Six03 SummerFest 10K Race Recap

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The message on my Bia Sport watch says it all after the Six03 Summerfest 10k yesterday

ISLAGIATT:ย  It Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time!

When I saw this message, I had no idea what it meant. No one else did either so what did we do? Google it! It’s a marvelous way to describe the day so I’m going with it as the theme for this race recap.

ISLAGIATT #1 – Registering for this race. I’ve known about this race since March but held out till this past Tuesday to actually register for it. Procrastination is my middle name.

ISLAGIATT #2 – Having it at the end of July at 9 a.m.

ISLAGIATT #3 – Picking the hilliest course ever and making it an out and back.

ISLAGIATT #4 – Essentially climbing two big ass hills the last 2 miles with the finish line at the top of the last. Whomever mapped this route is pure evil.

ISLAGIATT #5 – Having a margarita the night before the race and justifying it by saying the extra salt is needed for all that I would be sweating out the next day.

I didn’t really have a plan going into the race. My first and only 10k before this was two years ago. I ran 50:13. Back then I was running less mileage and the course was relatively flat. I knew that I wanted to keep my pace from 7:30-8:00 in an attempt for a PR. As I said many times, I don’t do my best on hills so really I was just going to try to keep a positive attitude and do my best.

Six03 Summerfest 10k start

Kailey, Mariette and I did a warm up run of a mile or so before the race started. I was sweating within a 1/4 mile of starting even at an easy pace. It was cloudy, around 70 with a light breeze but humid. I’m glad it wasn’t sunny because the heat would have been worse.

Mile 1 – 6:56 Despite my hopes of kicking my positive splits habit, I started off super fast. It was hard not to let things open up wide on the down hill at the start and with fresh legs.

Mile 2 – 8:02 And then the first gradual hill climb happened. I tried to slow my breathing and relax a little by letting out some loud sighs. It worked and I was able to refocus on I CAN. At this point I was thinking it would be really nice if this was only a 5k.

Mile 3 – 7:48 Things flattened out a bit with a few small rolls. I can’t really remember much from this section other than thinking that the big ones were coming soon.

Mile 4 – 7:44 This was the start of the brutal end. A steep downhill followed by an even steeper uphill that had the turn around at the top. Of course, what goes up must go down but in this case, up again.

Mile 5 – 8:34 I felt like I was barely moving. I wanted to stop to walk numerous times during this mile. My legs were tired but my pride wouldn’t let me stop. That’s the thing about an out and back – you’ve got the peer pressure of the other racers staring right at you!

Mile 6 – 8:18 And the hills keep going. I repeated LAST MILE! LAST MILE! over and over. There was a super steep but short hill climb around mile 5.5. A girl ahead of me stopped at the top and dry heaved before starting up again. She must have felt better because she took off looking strong for the last hill. There was a timing mat at the base of the hill for the King/Queen of the Hill competition. I’m not sure who won it and with what time but I later found I did it in 3:26 if that gives you any indication of how long it was to the finish line.

Mile 0.25 (according to my watch) – 8:56 Stick a fork in me, I am done!

Six03 Summerfest 10k finish line

Finish time: 49:26 (official)

Super speedy and queen of the hills herself, Sarah, claimed 3rd place female. It was great to catch up with her and have our kids hang out. I think Mr. L has a crush on her daughter now.

Six03 Summerfest 10k post  happyfitmama.comChomping on a Yasso Greek Yogurt bar. It was my first time having one – so good!

That race was brutal with 400 feet of upness. But I’m happy with what I did.It makes me want to find another 10k with a much flatter course, to see what I really can do. I like the distance. There’s another 10k coming up in August, Saunders 10k, that’s an option. However, it’s on a Thursday at 6 p.m. – Not my best time to run.

Do you like the 10k distance?

If you had to pick a flat 5k or super hilly 10k, which would it be?

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  1. CONGRATS on your PR!!!! That course sounds brutal – OMG. You have to do a flat 10K now, as I’m sure you will blow your time away. Also love seeing you and Sarah together. I read about her speedy finish on Instagram – so cool.
    And, aren’t you glad you had that margarita? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Allie recently posted..Born To Run For Love or Money? (Win the Book!)My Profile

  2. Nice job on the PR and hilly courses are wicked. You should definitely find a flat 10k! The Asheville Half Marathon I ran last month had tons of hills and one to the finish line too. It was awful, but I may want to try it again with some hill work on the treadmill ahead of time.
    Pam recently posted..A post-run scareMy Profile

  3. Ouchie, lots of hills, but you made it through AND with a PR, thats awesome!! You ran the pace you wanted, even with those challenges. I love that the the BIC has that message on it! So wonderful you and Sarah got to hang out (nice job Sarah).

    As for your question….hmmm…I would say a hilly 10k, as I like the challenge ๐Ÿ™‚
    Tina Muir recently posted..Meatless Monday Linkup: Sesame Peanut Spaghetti SquashMy Profile

  4. Great job! Sounds like a crazy tough course and race day. And 9am at end of July??? I have only done 2 10Ks and I kind of like that distance. Though, I haven’t raced quite as fast as I technically could have/should have I suppose. It was only 2 sec faster than my half race pace. Note to self: do some darn speedwork LOL

    1. I think the race directors were trying to create a big buzz about the new race – super hilly course that starts at a ridiculous time for the summer. And I think they achieved that!

  5. Despite all of those factors you mentioned, looks like you rocked it! I like a 10k I am just not fast enough for a 5k and I figure if I am going to wake up and get my but somewhere it might as well be for more than 3 miles ๐Ÿ™‚
    Deborah recently posted..Hiking Aspen styleMy Profile

    1. Maybe at the next race we do, our hubs should meet up while we’re running so the kids have more time to play together. I’m thinking Saunders might be a possibility…

  6. Congrats on the PR! I think it’s such an accomplishment to PR on a tough hilly course no matter hoe big or small it was. I have yet to race a 10K – this year is the year of trying new distances for me. So I’ll let you know in a few months if I like the 10K. I prefer flat 5k’s for obvious reasons but some small rolling hills can be okay too.

    1. I so want to get rid of my positive split ways. It’s hard with the shorter distances. I want to bank some fast miles in at the front just in case!

    1. If you would have asked me 5 minutes after finishing if I wanted to punch someone – yes. Immediately at the finish I was using all my energy to stay upright.

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