Running Tidbits, Lessons Learned and Foot Drama

Running tidbits and lessons learned. |

Hey guys!

So the snowstorm yesterday was crazy.  So much snow. So much wind.  We hunkered down at home. Our power flickered a few times but thankfully, we didn’t loose it entirely.  

You know it’s a bad storm when the New Hampshire State Liquor Stores throughout the state shut down at 3 p.m. As commenters on Facebook were saying – Shit got real. Lol!

I’ve got a ton of running related tidbits floating around in my head right now so I thought I’d share them with you along with some other randomness.

As I mentioned on Monday, along with my foot drama, I’ve been having some shoe drama.  I’ve been running in the Saucony Guide for years.  Back in January it was time to get a new pair.  I wanted to stick with the Guide 9 rather than going up to the newest Guide 10.  In an attempt to be frugal, I bought a pair of Guide 9’s from Amazon.  

It was my usual shoe so it was going to be the exact same thing, right? 


From the moment I tried them on, I thought they felt completely different than my old pair.  They felt very stiff and rigid.  I thought maybe they needed to be broken in a little bit even though I know that running shoes should not feel like they need to be broken in.  I was still running in my old Guide’s and running in the new Guide’s for shorter runs here and there.  A few times I got a pain on the top of my foot like my shoe was tied too tight.  Basically, I hated the shoes and only ran in them maybe 5 times.


Two weeks ago, I wore those shoes for hill repeats.  That’s also the day that my foot/ankle pain started up.

When I went to my PT last week for new orthotics, Jen thought my (new) shoes were way too rigid for my foot.  There was hardly any bend in the forefoot.  She said I should definitely NOT run in them again.

Over the weekend I went to Runner’s Alley and got fitted for new shoes. I asked the sales guy what he thought about my (new) shoes.  Could there be that big of a difference between the two shoes even though they are the same style/make?  He said no BUT the big difference could be because my original shoe came from Saucony.  The newest shoe came from Amazon.  It could have been sitting in a warehouse for the past year or longer since it came out. Who knows what types of conditions it could have been in that could have possibly made the soles stiffen up.

I don’t know if that’s what happened but it seems plausible.

Lesson learned: Buy your running shoes from reputable websites and stores.

Yamuna Balls

Check out my balls!  My friend Nicole mentioned these balls to me recently.  In fact, she told me I needed to step on her balls sometime.  I couldn’t wait for her balls so I bought my own and am so glad I did.

FYI – I couldn’t help myself with all the ball references.  It was just too perfect. 😉

So the balls are accupressure for your feet.  When you first step on the balls, it’s not a pleasant feeling.  But then you feel things start to loosen up.  I like to stand on them when I’m making dinner or getting ready in the morning while blow drying my hair and putting on makeup. I feel like I’m in much better alignment once I step off of them.

yamuna balls

Homemade Strassburg Sock

Of course I have consulted Dr. Google numerous times since my foot started hurting.  Never a good idea but you can find some really interesting things.  With my mysterious foot pain, I have also had some Achilles pain in my right ankle.  The Strassburg Sock is recommended to wear at night for not only Achilles issues but Plantar Fasciitis.  I was curious to see if that would help me out but I didn’t want to fork over the money for one.  Again, I’m being frugal. And I wanted it right now, not two days from now.  Enter the homemade version of the Strassburg Sock.  Google, you are a blessing.  All you need is a pair of tall socks (I used a pair of snowboard socks).  You put one sock on normally.  You place the other sock half way over your foot and tuck the toe portion of it into the top of the other sock. Super simple! I have slept with it on for 3 nights so far.  I thought for sure it wouldn’t stay on all night but it doesn’t budge.  Funny enough, I have noticed a difference on how I feel walking downstairs in the morning.  I don’t need the death grip on the banister as I hobble down.

homemade strassburg sock

New Physical Therapist

Yesterday I had an eval with my new physical therapist.  He tested, poked around in my foot, ankle and calf, filmed me walking and running and still wasn’t really sure what’s going on with my foot.  The only time I had pain was when I ran on the treadmill.  Nothing else could reproduce it.  My Achilles doesn’t feel tight.  My calves aren’t that bad either.  I go back on Thursday where hopefully he’ll have more answers after reviewing my running film.

He told me to lay off running at least until Thursday.  In the mean time, I’ve been told to do whatever cardio I can do hard to keep my cardiovascular endurance up. I had planned on getting to the pool yesterday for some pool running but snowstorm Stella shut everything down. I really don’t want to go to the pool but I know it’s the next best thing to land running. Sigh.  The things we do for running.

Linking up with Wild Workout Wednesday and the Coaches’ Corner.

Have you ever had a huge difference in running shoes of the same make/model?

What sounds more fun to you – running on a treadmill or in a pool? Hands down it’s the treadmill for me.



29 comments on “Running Tidbits, Lessons Learned and Foot Drama

  1. That’s so interesting about the shoes. I tried the Guides once and they gave me a terrible blister (I bought them from DSW and returned them). Its a good point that some places may have shoes sitting there forever before actually selling them! I usually buy mine from Running Warehouse and haven’t had any issues. I hope you figure out what is going on with your foot!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted..Ginger and Beet Anti-Inflammatory SmoothieMy Profile

  2. I’ve had that same issue with shoes before when I don’t get them from Fleet Feet and go to Dick’s instead. I thought it may be a storage issue!!! But, I’ve learned that if it doesn’t feel right, get rid of them! I also recently tried running in Nike’s for the first time in like 15 years and something was a little “off” so they will now only be worn to walk in!

    And I have the same balls. I keep one in my car at all times b/c I often have to sit on it to release my piriformis!!! #issues
    Allie recently posted..What I Learned Interviewing Amy Cragg, Molly Huddle and Matt FitzgeraldMy Profile

  3. Before I read what the local store sales person said I thought: “They were probably sitting in a warehouse”. Shoes that sit longer than a year in a warehouse break down over 50%! So half the cost but can feel very different. I’ve had the same issue long ago. It’s funny because the new Saucony Guide is one of the best selling shoes at our store in that category…just goes to show what works for some doesn’t work for all!

    1. You get what you pay for, right? I really do love the Guides. They’ve treated me well over the years. Surprisingly, when I got fitted again at Runner’s Alley, they moved me the more neutral Saucony Ride. With my orthotic, it was too much stability.

  4. OMG the SAME thing happened to me with a pair of Brooks Ravennas. I should say that I’ve been careful since then… but I’ve bought 2 more pairs of other shoes from discount sellers… ooops

  5. So sorry to hear about your sneaker drama! I actually never thought about accounting for “warehouse time” for the sneakers I buy online. I will definitely change my purchasing habits!

    1. It’s so weird! I know so many people who do buy online like that and have no problems. It’s such a bummer too because you can get really good deals!

  6. I have loved Yamuna for years! I go through periods of times using them (I also have some of the body balls, and long periods of not.

    Even though my foot has been rebelling on me the last year, it’s thankfully something I can still run through. It’s mostly better, but not completely — for me, it just takes time. I hope you find answers and you don’t have to resort to pool running much.

    1. Thanks Judy! As much as I don’t want to resort to pool running, I think even when I’m back to running that I should try to sub out one day of land running for it just to give my bones and joints a break. But in reality, I’d much rather be outside!

      1. I like to swim once a week — not pool running, swimming — but not in the winter. For the same reason & because I just love to swim.

        This week I’ve been forced to run on the treadmill 3 days in a row because of Stella! It’s been tough.

  7. We got hit with the snowstorm HARD here too. Woke up to 3 feet overnight…ugh!

    And the SAME things happened to me. I ordered the Sauconys off of Amazon and immediately sent them back because they didn’t feel right even though the were the SAME Guides that I had been wearing. I went to the running store and bought a pair there instead. Definitely won’t be ordering off of Amazon for running shoes again any time soon 🙁

  8. That is so odd about the exact same make/model of the shoe being so different! I guess the theory of it sitting in cold or heat somewhere in storage makes sense. At least you now have perspective… you know you’ll be back out there!

    We’re on our second snow day of the week here but it sounds like you got hit even harder than us. Stay safe!

  9. Interesting about the shoes. I bought a pair of Saucony Rides, the same model I’ve been wearing, from Roadrunnersports and thought they felt stiff. Makes sense if they’ve been sitting around for a while!
    I would definitely choose the treadmill over the pool!

  10. I’m so sorry you’re having foot problems! Sometimes it seems like there is always something, doesn’t it! I have bought shoes from Amazon before without a problem. It’s too bad you had such a bad experience with the ones you got. I actually have a Strasberg sock (somewhere), from long ago when I had serious plantar fasciitis problems. I also have a couple of the hard plastic versions. One thing that I’ve found that has worked really well from keeping my occasional flare ups from turning into full on PF has been stretching the bottoms of my feet. I can’t sit on my heels because of my knee issues (like I said, it’s always something!), but from my hands and knees I tuck my toes under then shift my weight back to get a gentle stretch. Then I do little circles with my hips to target more areas in my feet. Keep it gentle, not painful. It really helps.
    Debbie recently posted..Half Marathon Training: 3 Key Workouts to Run Your Best RaceMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the toe stretch tip! I picked up on that one years ago in a yoga class. It’s an intense stretch but feels good.

  11. Sorry to hear that you have had some foot issues with your shoes. I bought the same pair and I wasn’t trying to rotate them while running but then I realized the one pair were a bit older than the other and I started having foot problems. As soon as I stopped wearing them, I didn’t have any more problems. It didn’t snow here luckily yesterday, but it has been very windy and cold!…..brrrr!!!!!

  12. Do you have any recommendations for those suffering from Plantar fasciitis? I love running and lunge exercises – but they’re absolutely killer on my feet.

    I know stretching them out helps but do you have any other tips that could help?
    Rick N recently posted..Is Rice Fattening?My Profile

    1. Thankfully, I’ve never had Plantar Fasciitis. Keeping the calves nice and loose with stretching and foam rolling helps a lot.

  13. You just blew my mind with the shoe thing. BUT THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE. I bought a pair of Mizunos on sale because I didn’t want to switch to the next ones and they were horrible for my feet. I got so injured and I HATE wearing them. I’ve only run in them a handful of times but I don’t even want them in my house. Crazy.

    Also, nice brace. That’s some good thinking right there! I hope you get this all figured out soon!!

  14. This happened to me with my beloved Scott’s. When I purchased my third or fourth pair. I had terrible hip pain. It seems strange that shoes could have such an effect, but it was so obvious my husband got rid of them so that I would stop trying to wear them! I still haven’t found a pair of shoes that I really love.

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