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Have you ever felt running fomo? I have and here's how I'm getting over it. |

I found myself with this weird feeling as I scrolled through my Facebook feed over the weekend.

It wasn’t over the cute babies -> hell no. They are adorable but I’m all set with kids.

It wasn’t over the tropical vacations. Although that would be absolutely wonderful if I was on one of those right now.

I was having some major running FOMO.

That’s Fear Of Missing Out if you didn’t know.

Running FOMO is nothing new for me. I had it for most of 2015 as I recovered from my running injury. I would get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as runners would go past my house on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday morning for their long run. I missed running so much!

In 2016, when I could run again, I didn’t feel too much running FOMO. After letting go of my need for a redemption marathon, I was at peace with running with no plans and enjoying the ability to run again. Sure there were times when I wished I could join friends for a 16 mile long run or there was a really cool trail race at a distance I’d never done before. But it never gave me the FOMO pangs.

running fomo |

Now that I’m feeling ready to return to racing, that FOMO feeling has already reared it’s ugly head. There’s so many races that friends are running that sound cool. New races, new terrain, new distances – I want to do it all and not miss out on anything.

Last weekend was the first snowshoe race of the season. I couldn’t make it because of kid logistics since it was 1.5 hours away from my house. I really am hoping to do a few snowshoe races this year. It wouldn’t have been a big deal except that all of the snow at my house has melted. The odds of any local races going on as planned have dropped significantly unless we get some serious snow. Which as of right now, doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon. Boo.

running fomo

My other FOMO problem? My trusty running buddy, Lori, is trying to convince me to do the Ragged 75 Stage Race in August. When I first saw it, I thought – that would be cool! But then I read into it. From the race description -> “The Ragged 75 Stage Race is a challenging 75-mile race with approximately 13,500 feet of elevation gain that includes very technical single-track, steep climbs & descents, double track, fire roads, dirt/gravel roads & pavement. It’s a point-to-point trail of approximately 25.3 miles in Stage 1 (summiting Mt. Ragged & Mt. Kearsarge), 22.7 miles in Stage 2 (summiting Mt. Sunapee) and 31.5 miles in Stage 3.”

Now I said I wanted to do an ultra this year. But I was thinking more along the lines of a 50k and that’s it. In only one day. I know we wouldn’t be running the whole race. There would be some serious hiking. But three days of hustling on the trail and then camping out at a school to try to recover for the next day is more pain cave than I was hoping for.ย  My comfort level would be pushed to a whole new level. I know I could hike it. And I know I would be having multiple break downs out on the trail during those three days.

running fomo

So why does it still oddly sound like fun to me?!?!?!

I thought about maybe going out to volunteer for a day. But then you know what will happen? I’ll have serious FOMO because I’d want to be running. Lori is a very persuasive person. She sells it so well that while we are running I have visions of going home to immediately register. I love that about her because nothing is too big of a goal according to her. She’s a great motivator and makes you think you can do anything (Even running a BQ race when you are afraid of having another DNF).

So far, I’m holding on to a firm NO for the 75 miler. My fingers are crossed that it sells out before I cave in to peer pressure. Lol! Why am I such an easy going person! ๐Ÿ™‚

Living in running FOMO is no way to live. I’m reminding myself that there will be other races to run. There’s no need to run every race There will be another race. There will be next year. Racing isn’t going anywhere.

running fomo |

As someone with the wonderful title of an “injury prone” runner, I need to be extra mindful of controlling my FOMO. I may be feeling good right now, but too much, too soon is never a recipe for success. Running all the miles and all the races will give me nothing but a big DNF. I really liked Laura’s advice of choosing one goal. I want it all but I have to focus on one thing at time. Goal #1 is happening in May.ย  My focus will be on my training for that.

Eye on the prize.ย  Eye on the prize. Eye on the prize.ย 

Repeat after me: Just say no to FOMO.

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Have you found yourself with running FOMO before?



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  1. Great tips for this one, thanks. What running app do you guys use for marathon training? I’ll stick to my SportMe running appwhich calculates distance, pace, time and calories and adjusts running plans to my progress.

  2. Oh I hear you!!! Most ALL of my friends are runners and are doing all these fun races while I’m over here swimming, biking AND running with probably the least emphasis on the running. Either I need to get some new friends or I have to stay focused! It’s SOOOOOO hard!!!
    That 75 mile brutality of hike/running looks insane. But I also love it. #thestruggleisreal
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – What Do You Expect?My Profile

  3. Haha SO TEMPTING! FOMO is real, dangit! And I agree — volunteering only gets me pumped up and kinda jeally. It’s all for a great cause, but sometimes pie-eating contests are, too…and that’s a whole different kind of FOMO…for my tummy…

  4. I so hear you there. The worst was last year as I was coming back from my back injury, and everyone was getting ready for marathons. UGGGGGHHHH so painful (but luckily not painful, but you know what I mean)

  5. FOMO rears its ugly head at me frequently. In 2015, I ran Grandma’s Marathon (mid June) and did a 6-hr ultra (mid July), both of which were on the heels of Plantar Fasciitis (no pun intended). I chose to take things easy that fall and “just” do a couple of half marathons…but all of my friends were doing fall marathons, and the FOMO practically kept me awake at night. Planning out my 2017 race calendar is getting complicated, for the same reason…too many races and I want to do them ALL. I need a support group….

  6. I feel you. I’ve been having running FOMO for the last couple of years–we’ve shared our desire to do Boston–but I’m also struggling with getting older and now my new diagnosis of RA. Will these things limit what I can do? I have to really pace myself and make the most of everything I do. It’s hard not to want to do all the things.

  7. I totally understand the FOMO feeling! I see SO many races that I would love to do, but it would require a bunch of travel, which is turn requires extra $$$ that I don’t have, lol. I try to make the best of the local races that I have so that I’m still racing and it’s affordable.

  8. Say No to FOMO… Ah… so much easier said than done!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We have a very large marathon training group in our town and at least twice a week they post pictures of them training on the track and doing long runs. They make it look so fun!!
    That trail race looks pretty intense!! I look forward to seeing your training recaps soon. haha ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted..Training Tuesday 1/17/17 – GCM edition!My Profile

  9. Totally! I was always the one to go on the extra run or add the miles with anyone who needed them. And now I have to manage “bad knees”, arthritis at 44?1? What the heck! But that’s the thing so I’m learning to appreciate the 3-5 mile runs now and being able to join the running club 3 times a week and mixing it up with biking and stuff, but I totally get you!!!

  10. Oh man, FOMO really gets the best of me sometimes and makes me want to #runalltheraces! I am also trying to be more mindful though and only sign up for races that I really feel like I can commit to training for.

  11. I never dealt with FOMO until Instagram! Too many cool races and people always doing amazing things! But I try really hard to focus on one thing at a time- like you, I’m injury prone, and although I sometimes wish I could run 7 days a week and run all the races, I’d rather be healthy and I know I’m doing the best for my body. Great post!!

  12. FOMO is real! I started looking up snowshoe races in the mountains after seeing so many photos of them on Instagram. Nevermind that I couldn’t easily train for them in the lowlands! But like you I know that not giving into FOMO is best for my body.

  13. My words for 2017 are “Let go,” and that includes social media FOMO. Not easy, but necessary for my sanity. I have several projects going one at once and I have to stay focused and be disciplined. My running is all about learning how to relax again. Somewhere along the line ( probably after Boston 2013) I have become stiff and never release my muscles– it causing me so much pain and misery. I’m really having to re-learn how to position my body, but it’s working. Here I am rambling about my self.. nice. Anyway, I loved my first ultra, but it was a 50K. I didn’t really train for it but had no goal other than finishing. It was awesome. I think you’ll love it! It’s a very chill race. You have something coming in the mail. Should be there in a week, maybe sooner and it’s not poop. I figure with twins you are pretty stocked in that department. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. OMG. I swear we are the same person. Haha! JUST SAY NO TO THE 75 MILER! That is CRAZY talk!! Especially if you’re injury prone like me! #hypermobility ftw.

    And how ironic that I just posted about the Grand Trail and you’re posting about running an ultra… ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s a sign. But like a 50K sign, not like a 75 miler sign.

    And FOMO is real. You should come run Grandma’s instead. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rachel recently posted..Grand Trail: A Breathtaking View of UltrarunningMy Profile

  15. Running FOMO is such a real thing! I feel like I spent all of 2016 experiencing it. It makes it ultra important (no pun intended) to really listen to our bodies and our true goals so we don’t end up signing up for races or doing things that don’t drive toward our end purpose. You are going to have an amazing running year and it will all fall into place. xoxo

  16. OH man, that sounds like an intense race!! I bet Crystal Seaver would do it with you too ๐Ÿ˜‰ I totally get the FOMO. Over the last year that I’ve taken off from racing I didn’t really feel it until just a few weeks ago. I’m ready to race again and try for some serious goals!! Excited for you at Steamboat! That was going to be my goal race but we decided the timing just wasn’t going to work, so I opted for the fall marathon!!

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