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When Does Play Become Exercise?

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Running. Jumping. Digging. Walking. Skipping. Playing.

Over the weekend, we had gorgeous “tropical” weather of almost 50 degrees. That called for playing at the beach! As I watched my kids playing and having fun as we walked along, I began to think when does play become exercise?

As a kid it’s second nature to play. It’s what you do. You are in a constant state of motion. You don’t consider it exercise. But at a certain point in the life cycle, play takes on a different term. Movement becomes exercise. And in the process, a lot of people get turned off by it and stop doing it. Play becomes a dirty four letter word.

If you asked a child to “go play” what would they do?

Run. Jump. Toss. Kick. Skip. Hop. Use their imagination in countless ways.

If you asked an adult to “go play” what do you think they’d do?

Find a video game. Get on their phone. Surf the internet. Maybe play a sport like golf or basketball.

At what age does play take on a new meaning? When we get to school? When we become a teenager? Adulthood?

To some, exercise becomes a tedious chore that we “have” to do to stay in shape, lose weight, stay healthy. If you were from another country that had never heard of or seen a gym, what would you think when you saw people mindlessly stepping on the stepmill, walking or running nowhere on the treadmill? Would you think they are playing or having fun? Probably not.

I like to exercise. I consider it play. Sure when I am struggling to make my pace for a speed session or lifting a heavy weight trying to get one more rep, I may look like I’m in agony. But I think it’s fun. That’s what matters. I think the most important thing to teach kids is to look at play and therefore, exercise, as fun. The same is for adults who avoid exercise.

Find what is fun to you.

Find what you love.

That’s what will make it a life long habit.

Is exercise PLAY for you?

When do you think play becomes exercise?

High Five Friday

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Love is in air.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Hope you get to spend the day with your Valentine or at least can give out some extra hugs and kisses before you go about your day. We usually don’t celebrate but it just so happened that Ron and I were due for a date day. I threw out some possible days to have off from work and what do you know, found coverage for today. We’re planning an active day of snowboarding before heading to the kiddos school for a Valentine’s Day Party. That is IF school isn’t closed because of the snow that is continuing to fall and may possibly turn to rain.

Fingers crossed we get our date!

Let’s start slapping high five and sharing some love!

Five Things

  1. Looking for the perfect Valentine for the runner in your life? Runner’s World has you covered. “To my Valentine, you would make my chest pound so, if my heart rate weren’t so freakishly low.”
  2. If you are looking for one dessert to make today, make Melanie’s Double Chocolate Cheesecake. Is there any better combination?
  3. Did you know Google+ is supposed to be the new Facebook? I’ve been trying out a couple of new (to me) social media platforms this week including Google+ and StumbleUpon. I’m barely functioning but found some helpful information to hopefully give me a better understanding. Feel free to follow me on any and I’ll follow you right back! Just click on the links to get to my profile.
  4. Get ready for a fun month long Instagram/Twitter challenge coming your way in March! I’m putting together a healthy living/active challenge for everyone with some fantastic prizes. It’s going to be good you guys, so please stay tuned for more details!
  5. I randomly thought I’d bring me old skis with us today in addition to my snowboard. I haven’t worn skis in almost 15 years. The skis that I do have are wicked old. Think early 90s fashion. When I told Ron about my thought, he asked if I was going to wear jeans as well. If you have ever skied, you’ve seen those people. What’s up with that? Get some snow pants dude!

5 Pins From Pinterest

What do you want to high 5 today?

Any Valentine’s Day plans?

Have you skied in jeans before?