random things I’ve found on the internet over the past week that have been interesting to me.

Welcome to Random Friday!

To Parents of Small Children

I love this! Parenting standards are sky high and it’s unrealistic to think we all can be superparents 100% of the time. While I love my children dearly, there are just some days that I retreat to the bathroom, lock the door and decompress for a minute or two.  Favorite quote: “Breathe in. Breathe out. You are not alone.”

Yoga Mat for Sale on Craigslist

A real ad that was posted after someone had high expectations before their first hot yoga class. Guess they didn’t go back for another class. :)

Sympathy Cards for Runners

This made my day. Especially after my most recent whining and the my first ever “I gotta poo now!” during the marathon.

source: runnersworld.com

Spirit of the Marathon II

Theaters around the country are doing screenings of the new film on June 12th. I still haven’t seen the first. I got teary eyed just watching the trailer. Makes me want to start training all over again for another marathon. Well maybe not RIGHT now…

Any other Random Friday thoughts?