SIX03 Summerfest 10K (2017)

SIX03 Summerfest 10k |

Shut it.

That’s what I had to tell my brain over and over again before the start of the SIX03 Summerfest 10K on Sunday.

I waited till the last minute to register for the race.  Friday afternoon I was still undecided especially since my friend Lori asked if I wanted to run Mount A instead on Sunday.  Road vs. trails?  My heart said trails but logistics won. We had plans with friends afterwards so it would be less drive time if I did the race.

I had a million reasons of why I should not run the race.

I have done zero speed work. The last “fast” workout I did was the first week of March.

I’ve “only” been back to running post stress fracture 2 months.

It’s hella hilly of a race. I run the roads of that race when I want a hilly run and it kicks my butt every time.

I’m not as fast as I used to be.

I don’t like running on the roads as much as trails.

Blah, blah, blah.

It’s amazing how the mind can blow things way out of proportion.  Why does any of that chatter matter?  No one cares about any of that so why was I?

After I decided just to do it, I was ok with it. Nervous that I’d blow up but ok with it. 

Bia Sport GPS |

This is the message I got on my Bia GPS after I ran the race in 2014.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.

I think that phrase was running through my head at the start line.

The strange thing is that once I started running, I didn’t think of any of that stuff.

The beauty of this race is that it starts downhill. I let momentum take me for a ride because I knew I wouldn’t be having much of that later on.

I felt pretty good up until mile 4.5 – 5.  That’s when you have gone through the mega hills and then turn around to repeat the damn thing over again. The heat of the sun hit me as I started to feel chills despite sweating a ridiculous amount and taking 2 cups of water at every aid station.

Around this point, my friend Nicole caught up to me. We ran together a bit before the last 2 mega hills.  There was a girl ahead of us that she wanted to catch.  I encouraged her to get after her and attack on the up hill of Rogers St, a short but steep hill.  As luck would have it, the girl stopped to walk and Nicole pushed through and gained some distance. The girl started to run again and I tried to catch up to her.  My legs were toast so I just tried to hang on.

SIX03 Summerfest 10k |

The funny thing is that as we were all running up Portland Ave. (the last mega hill – there’s a timing mat at the bottom and top for crowning the King and Queen of the hill with the fastest times), Nicole stopped to walk for a second, so did the girl I was chasing.  Guess what I did then?  Walked!  I’m not sure what in my brain made me do that but it took about 30 seconds for me to realize – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!  RUN!

I didn’t even look at my time when I crossed the finish line.  I saw what it said on my Garmin before Sarah and I did a 1 mile cool down run but didn’t even register what the numbers were. I ran hard, had fun (fun as in hyperventilating and having your HR through the roof) and enjoyed pushing myself.That’s all that matters.

It wasn’t till later when I looked up my time, I saw that I actually got 3rd in my Age Group. And then later I pulled up my splits from 3 years ago. Here’s the comparison.

2014 – Mile 1 (6:56), Mile 2 (8:02), Mile 3 (7:48), Mile 4 (7:44), Mile 5 (8:34), Mile 6 (8:18), Mile 0.25 (8:56)

2017 – Mile 1 (7:03), Mile 2 (7:57), Mile 3 (7:47), Mile 4 ( 7:57), Mile 5 (8:28), Mile 6 (8:08), Mile 0.27 (9:01)

Interesting, right?

The funny thing is that my finishing time was only 20 seconds slower than my time 3 years ago at this same race. At that time I was mid marathon training and doing speed work all the time.

Maybe I’m not in such bad shape as I thought I was?

Or maybe I wasn’t in great shape 3 years ago?

Whatever the case, it gave me another confidence boost that things are going to be ok. I’m not building up from nothing. I’ve got a strong base from the months of cross training and strength training while I was out from running.

SIX03 Summerfest 10k |

This kind of makes me want to try a relatively flat 10K to see what I can do.  I’m doing Beach to Beacon 10K on Saturday but probably not racing it.  I know it’s a big race and there’s some rolling hills. I’ve run in Cape Elizabeth before so I know it’s not flat. We’ll see what happens.

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Do you let your mind worry over races?

10K – yay or nay?

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  1. On a race like that, a local 10k that I’ve run before, I kind of just go. No strategy, just go. I run 6 miles fairly often so to do it on a race course is kind of a no-brainer for me. Those are my best races.

    Congrats on a great race!

  2. Love love love this!! We always think we have to be in top shape to race but you proved otherwise, and you proved that it’s not just about speed work to stay fit! All that cross training and trail running paid off! Awesome work!

  3. I have no business stopping to read this post with the absolute mountain of catch-up work I need to do but I HAD to and I’m SO glad I did. What an amazing result!!! So proud of you for accomplishing operation “shut it” with your brain 🙂
    Have SO much fun this weekend and race well!!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – A Different Kind of HardMy Profile

  4. Love this – congrats on a strong race! It’s amazing what shutting off the brain can do – that alone seems to do more than months of speedwork!
    When I crossed the finish line to my last 10K, I was like “holy heck that hurts, I’m not doing that distance again often!” but now I want to do them again.

  5. So you totally killed it! Hills or not – you are one fast lady! Nice job!
    I need to take your advice – I know negative self talk really holds me back sometimes.
    Have a great day, and congratulations!

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