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Let Go of Fear

Thinking will not overcome fear  HappyFitMama.com


I’ve got a lot of it.

I started off 2014 with the goal of being more fearless. Six months into the year, I think I’m starting to let go of fear. Well, at least in some areas, particularly in running.

I mentioned on Monday that I learned a few lessons at RRCA Coach Certification over the weekend that I plan on implementing into my own training plans. A lot of it has to deal with fear holding me back.

Fear of getting hurt (again). Fear of failure. Fear of being outside of my comfort zone.

One of my fears is speed.

In previous training cycles, I did a lot of my speed work or tempo runs on my treadmill. It was easy. Tap in the pace and go.

Too easy.

I’ve said it before, that the track has always intimidated me up until recently. Now I’m kind of digging it. I’m letting go of the fear of going fast. My body will not spontaneously combust if I hit xx pace. I won’t *knock on wood* trip and fall flat on my face. I’m surprising myself with how fast I have been able to run.

I never knew I had it in me!

It’s the same with 5k’s. They suck but I’m learning to embrace fast and the “I’m going to puke/pass out” feeling. I just need to remember I CAN.

Yesterday I planned to do a CORRECT tempo at the CORRECT pace outside. Tempo runs are so easy yet so confusing. Everyone’s definition of tempo is different. Over the weekend, I got the right one and learned I had been doing them kind of  wrong.

As soon as I saw what my pace had to be for 4 miles, I started to panic. It’s not an outlandishly fast pace and one that I’ve held onto for that long (or longer) before. For some reason, every time I see “fast” paces, I get scared. Fear creeps in.

I can’t go that fast for that long!

How can I hold onto that pace?

There’s hills all around me! There’s no way I can get that low.

Most days I self sabatoge even before I get out of the house.

But not yesterday.

I had a plan and I was going to go for it.

And you know what? I did it. And I frickin’ rocked that tempo. It felt comfortably hard but completely doable. I have never been so spot on with my paces either. No positive splits for once in my life.

Boom! Go me!

I think some fear will always be there when it comes to speed. But I will not let fear control my actions in running.

From now on it’s – Don’t think. Just do.

And maybe I’ll sing “Let it go!” over and over in my head during my next track workout.

What fears do you have in running?

Wring Out The Old

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I originally had another post scheduled for today but I just got home (I’m writing this Sunday night) from a 2 hour yoga intensive workshop and am riding a yoga high. The focus was on Wring Out The Old, Ring in the New. What a fantastic way to start the new year with yoga!

This cleansing class was full of twists (perfect for the digestive system after a little too much holiday fun), pranayama breath work, core work, heart opening back bends, and restorative poses to help wring out the old and make space for new. We were not there to punish our body for all it’s wrong doings over the holidays or in 2013. It was to connect with you heart, soul and body. To make space for the new. Allison, our teacher, spoke a lot of intentions for the year to help set the course. A word or phrase to direct toward the outcome, praises the effort rather than focusing on the wrong doing.

I focused on my words for the year – Fearless. Confident. Happy.

Many times during class, I could feel the yoga energy radiate through my body. My palms pulsated with it. I sweated out the negative thoughts. I twisted out the “I can’t”. I opened my heart to new opportunities. During Savasana, all of my emotions came to the surface. I started to tear up. I was a sweaty mess but I felt a sense of lightness. Calm. Peace. Hope. Confidence. Happy. There’s no better way to start the new year with those feelings. It felt simply marvelous (thanks Katie for hosting!)

Allison closed out the practice with a quote that stuck with me  -

“Don’t wait for the perfect time to begin. The perfect time is when you begin.”

How many times do we wait till January 1st? Tomorrow Next week. When I’m strong enough. When I’ve lost xx weight. There’s no better time than NOW, the present.

A big THANK YOU to my friend, Cheryl from Live Fit Daily, who posted about the intensive on Saturday. If not for her, I would have missed out on such a fantastic session. And I may have found my new yoga studio in the process!

Yoga intensive - happyfitmama.comInstagram pic

Have you ever felt like you need to be “wrung” out?