Sexy Shoulder Workout

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There has been a LOT of food talk this week on Happy Fit Mama so you have probably been wondering, “Where’s the running?” It’s been a nice distraction having other topics to write about this week before the race. So for all the running fans, let’s talk running! I did do a great 4 mile speed workout last night on Ol’ Nordie.

Warm up – 1 mile @ easy pace

2×1600 @ 7:24 (took the last 1/2 mile of each up a notch to 7:19)pace with 800 jogs

Cool down – 0.5 mile @ easy pace

I was pushing it for sure with the 7:19 pace. I love doing speed work just to see what my body can do. You never know what surprises it has in stall for you on any given day!

Sexy Shoulders Workout

Strong, sexy shoulders are a great asset in our every day daily tasks like carrying heavy grocery bags or lifting children up and down 5,000 times a day(or in my case 2 children at the same time). They also give us better posture and minimize the size of our hips to give us a nice hour glass silhouette. Who doesn’t want to have great looking shoulders now that we are about to be bearing more skin with the warmer weather approaching?

The shoulders are considered one muscle but they actually break down into 3 heads – front (anterior) side (lateral) and back (posterior). The following exercises are based on compound movements that work all three heads simultaneously. Here are some of my favorite shoulder exercises:

*Note – DB Door Knockers explanation: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Abs engaged. Bring arms out to the sides to form a “goal post.” Each arm will be at a 90 degree angle. With palms facing forward, begin to lower forearms/hands forward while keeping elbows raised. End move has hands and forearms parallel with the ground. Slowly return to starting position.

Add these shoulder moves 2x a week into your exercise routine for maximum benefit just in time for Memorial Day!

Edited to add: Do 12-15 reps of each move with a heavy enough weight so that it’s challenging.

Under Armour What’s Beautiful Challenge

Just wanted to let you all know that Under Armour is hosting a great competition to redefine the female athlete.

My goal as you know, is to get into Headstand Pose! Click here to follow me!  I’d love to have the support. If you are doing the challenge let me know and I’ll follow you right back. There’s strength in numbers!

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite shoulder exercise?


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    1. It was obviously way too early for me to be writing! – I forgot to put in the reps. They’re now added in. Do 12-15 reps of each exercise. Thanks Julie!

  1. I’ve never tried the Door Knockers. Thanks for the great list of shoulder exercises, it’s my day to get in weights, so I’m going to add these! And how exciting that you’re doing the challenge, I’ll go follow you!
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    1. I’m not sure of the technical term for door knockers (that’s just my wording) but they are really effective in isolating the deltoid. Thanks for following me!

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