Runner Problems

Runner problems |

Runners are quite unique.

We have our own set of problems.

I’ve known this for awhile but it’s very evident when I try to explain certain running situations to non-runners. Runners would be shaking their head in agreement saying “YES!” but non-runners look at me like I have three heads. “What’s the problem?”

What’s the problem?  Let me tell you about my runner problems.

1. My favorite brand and model of running shoe changes. Nothing is worse than finding that your current fav, the one that fits like a glove and has been wonderful, is completely changed for the new version. And the new version fits horrible. I’ve complained about this to non-runners and they were like, “Just buy the cutest pair you can find.” Ummm….no.

2. Paying $15 or more on one pair of running socks. Why do they cost so much?!?!

3. Having to get new running shoes every 300 miles. I say I need new shoes and my husband responds, “Didn’t you just get a new pair?” or “Those still look brand new” or “What about all those shoes in your closet?” That’s when I pull out some quote about research saying that’s what I’m supposed to do if I want to keep running injury free.

Runner Problems |

4. Obsessed with the weather and how to dress for it on running or race days. I check my weather app more than the average person.  Not because I want to know the weather.  I just want to know what it will be doing when I am going for a run.  And do I need to remind everyone about how we all talked non-stop about the heat and humidity over the summer? Don’t worry.  We’ll be talking about how cold it is soon enough.

5. The length of time it takes to pick out the perfect race day outfit. I swear I spend more time on that outfit than the time it took to pick out a wedding dress. There’s just too many factors to consider!

Runner Problems |

6. Owning more running clothes than regular clothes. Running is life. The rest of it’s just details. But seriously, if I could just wear my running clothes everywhere, that would be great.

7. When you say “Good morning!” to another runner and they don’t even acknowledge you.  How hard is it to say “hi”?  C’mon, runners!  We are supposed to be super friendly.

8. Getting the perfect sunrise running picture. When I run by myself, a lot of the time I choose the route just based on where the sunrise will be or the scenery. Of course, I enjoy it personally but I also want to get a great pic. I’ve received strange looks from non-runners as I prop up my phone and run by it multiple times in hopes of getting the right shot. I’ve been busted by people heading out to grab their morning paper while I’m using their mailbox post to prop my phone up. I’ve been busted by other runners. Am I going to stop taking running pics?  Hell no.

Ok, maybe non-blogger runners don’t understand this one either.

Runner problems |

9. Wanting to wear compression socks after a long run to recover but it’s 80 degrees and they don’t look right with your cute skirt. Or you consider wearing socks with sandals.  It works for old guys, why not?

10. Trying to decide what race will be a goal race and which will be for “fun”.  To a non-runner, there is no such thing as running for fun.

10. Not being able to run for any reason. That just sucks.

11. Wanting to run all the miles but knowing that my body needs some cross training to stay injury free. I can’t run every single day.  I can’t even run 6 days a week.  Thankfully, I like variety and look forward to hitting the gym.

Runner Problems |

12. So much freakin’ laundry.  Especially during the winter months when you need ALL the layers. Add in a husband who works out and two messy kids, you know I’m doing a load of laundry every single day to keep on top of it.

13. When your GPS watch can’t find a signal.  One of the most annoying things ever. Aren’t there satellites everywhere now?

14. When your GPS watch and Strava are way off.  I had this happen in the Spring with a new watch.  I was new to Strava and found that the two weren’t showing the correct data.  Thankfully, I figured it out and made the switch back to my old watch. I want correct data!

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What are your runner problems?

14 comments on “Runner Problems

  1. Ah yes, so many problems and issues when it comes to running and racing for life!! All worth it though, right? As for the shoes, I think my husband has more pairs then I do and he does NOT run, so at least that’s never an issue 🙂
    Number 7 bothers me so much. I sometimes want to chase the other runner down and say “what’s your problem?” I mean seriously. I cannot figure out why someone else enjoying the same thing I’m doing (especially where I live, we are few and far between) wouldn’t bother with even a simple smile. RUDE!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Narrow Your FocusMy Profile

  2. I agree with all of these – especially having more running clothes than regular clothes. I have no problem buying a sports bra or shirt – but a “regular” shirt has me going back and forth to decide if I REALLY REALLY need it!

  3. Yes, yes, yes to ALL of these! Especially having more running clothes than regular clothes…I legit don’t even own a regular bra that fits. It’s a problem lol

  4. #1 is totally me! I haven’t found a pair of sneakers that I absolutely love in about 2-3 years.

    Oh, and yes, I have more athletic clothing vs work/regular clothes, lol

  5. I get so annoyed when other runners don’t say hi back! One of the first things I ever wrote, long before blogging, was an article for my running club’s newsletter about that. Seriously, we’re all out here putting in the miles, can’t we be nice to each other? At least nod your freaking head!

    I definitely get the weird looks when I’m taking running selfies. Lol.
    Debbie recently posted..7 Tips to Qualify for Boston (or Set a New PR)My Profile

  6. The running shoe was is so true! I was FITTED for a certain brand and style so when a new model came out and people wanted to get me a gift, I suggested the newer version of that style. Guess what, it’s way different and I hardly use those shoes. Now, I have shoes that are getting a bunch of miles and will need replacing soon because my rotating idea didn’t happen much. Such a bummer.

    The sock one is wild too! Why do socks have to be so darn expensive?!
    Virjinia @ With Purpose and Kindness recently posted..October Goals!My Profile

  7. The picture thing…my youngest sister laid into me about it a while ago and hasn’t spoken to me since. CLEARLY she doesn’t get it. Altho I don’t understand why she cares…

    I agonize over the race day outfit too!

  8. All of these are so true! I am constantly getting caught taking running pictures. But I wonder if the people who see me doing it even know what I’m doing. Even though there is less laundry in the summer my clothes smell so much worse. Sometimes I walk into my closet where I hang them up after my run and I am grossed out lol.

  9. Every. Single. One. I’ve learned from the shoe updates over the years. I find one that works and I buy a couple pairs while that model is still around.

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