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Easy Lunches with McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli

Easy Lunches with McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli | happyfitmama.com

This is a sponsored post on behalf of McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting our sponsors.

What’s for lunch?

Simple question but really it’s a loaded one with so many different options.

Do you pack a lunch to work?  Do you get take out?

Most days of the week, I have leftovers for lunch.  And most times leftovers are usually added to greens to make it a big ol’ salad.

But sometimes, I want something different. Sometimes I want a sandwich.  Sometimes I want a pretty salad.  Sometimes I want cereal. Cereal is a perfectly acceptable lunch or dinner, right? #RealTalk

Growing up, my mom would always buy meats and cheeses from the deli counter. Freshly sliced ham, turkey and cheddar cheese were staples for building the ultimate sandwich.  Over the years, I’ve strayed away from deli meats because I didn’t like the crazy amount of preservatives and questionable ingredients.

What exactly are “fillers?”  I don’t think I want to know.

Easy Lunches with McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli | happyfitmama.com

Thankfully, more brands are realizing that consumers want less processed meats and cheeses.  One such brand is McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli. Made with no added growth hormones, antibiotics, or nitrates, McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli meats are gluten free and sourced from independent farms.  Available in turkey breast, uncured ham, uncured bacon, chicken breast and roast beef as well as some hormone free cheeses, there’s something for everyone.

Easy Lunches with McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli | happyfitmama.com

I’m happy that McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli products are now available at my local Shaw’s deli counter.  Freshly shaved meats and cheeses available without weird ingredients. I love it!

I recently stopped at Shaw’s to pick up some groceries and swung by the deli counter for a pound of ham and turkey (my families favorites).

Easy Lunches with McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli | happyfitmama.com

It was a cold, snowy day and I was in the mood for warm, comfort food.  I picked up a loaf of sourdough bread and promptly headed home to an easy lunch of panini’s and soup. A slice of cheese, a handful of spinach, avocado, tomatoes and sliced pickles on top of the ham and turkey hit the spot!

Not only does the meat taste great in a panini, it’s perfect in salads and for snacking all by itself.  My son loves to roll up a slice (or five) of ham to grab as a snack after school.

Easy Lunches with McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli |happyfitmama.com

McKenize Natural Artisan Deli is a New England based company. It was founded in 1907 in Burlington, Vermont and is still there today. They distribute their delicious deli meat to almost all of Vermont, select New England and New York locations. I love that the company is so committed to quality and I love that all their meats are made right here in New England.

Be sure to check out McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli the next time you are at your local Shaw’s!

What makes a sandwich great to you?

What a Runner Eats

What a runner eats happyfitmama.com

Welcome to another edition of Run It!

In case you missed it, here’s what we covered so far this year:

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This month, we are talking about food.

Have you ever wondered what a runner eats?

If you guessed food, you are correct.  Lol!

Your body needs fuel to run. And food is fuel.  If you eat garbage, you will feel like garbage.  We are all different and have different needs.  Isn’t it annoying when you know that one person who can eat whatever and whenever and have an amazing run?  The majority of us aren’t like that.

It would be magical if there was a one size fits all for what to eat pre, during and post run. But the truth is that what I run on, maybe won’t work for you.  It’s all trial and error.

Last winter, I worked with a sports nutritionist on fine tuning my diet while training for a marathon.  We worked on finding the right fuel for me. I highly recommend Jamie Sheahan, RD.  I met her last year at Run.Rise.Retreat.  She’s a runner herself so she knows what it’s like when you aren’t properly fueled for the run.  I’m not currently training for any races right now but I still use lots of the tips she gave me in my day to day eats.


I am a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast.  It’s either a yogurt, fruit and granola bowl or oatmeal.  I’ve tried having eggs and veggies in the morning but I am hungry within an hour.  Yogurt bowls hold off the hunger for hours so they are my go to.  I love using Stonyfield Whole Milk Greek Yogurt as the base and will load up on fresh berries, banana, granola and of course, a spoonful of almond or peanut butter.  I just love nut butters in yogurt. Other good options are homemade waffles topped with yogurt for extra protein.

What a runner eats | happyfitmama.com


The majority of the time I have an everything but the kitchen sink lunch that involves greens and last night’s leftovers.  If we don’t have any leftovers, I’ll have a salad with whatever veggies or fruit we have plus a protein. Do you guys like fruit in a green salad?  I love it.  Ron thinks it’s the weirdest thing ever.

What a runner eats | happyfitmama.com


This time of year, I break out the crock pot although I recently jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon and have been loving it.  A whole chicken cooked in less that 40 minutes?  Yes please!

What a runner eats | happyfitmama.com


I’m always looking for a snack mid morning.  When I’m at work, I need something quick so a bar is usually my go to.  I’ve been loving the RXBars (affiliate link) in Chocolate Sea Salt lately.  If that’s not an option, most weeks I also whip up a batch of cookie bites for the kid’s school snacks.  A variation of THIS bite made with craisins added instead of chocolate chips is the most requested.

Pre Run Fuel

Prior to an easy run, I don’t eat anything.  I usually run early in the morning with no time to digest anything.  Over the years my stomach has acclimated to it and I have no energy issues.

If it’s a long run or race day, I have two options depending on my mood.  A stand by for years has been oatmeal with a banana, cinnamon and peanut butter.  I’ve also had really great success with a baked sweet potato, cinnamon and almond butter.

In a nutshell, I don’t follow any set meal plan.  For the most part, I eat what I want in moderation. I know a lot of runner’s who restrict alcohol or sweets when training but I’ve never been able to stick to that.  Moderation is what works best for me!

Run It - tips and tricks for runners by runners. This month we are covering What a Runner Eats. | happyfitmama.com

Want to know what other runners eat?  Click on the picture to take you to some of my running friends are eating. And don’t forget to Pin away so you have a stash of valuable running info to reference whenever you need it.




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What do you run on?




A Kinder Kind of Egg with Nellie’s

Nellie's Cage Free Eggs 3  happyfitmama.com

At one time in my life, the only eggs I would ever eat were scrambled.

Hard-boiled, over easy, fried, poached? No way!

But then, almost five years ago, I was 4 months pregnant and in a prenatal yoga class. One of the expecting moms was talking about how her love of hard-boiled eggs and egg sandwiches had grown ever since being pregnant. At that instant, I had never wanted another food so much in my life. I left that class and immediately looked up how to make hard-boiled eggs as soon as I got home.

It was love at first bite!

I lived off so many variations of eggs for the reminder of my pregnancy. Just ask Ron how excited I was for breakfast every morning during our Babymoon in St. Thomas. I still think about the egg bar at our hotel. So many options that I never knew about! Eggs over greens | HappyFitMama.com

Still today, I have eggs at least 1-2 times a week if not more. Breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner – it’s all good.

I like to know where my eggs are coming from. I can’t always make it to our local farmer’s market to pick up fresh eggs, but a close alternative is Nellie’s Cage Free Eggs, a family farm that has been based right here in New Hampshire for years. With Nellie’s, you are getting a kinder kind of egg that not only tastes better, but is something that you can feel good about supporting.

Nellie's  happyfitmama.com

If you are like me, you’ve probably wondered what exactly does cage free mean and who regulates it? For Nellie’s, it means the hens have 24/7 access to fresh air, sunlight, fresh water and food—and that they have plenty of room to move. In addition, Nellie’s is Certified Humane. In fact, they were the first to be certified in the U.S. and the First “B-Corp Certified” farm.Their farms meet the guidelines of the Humane Farm Animal Care Program, the world-recognized leader in animal welfare certification. The hens have places to dust bathe and scratch. Tasty feed and filtered water stations to mingle at. Private nest boxes to lay eggs in. Perches to jump up to and sleep on. Nellie’s is where both the chicken and the egg come first.

Sounds kind of like Old McDonald’s farm, huh?

I care where my food comes from. With Nellie’s Cage Free Eggs, I feel like it’s my local neighborhood farmer providing the eggs for my family. Nellie's Cage Free Eggs 2  happyfitmama.com

How would you like to win a $100 Visa Gift Card courtesy of Nellie’s Cage Free Eggs?

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