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A Day in the Life

Morning Run | happyfitmama.com

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Garmin vívofit 2 through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Garmin vívofit 2, all opinions are my own.

Two minutes before my alarm goes off, my eyes fly open. Time to wake up!

I tiptoe quietly downstairs. I do my usual morning routine and get dressed for a short run and weights workout before the rest of the family is awake and Ron has to leave for work. 7000+ steps registered on my Garmin vívofit 2, before most people are awake. Nice!

Once I get home, everyone is up and Ron is about ready to head out the door to work. We say good bye and then the kids eat breakfast and I can get started on mine. Today it’s a smoothie bowl.

Smoothie Bowl  happyfitmama.com

I gobble it all down before I hop in the shower and get dressed. I quickly clean up and wrangle the kids to shake a leg in getting themselves ready for school.

Kids dressed, lunches and backpacks packed, shoes and jackets on – it’s time to walk to school.

I deposit the kids at school and head home. Another 3000+ steps done.

Post runwalk step counter Garmin vivofit 2

I scurry around the house – stripping the sheets off the beds, starting a load of laundry and cleaning the bathroom – before heading to yoga class. Nathan, our teacher, reminds us to set our intention for our practice today. Mine is to stay present in the pose rather than thinking of my to-do list. For the most part, I’m successful except for the time when I’m staring at the arm of the girl on the yoga mat next to me. Is that a fly or mosquito tattoo?

I walk out of class lighter and happier. A run and now yoga – my day is complete! Of course, I have to stop for an iced coffee afterwards. Why are all yoga studios strategically placed next to coffee shops?


I hop back in my car and make a stop at the bank before heading home where I throw laundry in the dryer and another load in the washer. Then it’s time to do some writing. First it’s a freelance article. I’m the queen of procrastination so first I peruse Instagram, Facebook and pull up a podcast. OK – time to let the fingers fly!

I work for an hour before I hear a beep from my Garmin vívofit 2. Time to get up and move! It doesn’t care that I’ve already reached my personal goal of 12,000 steps/day. We all know that prolonged periods of sitting decreases your body’s production of fat-burning enzymes. By taking frequent, short walk breaks throughout your day, you can reverse that effect.

Garmin vivofit 2 - take a walk

On the days that I am home and not at my job as an Exercise Physiologist, I tend to park myself in front of the computer. It’s my time to get a ton of work done. I love that the Garmin vívofit 2 reminds me to GET UP! when I’ve been sitting too long. Another thing that I love? The battery lasts for one year – no need to charge it at all!

I scurry around doing more laundry, putting fresh sheets on everyone’s bed, start dinner in the crock pot and then make my own lunch. I throw together whatever I can find of leftovers. Everything but the kitchen sink lunches are my fav!

Lunch  happyfitmama.com

After lunch, it’s back to the computer to finish up another freelance article and to start a blog post. Before I know it, it’s time to pick the kids up from school. A brisk walk there and back gives me at least another 3,000 steps.

We come home, the kids eat a quick snack and then we leave to take Cooper for a short walk in the woods to burn off some extra energy. It’s a gorgeous day!

fall walk with the kids  happyfitmama.com

Once we get home it’s a flurry of homework, play and final dinner prep before sitting down to eat as a family.

Crock Pot Black Bean Quinoa Soup

I tackle the dinner dishes and school lunches for the next day while Ron tackles baths for the kids. We meet up for a bedtime story. Afterwards, I head to the computer to finish up some writing before shutting down my computer. Ron and I catch up on some TV for an hour or so before heading to bed. I check out my stats on the Garmin Connect App to see my sleep quality from last night – only 6 1/2 hours. Must get more sleep tonight!

Garmin vivofit2

I set my alarm and crash hard. Gotta get my sleep to do it all over again tomorrow!

What’s a day in the life like for you?

A Day in the Life

I previously shared a typical Day in the Life in my job as a Clinical Exercise Specialist. Here’s another glimpse into my life with my other job (and most important) as Mama. This is what a somewhat typical (with a few atypical things) Tuesday looks like. Hopefully you won’t be bored out of your mind. Like I said before, I’m super nosy interested in how other people spend their days – the schedules, the activities, and the boring day to day stuff. Even mundane tasks are interesting to me! The link up for everyone is at the bottom of the post (plus a fun giveaway).

Zero Dark Thirty – (FYI I’m not sharing exact times for safety reasons). Wake up 20 minutes before my alarm goes off. Kind of annoying but there’s no way I’m staying in bed till it goes off. Who wants to hear that first thing in the morning? I quietly get dressed for a run, put my contacts in and brush my teeth. Head down to the basement for what was supposed to be three miles on the treadmill. During the first mile I decided to turn it into a speed work session. Seven miles later (3 @ 7:23, with slow 800s in between) I head upstairs. I thought about doing another mile to make it eight so I threw a long sleeve shirt on to finish it up outside. It turned into another two since I got distracted with how enjoyable the run was! It was a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of running day.

treadmill/outside run - happyfitmama.comGet home from my run, the kids and Ron are awake getting breakfast ready. I do a few stretches, chug some water and take over so Ron can leave for work. While the kids eat, I continue with stretching and making my own breakfast. I’m starving! (I’m linking up with Jenn today for WIAW. Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating to get inspired!).

A Day in the Life Breakfast - happyfitmama.comFYI – I didn’t eat a bag of corn. It’s for icing my foot/ankle. 🙂 It takes at least a half hour for me to finish my breakfast (and ice my ankle/foot) with multiple interruptions of “I have to pee/poop,” finding a lost Lightening McQueen and refereeing two fights. I clean up the breakfast dishes and then finally take a shower.

Amazingly, the kids don’t interrupt my shower and are quietly reading books. Once I’m dressed, it’s time for everyone else to get ready for the day. Miss A likes to pick out her own clothes. Mr. L could care less. While A hems and haws about what stylish outfit she’ll wear, I strip all the sheets off the beds and empty all the hampers. It’s laundry day. Oh wait, that’s almost everyday!

I finally wrestle the kids down long enough to get them dressed and teeth brushed. While they have a bounce party on their beds, I start a load of laundry, clean one bathroom and do a few things on Facebook.

I try to finish getting ready for us to run a few errands but L requests I read The Three Little Pigs. One story turns into three. I text Ron to tell him I’m contemplating turning on the heat to take the chill out from the low temperature of 37 degrees last night. It’s 65 degrees inside the house. I hate being cold but it’s even more painful to turn on the heat this early!

I start another load of laundry and finally finish getting ready.We are out the door! First stop is Starbucks. Mama needs a PSL to warm her up! Second stop, Target, where I buy way more than what’s on my list (as usual). A picks out her Halloween costume.

A Day in the Life Halloween Costume - happyfitmama.comI think it’s way too early to think about Halloween but there’s only one left in her size so we get it. Plus, how can I resist Super Girl? I let the kids look and touch every single toy in the store so we are there longer than planned.

We head home and the kids want to play outside for a bit before lunch. They run around the yard, tell Cooper to chase squirrels and then load up their dump trucks with acorns. I sit in the sun and try to warm up. Dang it’s cold!

026After playing outside for a half hour, we go inside to clean up and make our lunch. But first I switch on the heat. I can’t take it any longer. My fingers are numb! I tell myself it’s only to take the chill out then I’ll turn it off. 🙂 The kids request the usual – peanut butter sandwiches. They help make their sandwiches and I cut up a peach for them to share. We talk about their friends at school and of course race cars aka The Cars movie (their favorite topic).

Nap time is here! We read a book together and then it’s lights out. I lay on the floor between their beds till they start to settle down. That happens very quickly today (some days I’ll have at least one, usually A, fight the nap but they are pretty good nappers still) so I sneak out of their room as they fall asleep. I’m starving and am ready for lunch. Today it’s leftover roasted red pepper tomato soup with zucchini and half of a turkey and hummus grilled sandwich. The house is finally warm but I’m still craving belly warming foods.

A Day in the Life Lunch - happyfitmama.comOnce the lunch dishes are cleaned up, I fold one load of laundry and start another (#3!). Now it’s time to sit down in front of my computer to start to type this post, edit pictures, answer emails and browse blogs. I plug away for about an 1.5 hours before I hear little feet coming down the stairs.

We read a couple of books as they start to wake up and get energized again. I ask what they want to do and “ride our bikes!” is enthusiastically answered. We head back outside for some bike riding. It’s an absolutely gorgeous Fall day.

A Day in the Life Super Twins - happyfitmama.comAfter riding, walking and me carrying L’s bike for a portion, we start back home. Tonight we are eating dinner out which is unusual for us. I get the kids and myself cleaned up and we wait for Ron to get home from work so we can leave for Sarah’s fundraiser for CHaD (Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth) at Flatbread Pizza Company.

Ron’s home so we’re off to Flatbread! Pizza, pizza, pizza! Their pizza is our favorite, hands down. I’ve never had anything bad. Ron gets his pepperoni and sausage, the kids cheese and I try the veggie special – veggie chili. OMG – so good!

A Day in the Life Dinner - happyfitmama.comIt was so great seeing Sarah! I hope she beats her new fundraising goal of $7000 (she already surpassed the original $5000!) and gets her PR in the Chad Half.

A night to be a hero fundraiser - happyfitmama.comWe leave the restaurant and go home. From the time we get home till just now, as I am sitting down to right this, has been a flurry of feeding Cooper, doing another load of laundry (#4 or 5, I lost track), brushing teeth, getting PJ’s on and reading Good Night stories. As soon as I am done writing this post, I am getting lunch and work clothes ready for tomorrow (it’s a go-to work kind of day) and also my running clothes. When that’s all done, it is bed time for me.

And before you know it, it’s time to wake up and do it all over again!

DayinthelifeButton_WEBI’m not sure if this was interesting or not. But it’s my life and you know what? I kind of love it!


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A Day in the Life + Body Language Sportswear Giveaway!

Happy Friday everyone! Is it me or was this a really long week? I feel like I say that every Friday but this one particularly. Maybe because last week was short? Whatever it is, I’m happy it’s Friday.

I’ve got two things to chat about today.

A Day in the Life…Link Up Party

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I shared a typical day in my job as a Clinical Exercise Specialist? Click HERE for the link. Well, that was only one of my jobs. Next week Wednesday (September 18) I’ll be posting A Day in the Life of my other full time job (and most important IMHO) as a part time stay at home Mama. Jill had an awesome idea to do a link up party of bloggers sharing their own “A Day in the Life of…” posts. To be completely honest, I am incredibly nosy and love posts like this! I love knowing what people do all day at their job, what they eat, when they workout, etc.

I want to know “how do you do it all?”

DayinthelifeButton_WEBSo please join in if you are a blogger! Grab the badge above (copy and paste would work just fine), publish your post and then visit Jill or I to link up your post on Wednesday September 18. And just to make it a little bit more fun, one person will win 5 pairs of Swiftwick Compression Socks!

I can’t wait to be nosy! 🙂

Body Language Sportswear Giveaway

So on Wednesday I reviewed Body Language Sportswear. Click HERE to read it if you missed it.

Body Language Sportswear - happyfitmama.comAs part of the review, I agreed to hosting a $100 gift card giveaway to BLS. Since I had a less than stellar experience with the ordering process and the condition of the tank, I have mixed feelings about still doing the giveaway. I definitely don’t want any of you to have the same experience. But I do think their clothes are cute, flattering and well made. Maybe my order was just a fluke? So in honoring my agreement and giving the company the benefit of the doubt, I am still doing the giveaway.

Here’s the details –

One lucky winner will win a $100 gift card for anything they’d like from Body Language Sportswear.

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