Six03 Great Pumpkin 10k Relay Recap

Six03 Great Pumpkin 10k Relay |

You guys, I ran a race over the weekend.

I know what you are all thinking…WHAT? Aren’t you injured?

So here’s the thing. I ran twice last week and with every run, I saw progress in my injuries. I was able to run further with less discomfort. My plan was to try for at least 3 miles on Saturday. However, I was already registered for the Six03 Great Pumpkin 10k Relay with Kailey. The way the relay was set up was Runner #1 ran 1.5 miles and then handed off the baton pumpkin to Runner #2 for their 1.5 mile loop. Then it was all repeated again for a total of 6 miles or 3 miles for each runner. I didn’t want to have another DNS, but I knew there was no way I was going to actually race. Kailey was cool with me taking it easy so it was decided – I was running!

The race was located at Flag Hill Winery on the trails behind the vineyard. It was a chilly 41 degrees and sprinkling rain at the start. As with any trail race, the atmosphere is way different than a road race. It was a smaller crowd, no bibs, no timing chips. And very chill. Since it was a Halloween themed race, there were a few costumes. The most memorable being the Baywatch inspired team with the large man wearing a blonde wig, a stuffed tank ala Pam Anderson and complete with lifeguard float. The only race requirement? A mini pumpkin that had the team number that each runner carried during their leg.

Kailey started Team Pumpkin Pushers off while I tried to stay warm. We had done a 10 minute light warm up run before the start. I actually was very surprised how well all my aches were feeling even during that. Before I knew it, I saw Kailey trucking across the field. We had decided on wearing all black as our team uniform, but thankfully she wore her bright orange Saucony shoes. I could clearly pick her out!

Thoughts from my sections of the run:

  • I’m running!
  • I’m getting passed. Speed up. No! YOU ARE NOT RACING!
  • I love running on trails! A bed of soft pine needles and dirt feels so much better than pavement. I need to run more trails.
  • AGHHHHHHHHH!!!! Creepy old doll randomly in the woods propped up against a tree!
  • Holy steep, muddy downhill. Slow. Slow. Slow.
  • That guy has a dirty butt. I guess he didn’t slow down the steep hill.
  • Watch out for that tree.
  • I’m running!
  • Why don’t I run trails more?
  • I’m so happy I’m going to cry!

Six03 Great Pumpkin Relay  happyfitmama.comPhoto courtesy of Kailey.

Such a fun race! Even though we didn’t technically race it, we still did quite well – 38/80 with a time of 50:23. I was just unbelievably happy to be back to running relatively pain free. My Achilles felt great. My SI/L5 weren’t too bad. I definitely could tell I’m still not 100%. It just felt like I didn’t have as much strength on my right side as compared to the left. I was a little sore later in the day, but overall all good.

I’m happy to be back in my running shoes again! And that is simply marvelous.

How was your weekend? Run long? Run a race?

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  1. That sounds like a great fun time! and even better that you are feeling better! I ran a 10K on Saturday morning and although I only finished 11/20 it was a PR for me! have a great week! Cute pics!

  2. That’s awesome, Angela! So, so glad you have progressed so far. I’ve got to guess it’s only up from here!

    Funny, too, that my running club has a “run through the grapevine” on this weekend every year. And, one of the trail races I did a couple of years ago had several dolls propped up in the woods long the way. Is this a thing? Must be!

    Congrats on your return!
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  3. Your smile in this photo makes me smile! Such a big, beautiful, happy smile! I am so glad you got to run AND race at the same time, AND your achilies felt better! Makes you look at running in a better perspective πŸ™‚

    I ran 80 mins yesterday with a friend I met here in KY, I had SO much fun, it was so nice to run with someone for an entire run, let alone a longer run! The time flew by πŸ™‚
    Tina Muir recently posted..Meatless Monday- Sweet Potato BiscuitsMy Profile

    1. So the big smile was definitely because I was running BUT also because I was hanging out with my best running friends. I think I spend the majority of our time together laughing and giggling!

  4. Love the thoughts during the run! I had the speed up, no you’re not racing thing happen durning a long training run when I got stuck in the middle of a 5K. I REALLY wasn’t racing haha. So glad you’re starting to heal!

  5. Great race report. I agree about the creepy doll in the woods. Did you see a team running with her? I did. The steep downhill by the river was scary, but I loved how quiet it got in the woods!

  6. Haha… I think I’ve been there once or twice or three times. It’s so freeing to be on the brink of recovery. Glad to hear you didn’t race (don’t destroy your progress to health), and also very happy to hear you go to run and it went well.
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