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Fall Favorites

Fall in love with some of my fall favorites from @prana | happyfitmama.comThis post in sponsored by prAna in partnership with FitApproach. All opinions are my own.

This week the calendar says Autumn begins.  Mother Nature has other plans as we are currently warmer and more humid than what it was at the end of August.  I’m embracing the warmer weather as long as possible because I know what’s coming.

Rather than kissing summer good bye, I’d rather say, see you later.

It’s heart breaking to see the long days and warm temperatures go, but it’s also nice to see a new season and new things to look forward to. It’s also nice to see the return of my fall favorites.

Fall Running – Just to clarify, running in any season is awesome.  And I really love summer running because, hello, less clothes = less planning.  But anyway, fall running is a close second. The sights, the smells and breaking out the long sleeves gets me excited for cooler temps. Fall running means a ton of fun races. I’m completely bummed that I had to drop out of two really fun running/travel events (one was an event that I was invited to last year but had to bail on because of a sinus infection the day before I flew out…third time’s the charm?!?!?!)  but I’m hoping that I’m up and running soon enough so that I can get in some lovely fall runs before the snow flies.

Fall Favorites| happyfitmama.com

Yoga Hikes – My yoga studio didn’t offer any summer yoga hikes because the owner sprained her ankle and it was slow to heal (I feel her pain!).  But we are on for this Friday and I can’t wait.  And I hope to jump into another mountain top yoga session at Gunstock Mountain.  There’s just something about the feeling the wind through your fingertips, the ground below your feet and the sun on your face while practicing yoga.  It just makes my gratitude for this amazing life sky rocket through the roof.

Fall favorites | happyfitmama.comWhether it’s yoga, hiking or lounging, the prAna Roxanne Legging has you covered.  I really dislike having to tug at leggings to keep them from falling down.  These babies don’t budge and are super comfy.  I’m usually a black legging type of gal but this print is so fun and easily goes with anything.

Fall favorites | happyfitmama.comWearing: prAna Roxanne Legging and Penelope Pullover

Btw – I’m ushering in the fall equinox a couple of days early this morning just like I did with the summer equinox – 108 sun salutations! I’m anticipating not using my arms for the next few days.  Lol!

Million Dollar Views – Here in New Hampshire, the leaves are slowing starting to turn colors. It’s amazing to watch the progressive change from green, to vibrant orange, yellow and reds. So many tree lined streets look like a picture from a magazine. It’s eye candy for sure.

fall favorites | happyfitmama.comThe tastes and smells – Fall has it’s own distinct smell, sound, and taste. The crispness in the air. The smell of the leaves.  The sound of the wind through the trees or rustling leaves across a sidewalk. The taste of all things pumpkin and apple. I have yet to make anything pumpkin (I’ve been waiting for the “official” start of fall) but we did go apple picking a few weeks ago and I made a delicious apple crisp.  So good!

Fall favorites | happyfitmama.comWearing: prAna Daria sweater and Brenna pants.

Festivals – There’s no shortage of festivals this time of year.  It’s fun to hang out on a sunny weekend day, listen to some great music, eat good food and drink yummy drinks.  And of course, go through a corn maze.

Fall Favorites | happyfitmama.comWhen we went to the Sunflower Festival last weekend, it was cool but humid.  And then the sun came out and made it a so much warmer.  But I stayed cool with the prAna Harlene Top and my all time favorite pant EVER from prAna, the Meme. I get so many compliments on them no matter if I’m out having coffee with friends or hiking the trails.  They go anywhere!

FYI – You can get 15% off your total order from prAna.com with code FAAN15 at checkout. (Not valid for Influencers, on Gift Certificates or valid with any other offers).

Linking up with Coaches Cornerand Wild Workout Wednesday.

What’s your favorite thing about fall?


High Five Friday

High 5 Friday February 19 2016 happyfitmama.com

Welcome to another lovely High Five Friday!

Want to join in on spreading good news from your week? Get all the details HERE.

5 from Instagram

  1. Stay patient and trust the journey. That’s been my motto for the past 10 months. Some days completely suck in running. Others are the most wonderfully fantastic.
  2. I finally remembered to wear a running skirt over my tights BEFORE I went for my single digit run last weekend. Usually it’s when my butt is completely frozen solid that I remember that little trick.
  3. A pop of color on a gray day. I can’t say enough good things about prAna Prism capris. They are hands down my fav for yoga. FYI – You can get 15% off your total order from prAna.com with code PSSS16HFM at check out.
  4. Do yoga. Run faster. True story!
  5. Opening your heart doesn’t have to be complicated. Let your love shine in upward facing dog.

5 Things

  1. Last Place at the Trials with No Regrets – Did you watch the Olympic Marathon trials last weekend? What a race! What you didn’t see where the very last female and male finishers. They both showed up even though they weren’t at their top performance level. I’ve talked with Joanna on the phone before and she is one serious athlete. I give them props for getting out there.
  2. How Social Media Killed My Run – As someone who is on social media A LOT, I’ve had the exact same thoughts. My week in running has been quite craptastic. Rather than sugar coating it for social media sake, I let it out that it plain sucked. We’ve all been there so why hide it!
  3. Why More Western Doctors are Prescribing Yoga Therapy – It’s about time! I love that people are seeing that there are alternatives to surgery, being overly medicated and just plain miserable. Most people get into yoga to gain flexibility. But when you really get into it and aren’t just doing it but practicing it, you see that it’s way more than being bendy. It’s for your mind, body and spirit.
  4. Having It All Kinda Sucks – This. YES. “Let’s redefine “having it all,” or better yet let each woman define for herself what the best version of her life might look like.”
  5. Giving Back: My Experience as a Running Coach – This piece from Heather is so great. Spreading the love of running is definitely good news.

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A New Snack + WFD {Week of September 13}

Hemp Heart Bites | happyfitmama.com

This post is sponsored by Fit Approach and Manitoba Harvest.

I’m always on the look out for a good snack. I try to prep something over the weekend to have on hand for everyone in the family. Whether it’s at home, at school or work, we all pack at least two snacks a day or more if there’s an after school/work event. No one needs to have their inner Hangry Monster come out. Homemade muffins, energy bites and balls and healthy cookies or bars are usually my go-to.

But I’m human and sometimes life gets crazy on the weekends. Or it’s a gorgeous spring/summer/fall/winter day and the last thing I want to do is spend time time in my kitchen. Packaged snacks to the rescue! My criteria for packaged snacks is pretty strict – no extra junk, a small ingredient list full of real food, be satisfying and obviously, taste delicious.

Say hello to my new little friend.

Hemp Heart Bites

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bites are small and mighty but pack a whopping 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omega 3 and 6 in about 8 pieces.

I’m a fan of putting hemp hearts in smoothies and my morning oats so the flavor was nothing new. Hemp Heart Bites are easy to eat and satisfying. The flavor is a little chewy and mostly crunchy with a little nutty. Or I should say, seedy, since it is a seed. One thing is for sure, they are definitely satisfying. No Hangry Monsters have been seen at my house in quite some time.

Want to try your own?

It’s your lucky day! You have two ways to try Hemp Heart Bites:

  • Get  15% off your order from manitobaharvest.com with code HHBitesLaunch15
  • Post a picture on Twitter or Instagram that shows how you and your family stay active during back to school season. Be sure to tag @manitobaharvest #hhbites @fitapproach #sweatpink for a chance to win your own case of Hemp Heart Bites.

What's for dinner with happyfitmama.com

It’s meal planning Sunday. What’s for dinner this week?

Sunday: Grilled Salmon + Veggies

Monday: Pick your egg  + green smoothies

Tuesday: Zucchini Lasagna

Wednesday: Slow cooker enchilada bake – Didn’t get to make last week. Hot food didn’t sound good when it was 93 degrees and 100% humidity.

Thursday: Baked Haddock and tomatoes with Quinoa

Friday: Crockpot Fire Roasted Shrimp Tacos

Saturday: Out

For more meal planning ideas, check out Laura and Jill’s link up every Sunday.

What are your favorite snacks to have on hand?

What are you having for dinner this week?