Strange Things Seen on a Run

Runners see some weird things. Here's a collection of the strangest things seen on the run by runners.

Yesterday morning, I was out on my run and started to think about all the strange things I’ve seen on a run.

There was the time I saw a woman running backwards at the track. I was there for at least 45 minutes and she never ran forwards once. How did she not puke?

The entire Honolulu Marathon. All of it. Strange.

Or the time I saw a goat sitting in a truck eating the dashboard. Although that’s not too weird because it was Goat Man’s truck. If you are local, you know what I’m talking about.

And then there was the run where I came upon 3 teenagers walking along at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning carrying a crow. They told me it was injured and they were going to make it feel better. I didn’t stick around long enough to hear anymore.

Definitely the strangest thing I’ve seen on a run involved me.

I was running in the early morning and came upon an elderly woman who stopped me. She did not speak any English. At all. I’m not sure what language she spoke, but it was coming out fast and furious. From her gesturing and pointing, I figured out what she wanted.  She wanted me to help her carry an over stuffed arm chair that someone had placed at the curb for garbage. I felt bad – how could I say no to this woman? She was at least 80 years old, maybe 5 feet tall and tiny! Initially I thought we were moving it to one of the houses nearby. Oh no. She kept going. And going. I kept asking – “Where are we going with this?!?!” Finally, after carrying it awkwardly, for at least a half mile, I told her I had to go. From the rapid fire of her words and the tone of her voice, I don’t think she was too happy with me. I’m quite sure she flipped me the bird as I continued on with my run. I think I laughed out loud for the rest of the run. How bizarre!

I asked my Facebook friends to tell me about their strange things seen on a run. These had me laughing out loud. All I have to say is PEOPLE ARE STRANGE!

Sadly, I don’t have pictures to show off any of these strange events. Feel free to use your imagination.

“I saw someone pooping on the side of the road at the Paris Marathon.”Sue

Laura also saw this at the Chicago Marathon as did Jennifer at the Enchanted 10k and Princess Half.

So I must admit that I’ve pooped on the side of the road during a marathon. But in my defense, it was on a bike path, in a wooded area during VCM. And I was surrounded by at least a half dozen other unfortunate runners who HAD to go with no port-a-potties in sight. I can’t say I would have done it on the side of the road in plain sight, though. However, when ya gotta go…

I saw someone feather dusting his BMW. You know, with one of those old-fashioned puffy feather dusters?” – Jennifer

That’s some serious car love.

I saw a girl bedazzling her Mercedes! I swear, a newer model white Mercedes and she was applying pink rhinestones inside the Mercedes symbol! – Tiffany

Seriously. People are strange.

I found a bag full of costumes in the middle of the woods. A friend opened it and put on a “Wizard of Oz” flying monkey outfit, complete with the fur and jackets. So creepy and awesome.” – Heather

Was is from a super secret woodland production of the Wizard of Oz? My mind can go in some many odd directions with that one.


Drunk teenagers chasing me on their Vespa at 4:30am on one of my weekend long runs. And then they tried to jump the sidewalk after me (because so fun to do after a few…)and crashed the scooter. And being a mom, I actually ran over to them to make sure they were okay before yelling at them for being butt heads and calling 911. Next weirdest would be mating raccoons. They were NOT happy that I interrupted their little soiree on the running path that early morning.” – Tracy

Tracy is a better mom than me. I would have been on phone with the cops while running in the opposite direction.

I saw a woman vacuuming a horse. It was one of those wet/dry vacs and it was ridiculous. The horse looked humiliated.” – Allie

I don’t know a thing about horses but I’m assuming that’s not how you clean them?

“I used to run over by the Tennessee River in Chattanooga where I’m from and there was the person who was the mascot for UTC, and he would occasionally run with his costume head on.” – Cynthia

That would totally freak me out. Mascots are just too weird. And to run with only the head on – that’s what nightmares of made of!

A county sheriff’s wallet on the site of the road, complete with badge & all his credit/id cards. I hurried home with it & called the station to get it returned. – Amy

If I would have found that, I would have thought it was a trick to see if anyone would steal it. Way to go Amy for being the good citizen!

A loaded handgun! Called the police and they picked it up (and let me know it still had a bullet in the chamber).Sandy

Now that is scary.

Two pairs of ladies panties and a bunch of little liquor bottles alongside the road!Wendy

“I saw a pair of men’s underwear and a mile or so away a bra…these were on rural roads.” – Renee

Sounds like a party to me.

I was running 1 mile laps around the block. Lap one there was a green condom on the ground. Laps 2-5 it wasn’t there. – Daniela


deer |

A horse in the middle of the road. Or Zebras. I can provide photos if you would like.” – Jennifer

That is one thing I’ve never seen in the road while running. Turkey’s, ducks, geese, deer, bear…no horses or zebras. Super bummed about that one!

People peeing, dog fights, couple fighting….the usual works.” – Ellen

Just another run around the ‘hood.

I used to see a lady pushing her dogs in a stroller when I lived in NH!! – Sarah

At the local park where I run on my lunch break there is a lady that puts her bird cage in a stroller and walks her parakeets!– Tiffany

I’ve seen dogs and cats in strollers but parakeets, that’s a new one!

A “snowman” closely resembling male genitals.” – Jamee

Wonder what it looked like when it started to melt? (Editor’s note: go to my Facebook page to see proof. Jamee posted a pic!

A bodyHeather

And Heather wins for the weirdest thing no runner ever wants to see on their run.

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What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on your run?

21 comments on “Strange Things Seen on a Run

  1. What….just what? SO many odd things and a body?! No thanks! This was funny to read though, thanks for linking up and sharing 🙂

  2. Oh, wow- I think you win for the most strange things to see (or have happen) on a run… the crow at 6am? And walking a chair for nearly half a mile? I’m dying!

    I came across 3 wild turkeys once, and there was a bird dive bombing at my head on a loop by the lake every time I ran past his nest. Those are the only two things that stand out to me!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Back to base buildingMy Profile

  3. OMG! I laughed so hard reading this post. We really do see some crazy things while out on our runs! I think the weirdest thing I have seen during a run was a used condom wrapper next to an empty bottle of beer – I think we all know what happened that night!

  4. These are pretty fantastic. I was trying to think of other just funny things, not awful things, and one that stands out is at dark thirty this guy (??) with large headphones on walking down the sidewalk in front of us literally stopped and started twerking. Guess he was having fun. And another time it was a Fri morning before 5 and this late bar was just closing and across the street there was a hot dog vendor (ugh the smell) and drunks happily lined up. By the time we had circled back around about 15 mins later it was totally cleared out like nothing had ever happened.

  5. This is such an awesome post! I can’t believe some of the things people have seen! Living in NYC, I’ve seen my share of odd things on a run, but some aren’t as crazy as these!

  6. I would die if I saw a body!! that is the scariest thing!!

    I have seen dogs on strollers, but it sounds like a common one…

  7. OMG these are too funny! The one about the woman vacuuming the horse is my favorite. I’ve seen some fairly weird things but nothing quite like these. Once I saw a person practicing cross-country skiing on a paved trail using trekking poles and roller blades. Only in the PNW.

    1. So that’s not that weird. It’s actually how they train in the off season. Although the ones I’ve seen were longer versions of roller blades. I lived in an area where Olympic skiers lived and that’s what they did.

  8. Haha! Thanks for including mine…that image kept me amused for the good part of my run as I tried to imagine what it was all about. The one thing I see all the time on my weekend runs, besides empty liquor bottles and beer cans, is used condoms in the road. ALL THE TIME! Ewwww. But I guess I should be glad that people are using them, right? But I always wonder, what, do you do the deed and then just fling it out the window?

    1. I’m sure that is exactly what happens. No one wants to find a used condom in their cup holder! Or stuffed in between the seats when searching for loose change? lol

  9. These are AMAZING. There was (probably still is) a guy in Brooklyn who used to walk around the running path in Prospect Park with an enormous ball. He’d bounce it, walk after it, pick it up and repeat. I used to see him on a long run of three or four laps and he was out there doing it for a loooong time. He’d never acknowledge other people, except for one time when some people stopped to grab the ball (he was far behind it). He yelled out to them to stop and not touch it and you could hear he was really panicking.

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