Santa’s Village 2016

Santa's Village Swings

This weekend was a very full and fun one.

We headed way, way up north to Santa’s Village in Jefferson, NH. It was our first time and it did not disappoint. It was like Christmas in July August! And I’ve got the Christmas songs stuck in my head to prove it.

Santa's Village 2016 _

I’m not the biggest fan of amusement parks. Swinging on a swing makes me want to vomit these days so the thought of paying money to go on rides that I know will make me sick doesn’t sound all that much fun. But you do silly things for kids.

Santa's Village on the ride

First ride of the day. By the last ride I was not so chipper and felt quite green. And if you are wondering, Ron said he did not purposely wear Christmas colors for the park. I think he’s lying.

Santa's Village I was this tall _

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the kids could ride on a lot of rides by themselves. Woohoo! My stomach did a big THANK YOU upon learning that news.

Sant's Village I was this tall 2016

We stopped by the Reindeer Barn to see all of Santa’s helpers. I never knew their antlers were furry. It was like plush velvet. And if you are wondering, reindeer really do like carrots. And green apples.ย  I think I want a reindeer now. How cute is he?

Santa's Village Reindeer

There’s even a place that makes fresh Gingerbread boys and girls that you can decorate. I had buyer’s remorse when Ron and I split a cupcake rather a Gingerbread cookie after taking a bite (or three) from the kids’. The smell was unbelievable and the taste was incredible. Fresh from the oven Gingerbread? O.M.G.

Santa's Village Gingerbread Fam _

I must admit that Santa’s Village is a really, really nice park. The location is perfect although a little strange. There’s not a whole lot around the park. In fact, it’s in the most sparsely populated areas of the state. But it totally works because Santa’s Village needs to be way off in the woods, right?

Santa's Village view from the Ferris Wheel |

And you get a sweet view of the Presidential’s from atop the Ferris Wheel. Which, btw, totally distracted me from freaking out entirely while we waited for it to be unloaded and loaded. I’m so not a fan of Ferris Wheel’s!

The park was busy (it was a weekend during the summer after all) but the lines moved quickly. I don’t think we had to wait more than 5-10 minutes in any line.

Sant'as Village Skyway

The park itself is very clean. What surprised Ron and I both is that it’s not just teenagers or college kids running the rides and shops. There’s actually quite a few retirees. All of the staff was super friendly and polite.

Most importantly, the kids loved Santa’s Village! They could not stop talking about all of the marvelous rides and what they want to do the next time we go. It’s so cool that we have this little gem of a park in our state. We will definitely be back next year unless we decide to make a trip up just before Christmas to see the Big Guy in person.

Do you like amusement parks?


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  1. Love amusement parks! Seems like your kids had a blast. Going to wait a year or two to take my to Santa’s Village/Storyland but we did take them to Canobie and I was so surprised at how much my 1 year old could do there! They both loved it and Grammy and Grampy came along so we got in some adult rides too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What an awesome park! We’re always looking for fun activities in the summer while we wait for the snow to return ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Props on braving the rides!

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