Running in the Snow

It’s been wild around here for the past few days. Nemo came along and dumped over 2 feet of snow on us. The drifts were at least 4 feet high in some areas from the wind. I haven’t seen this much snow at one time since I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where it’s a common occurrence to get buried weekly.

Warning: photo dump ahead!

February Blizzard 1 - happyfitmama.comThe street is buried under there somewhere.

February Blizzard 2 - happyfitmama.comDrift in front of the garage door.

February Blizzard 3 - happyfitmama.comA and L just itching to get outside to play in the snow.

Needless to say I decided my long run wasn’t going to happen on Saturday. I could have done it on the treadmill but I refused. The forecast was calling for better conditions on Sunday. I do have some common sense. Instead, Cooper and I went snowshoeing. It was hard work making my own tracks in snow that deep. Poor Cooper was working even harder. It was almost like he was swimming rather than walking.

February Blizzard Collage - happyfitmama.comEven though the storm was fading away, the wind gusts were still enough to make the trees sound like they were going to snap like little twigs. Not good when there’s trees all around you. I decided to keep it short for safety’s sake and for Cooper. He was seriously dragging butt.

I finally got my long run in on Sunday morning. The roads were in decent shape but I picked a route that wouldn’t have a lot of traffic. With the high snow banks, there isn’t much room on the roads. It was only about 10 degrees when I left but the sun was out which felt wonderful. Still, my feet were completely numb for the first 3 miles and I was cold. I mentally made a deal with myself – run at least 8 miles outside and then you can finish up with 4 on the treadmill. As time went on, I started to feel comfortable and the deal was off. I was doing the full 12 miles on the road.

February Blizzard 5 - happyfitmama.comSince my route was mostly on side roads, the majority of surface was hard packed snow or granular with ice underneath. My pace was slow and I was working hard. If you’ve ever run in snow before, you know that it can feel like quick sand. I used every swear that I could think of over and over just to get myself through the last 2 miles. To keep it PG, let’s just say it sucked!

Even though the run was tough, I made it. I pushed through the frustrations and didn’t give up. The funny thing is that as soon as I got home, I wanted to go out and run more. Just maybe not that same route. ๐Ÿ™‚

What did you do over the weekend?

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  1. Oh, your pictures are bringing back (bad) memories of snowmageddon here! I know exactly what you are dealing with. It’s fun for a few hours and then, not so much. Good for you for getting your 12 done in those conditions! Fingers crossed you’ll get some melting this week to help out and make it easier/safer on all the routes you might choose!
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  2. Wow! Impressive long run! I ran in the snow for the first time last weekend with the half marathon group I am training. I kept telling them they were earning their HARDCORE runner badge. I think your run wins the HARDCORE running trophy. Hope the weather and the roads improve for you and warmer weather comes your way!

  3. We got at least 2 feet as well. My husband went to start the snow blower and the cord snapped off….perfect timing! Between the two of us we shoveled the walkway and bottom of the driveway so our 2 cars could get out – the rest of the driveway is still covered in giant piles of snow! It was long hard work but thank goodness it was light and fluffy so or it would have been much worse. We were both wiped and did not run Saturday or Sunday. Good for you for making it out in the snow!

  4. I can honestly say that I do not recall seeing snow in STL this year. Maybe a little but not enough to stay for more than a few hours. Yet I still don’t run outside. Your commitment is inspiring!

    I soent the weekend working on my Pilates and hanging out with my granddaughters.
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  5. Just discovered your site through #runchat an have been reading a few of your posts. So happy to be here! I started running for the first time last Sept and I’ve been hooked since. This post resonates so much with me since I haven’t missed a single run outside despite the snow, hail, rain, ice and frigid temps. Feels so great just having accomplished a run like that and to have found a mom like me who feels the same is exactly what I needed. Someone who totally gets what this is all about!

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